1) Claire managed to make incitement to violence sound like it didn’t actually happen. Free thought!

2) Claire‘s own social media venture—Quillette Circle—regularly flagged and removed posts that challenged those with #Quillette style leanings and beliefs. See below.
Latest #Quillette editorial: „Silicon Valley’s communications oligopoly, being increasingly staffed by young, highly progressive knowledge workers, is no longer even pretending to be ideologically neutral when it comes to content moderation.“

Say what?!
If it’s an oligopoly, as you say, you’re looking entirely in the wrong direction if your complaint is about low-level staffers.

Also, have you heard lately about CEOs meeting regularly with GOP leadership to make their social media companies more amenable to conservatives?
No? What about equivalent meetings with leadership of a leftist party? Did those happen? Ah. Sorry. There’s no leftist party in the US.
And how could I forget! One of #Quillette‘s preoccupations is how to make anti-trans speech more acceptable. That’s one direction in which this is going.

I eagerly await more anti-trans op-eds from some of #Quillette‘s editors this year!

#Quillette editorial conveniently forgets the existence of its own social media venture.

Are #Quillette editors scrubbing their public commentary of all reference to #Quillette Circle?

Are they, what is the word...what does Claire Lehmann like to say...MEMORY-HOLING it?!?!


• • •

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13 Jan
I would help us if we tried to be more disciplined in our use of these terms. If what we're talking about is the co-regulation of speech among participants in public discussion, we're talking about conditions for public discourse, not about questions for free speech.
Once we think of it as conditions for public discourse, it becomes much clearer that participants can indeed attempt to regulate each other. Including by shouting over each other. Or by telling someone else that they want them to stop speaking.
Read 13 tweets
12 Jan
When "I will take my sword to defend this scholar's academic freedom!" means "I will stand on principle when no principle stand is required because it serves my own shoddy thinking in advancing harmful ideas."
I'm referring to the fact that we have yet to see evidence that #KathleenStock's academic freedom has been hampered in any way. She has secure employment. She got an OBE. Her university publicly celebrated her OBE. Her position is safe and secure.
Yet people write & sign a petition that her academic freedom is in peril.

It isn't.

She produces bad & harmful writing.

She shouldn't do so. She should take the responsibilities of her academic freedom more seriously.

But her right to to advance shitty arguments is no danger.
Read 5 tweets
12 Jan
This is an excellent point. And a useful phrase.

The problem with Jesse Singal is Jesse Singal. Image

The problem with Kathleen Stock is Kathleen Stock. Image
Read 4 tweets
7 Jan
I often wonder why Helen Joyce is suddenly so HUGELY exercised about trans people existing.
The comment Helen Joyce responds to so appreciatively—"God that is good."—is egregious. Let's take a moment to note how egregious. 2/
The first half is a complaint about how criticism of anti-trans positions generally and Kathleen Stock's work specifically is, allegedly, not adhering to "normal standards of rational debate." The writer suggests a "sociological" reading of the situation. 3/
Read 21 tweets
6 Jan
Many of you will know that there are transitive and intransitive verbs. I remember that when I first learned about these categories, as a teenager, I had a hard time making them stick. I kept confusing them. Wait, is that transitive? Or intransitive? Which is which now? 1/
As I often did then, I made my own mnemonic. The terms mark the difference between verbs that require an object and verbs that don't. I told myself each verb gets two things. Subject + object or subject + in-. I've been using that mnemonic ever since. 2/
Well, today is the day that by random occurrence I took a moment to consider the lexical meaning of the word transitive. That wasn't something that was meaningful to me several decades ago. I finally get why linguists chose the particular word "transitive" for this purpose! 3/
Read 4 tweets
6 Jan
Today in #Quillette editor confusion.

Jon Kay: „I am so mad Dr. Theresa Tam didn’t pick up our new rules from the #Quillette style guide and wrote about pregnant adult human females the way I want her to!“
Kathleen Stock & #Quillette fans today: One must never say she is transphobic, it is a smear, an insult, an ad hominem! One is only allowed to issue criticism against a living academic in peer-reviewed publications, or better yet, a whole book!

Jon Kay missed that memo.
Geoffrey Miller in #Quillette in October 2019: Polyamory makes you smart, fit, organized, and funny! Please treat it as the next sexual revolution.

Jon Kay, #Quillette editor, in January 2021: Forgot all about that. Let’s use it as a smear against a living academic I dislike!
Read 4 tweets

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