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10 Jan, 4 tweets, 1 min read
When the US invaded Iraq w/ vast support from Americans, I remember thinking, in rage & sorrow, that one day the country would recognize how wrong this was & the GOP would never live it down. Then they not only lived it down, but all our discourse is about the Dems who were wrong
Don't get me wrong, I *do* think that the Dems who supported either the AUMF or the invasion *should* be held accountable in history. My complaint is that they are the *sole* focus whereas the GOP has completely slithered away from any accountability & it was *their* pet project
Basically the only time people even discuss Bush's villainy is when a liberal says something about Trump being the worst president in modern American history & then someone snidely pops up to accuse them of not caring about dead Iraqi civilians
Which doesn't serve to actually hold Bush & the GOP accountable, but only as a cool "whatabout" trick to minimize Trump's own villainy & to assert one's own moral superiority.

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10 Jan
I know there's a lot going on, but I think it's odd that the fact that the President's supporters beat a cop to death with a fire extinguisher is not bigger news.
I feel like the Target being looted in Minneapolis looms larger in the public consciousness.
I will say that I give real credit to the media for repeatedly saying "insurrectionists" instead of "protesters." But I also think the violence of what happened should be more explicitly stated. Nooses. Zip ties. Bombs. Threats against Pelosi & Pence & others. Dead people. Etc
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9 Jan
Men plotted to kidnap & assassinate the Governor of Michigan & the GOP was basically silent. White supremacists marched in Charlottesville and chanted "Jews will not replace us" and the GOP barely responded. Of course more and more people would see this as a permission structure.
It's not just "mob dynamics." It's encouragement from those in the upper echelons of U.S. power. Both in the White House & in Congress. This serves to not only radicalize more people, but to signal that their radicalization is patriotic & their actions protected from consequences
**How could they be so stupid??** People ask. Well, b/c 1. they were already stupid and 2. Some of the most powerful people in the country told them it was not only right, but patriotic, to act on this stupidity.
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7 Jan
I realize it's an odd time for it, but I am looking for some movie recommendations

What are the best action movies? Off the top of my head, I'd say Die Hard and Speed both rank highly. (thread)
What are the best comedies, especially in the female oriented domain. I'd list, in term of comedies: Bring it On, Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, Bridesmaids, Superbad. . . .
What are the best action movies that were kinda weird at the time but aged w/ fun? I've heard "The Long Kiss Goodnight" fits here, but I haven't rewatched. I did rewatch "Face Off" recently thinking it would be in this category and. . . . it was still really bad 😂
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7 Jan
This is completely in hindsight but, given the current tumult, I think that Biden's past as VP uniquely situates him to successfully act like a disappointed parent who is steadily making his way to his rightful place as a democratically elected President.
This isn't a comment on the strengths or weakness of the other Democratic candidates. Just a comment on a dynamic in public perception. It's easier for Biden to act like, "This is my place" by virtue of the fact that he was #2 in the exec branch & thus a fixture there for 8 yrs.
I think it would have been much harder for any of the candidates to have this kind of stature in public perception, no matter how well they handled the moment. Again, this is mostly due to Biden's 8 yrs as VP. It's easier for him to immediately *seem* like POTUS to many.
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7 Jan
Putting full pressure on the GOP to invoke the 25th is a good strategic move on the part of Dems. If they refuse, I also think it is a good move for the House to impeach. It will be purely symbolic. Typically, if I thought it would hurt Dems politically, I would argue against it
given I rank political success above symbolism in terms of necessity (even if I think the symbolism is worthy). In this case, I fail to see how it hurts us. We already won in Nov. Trump only has 12 days left. "They're trying to seize power" is not an effective argument against us
I also think there's metaphorical GOP blood in the water. They're scared. No better time to turn the screws & hold them accountable. Even if it will just be purely symbolic (I highly doubt 2/3 of Cabinet--> 2/3 of Senate will vote for 25th. Also doubt 2/3 of Senate would remove)
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7 Jan
One of the interesting things about what happened yesterday is that, historically speaking, it will make it harder for the GOP (& others) to shove aspects of the Trump era under the rug. The of siege of Congress is a coda that ties previous events together & cannot be ignored.
Throughout the Trump era, many of us have tried, often fruitlessly, to establish a broader narrative. The threats to journalists & political opponents. The Trump-inspired crimes, including, but not limited to: hate crimes, assaults, assassination plots, mass shootings, etc.
Even though this big picture is clear to many of us, it has always seemed slippery w/in the broader public consciousness. If yesterday's attack on Congress hadn't occurred, I think it would have been more obscure over time.
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