@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @MarkFinchem's statement has a falsehood in the first paragraph. He's never been in possession of evidence. He's never presented evidence in any of the multiple frivolous court challenges in AZ.

@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem Per his timeline he admits he was present on the east side of the Capitol after his fellow protesters had breached all four lines of barricades.

@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem Per his timeline he was present on the east side of the Capitol when the Senate went into lockdown.

@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem Why is there a period of almost three hours @MarkFinchem chooses to leave unaccounted for, without any reference to place, movement, or who he was with?

@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @MarkFinchem seems keen of giving himself an alibi in this public statement, but why is there no reference to any name of any other person who can?

@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem Which "Congressmen from Arizona" was he scheduled to visit? When/where was the visit to occur? The US House was in session during the time Finchem implies he had this so-called visit.

@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem When/where was the "evidence book" to be presented to @VP Pence? (This is rhetorical)
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP Per his public statement Finchem says he arrived to DC on 1/5.
He does not tell us when. He does not tell us when he arrived to the Ellipse for Trump's remarks.

@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP Who paid for his travel & accommodation?
Who booked his speaking engagement?
Who's podcast was he scheduled to record? Did he complete the interview?

@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP There are more holes in this story than discount swiss cheese and I'll post more on this thread later today. But remember this. This statement from Finchem begins with a lie about evidence. It ends with a lie about ANTIFA being responsible for the attack.

@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP The paragraphs of vaguaries in between surface more questions than answers.

I'm convinced Finchem had spoken with law enforcement and he's lawyered up. The lack of names indicates he's given people up to law enforcement investigators.

11/. Back later
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP So, a recap. The statement is issued on Rep. Finchem's official stationery. It is not a sworn statement. I believe this is a statement that contains edited portions of his statement to a law enforcement agency. It contains two big lies and many many holes. 12/12
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP So let's put some facts on the board.
@MarkFinchem posted on Twitter on New Years Day that he would be going to Washington DC on January 6th. Image
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP Here are those two images available to be reviewed: ImageImage
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP Wild protest dot com was (it's been pulled down) the portal for Ali Alexander.
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP Here's a video Ali produced for the event. At the : 40-second mark you see a graphic that shows Finchem as a speaker.
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP It also shows @RepGosar as the headline speaker, apparently. Gosar allowed himself to be scheduled for a rally on the same day he would be on the floor of the House objecting to the results of the election that returned him to the House.
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP @RepGosar Back to Ali Alexander. Here's a background piece: thedailybeast.com/stop-the-steal…
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP @RepGosar This piece is recommended primarily because of the pictures: the-sun.com/news/2121234/a…
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP @RepGosar Did I mention @MarkFinchem traveled across the country at the invite and to speak for a twice-convicted felon? Ali "whatever name he's using" is a crook and he played Finchem like parler violin.
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP @RepGosar The night before the January 6 insurrection Ali Alexander spoke at a rally on the sight of the Ellipse, the starting point for most of the crowds the following day. He's recorded asking for "victory or death."

@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP @RepGosar You'll note @MarkFinchem tells us in his official AZ House statement he was in DC on January 5. We need his flight info and schedule for the 5th.
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP @RepGosar Here's something curious. Per abc15.com this is video of Finchem on January 6. Sunset in DC that day was 5:02PM. See how dark it is?
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP @RepGosar @removemarkfinc1 And there's no way that selfie vid my Finchem is from before the "riot" unless it's from the night of January 5. That vid is taken in the dark and Finchem says in his statement he arrived late to the events of January 6. That vid is from late 5 or 6 January.
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP @RepGosar @removemarkfinc1 And here's some background on how comfortable @MarkFinchem is palling around with people who take over Federal facilities: phoenixnewtimes.com/news/rep-mark-…
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP @RepGosar @removemarkfinc1 There's a video of Oath Keepers in full gear climbing the steps of the Capitol thru the crowd of clowns. I can't find it, if you've got a link do me a solid and pop it below. Why? @MarkFinchem says he was an Oath Keeper in 2015. tucson.com/news/local/tim…
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP @RepGosar @removemarkfinc1 I know this thread is lengthy and lacks shape. Let me inject here my major point: @MarkFinchem does not suffer from bad opinions. He is a liar. He lied about his time in DC. He has a history of being aligned to forces who would do us harm.
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @VP @RepGosar @removemarkfinc1 We'll pick this up again tomorrow. If you are like me these days, sleep is an effort. Lying insurrectionists like @MarkFinchem make it more difficult. See you tomorrow.

• • •

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