I got one of those messages I sometimes get from a reader, telling me that including my politics in my muses/blogs is off-putting.
As a general rule, I don't bother to respond to these. I gain and lose followers all the time, everyoen who makes content does, for all sorts of reasons, and that's just one more.
Today, though, surrounded by <waves hands> all of this, I feel like I want to give a more full statement on the matter.

To Whom It May Concern:

Please regard 100% of what I write as deeply infused with the spirit of my positions on philosophy, politics and society, as I certainly do.
The software trade has a great many problems, but among the most debilitating and dangerous is the steadfast refusal to adequately incorporate the humanity of the makers into its culture, organization, and reasoning.
By a process of relentless abstraction and ruthless compartmentalization, we seek time and again to suppress, distract from, and minimize the most central fact of software development: humans make software.
I see the symptoms of this everywhere I look in the trade: Our appalling lack of sexual and racial diversity, the rise of Scrum & SAFe, the never-ending Jira-fication of everything, the prevalence of atemporal mechanical theory, the de-emphasis on community and autonomy...
...the mindless worship of numeric metrics, the attempts to substitute rules and rulesets for judgment, our non-existent support for learning, our persistent belief that typing is the bottleneck. Every one of these is thoroughly rooted in ignoring the humans who make software.
Software development is a fundamentally socio-technical enterprise. The strands are not separable in any way.
Everything I teach, about TDD, about agility, about continuous integration, even about using design patterns effectively, and most particularly about successfully implementing change, every word of it, derives from my philosophical and social views. Every word of it.
In case there’s any question in your mind, my politics & philosophy are far more radical than anything that appears in any of my writing anywhere. I am not a liberal, but something far further left of that -- though “left/right” is largely a manipulative oversimplification.
In each of my internet threads over the last year, I have included two paragraphs, one near the beginning, and one at the end, which speak of my social and political views. You tell me that this troubles you. What troubles me is that I do so little of it.
It is decidedly not a free world, but in this respect at least, you are free to move on. You can choose to take your technical advice from those who avoid humans, or even those whose politics are the opposite of mine. Believe me, they’re all around.
I will keep working for change, in my own tiny way in my own tiny niche, in alignment with my deep commitment to the value of kindness. If explicit references to this trouble you, please be aware that you're missing the many implicit ones.
Anyway, if you decide to stop engaging with my content, well, that's okay. It doesn't make us enemies. I'm not angry. It just means we don't see things the same way -- or close enough.

Take care...
GeePaw Hill

• • •

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11 Jan
ONI: Off to bed at 11, so I gotta little bit of time, and doomscrolling is breaking my heart. I accidentally walked away and left things running for five hours, so we're back at c380. <sigh>.
Well, glass half full and all: I wasn't happy with the oil wells anyway. I need a rig that doesn't dump steam. I thought this was a matter of gas pressure, but I misunderstood: It's actual cooling. Since I get a free do-over anyway, I'm going to finally use that cold ph2o cache.
I am going to use a switching loop this time: run a pipe through all three wells with the cold ph2o, but have it on an inline thermo sensor, and let it loop through them until around 80c, then dump it to o2 supply. That oughta do it, but it may take a while.
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10 Jan
Before we can make the case that microtest TDD is an effective change strategy, there's a few high-level aspects of it that we need to highlight. We tend to take these for granted in our case, but newcomers won't already know them.
More even than before, geekery seems irrelevant. We're living the natural outcome of a politics of hatred & deceit. This content is one way I find respite, and maybe it will help you a little, but...

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay anrgy. Stay kind.

Black Lives Matter.
Today, I'm writing for the newcomer. It's going to be a little rambly, because the ideas aren't partitioning a single conceptual level into its component parts. Think of me as going over a text with a yellow highlighter, bringing out some points newcomers might not readily see.
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10 Jan
Sippie Wallace, w/Albert Ammons and his Rhythm Kings, "Bedroom Blues".

Wallace was famous at the time, but was made more famous by Bonnie Raitt's covers of her. Ammons was not just a *killer* pianist, he was also an excellent band-leader, who wanted his players to shine.
I sometimes admire a pianist for having a left hand as strong as the right, but with Ammons his gift was that his right hand was as strong as his left. I got takes, kids, serious takes, that make a person gasp.
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10 Jan

This is called "Life in a Northern Town". It's by Dream Academy.

I mean, idunno, sometimes ya ring a bell. And if you ring the bell one time in your whole career? Well. You know what, you rang the fucking bell, dint you?
I bought the collected William Carlos Williams, and I put it in the bathroom. And I read it, all of it.

He rang the bell a dozen times.

Can you imagine that? To ring it *twice*, to ring it more, to ring it and ring it?

I can't.
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10 Jan
The rural population of the United States has held at 50-60m people for sixty years. They were a third of us in 1960, and they're just over a fifth of us today.
Did ignorant, misled, wrongly angry white people elect Trump, aided by his many enablers who believe ends justify means?


But it's a dreadful over-simplification to suggest that ignorant country people can account for 74 million votes.

You might wanna check yourself.
If every single rural voter in America was pro-Trump, a laughable notion, they could not possibly have made him competitive. Even with gerrymandering, even with the electoral college.
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9 Jan
ONI: c404. The sky is 100% sealed with bunker doors. I've started to recover from the steel push, and have 3.5t of it. The three oil wells are capped & tapped "ish", as you can see.
Oil wells are a pain in the ass, but they're valuable, at 3kg/s of oil. The problem: they're often submerged, and when you unload them, you get steam, unless they're in >2k gas pressure. That one on the left is still WIP, and I *just* got the one on the right cleaned out.
It's energy-positive tho, once stabilized. 10kg/s of oil = 5kg/s of petroleum = 2.5 petroleum generators = 4kw per second. Even all tricked out with separate pumps the way I have it, that's a lot of net+
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