Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega gave a fiery speech tonight marking 14 years of the return of the socialist Sandinista Front in elections.

Condemning US imperialism in Latin America, he called the USA a "bipartisan dictatorship" run by corporations that kills the Indigenous.
Ortega criticized US meddling in Latin America, recalling William Walker, the US colonialist who invaded Nicaragua in 1856, declaring himself dictator.

Ortega condemned today's absurd US designation of Cuba as a sponsor of "terrorism" as a continuation of that colonial history.
Ortega cited legendary Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío, who condemned US imperialism in Latin American way back in the early 1900s.

Ortega condemned the undemocratic US Electoral College, joking that if Nicaragua or any other country adopted it they would not be called a democracy.
Ortega quoted renowned Nicaraguan poet and diplomat Rubén Darío, who warned in 1902 that the US and Britain sought to "dominate the world."

Ortega joked, "The yanquis come and attack a country, with so-called sanctions, and the British come right behind them, and the Europeans."
"The British and the Yanquis... it seems they ultimately came to the conclusion that, to dominate the world," they must spread "the belief that they are called to fulfill a civilizing mission over the peoples they claim to be inferior."
-Legendary poet/diplomat Rubén Darío, 1902

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Priyamvada Gopal is part of a class of elite academics in the imperial core who teach the ruling class, and use woke radlib rhetoric to justify current Western imperial aggression.

She echoes propaganda against Syria, Iran, and China and is silent about Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc
Anti-anti-imperialist Cambridge University Professor @PriyamvadaGopal smears opponents of the Western neocolonial war on Syria as "Assadists"

Would she ever call liberal imperialist Obama a "blood-soaked cretin"? He has exponentially more blood on him
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Here's the most "progressive" member of the US Congress, John McCainist "deMoCRaTiC sOciALiSt" AOC, applauding and calling for more political censorship by unelected corporate Big Tech monopolies.

She's no longer even pretending to oppose corporate tyranny. She's welcoming it.
Democratic Socialists™ for corporate control over speech
US spy agencies and cops have already forced Twitter, Facebook/IG, and Google/YT to purge countless accounts of Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Chinese, Syrians, etc.

Now they're aggressively censoring people at home. If you criticize US imperialism you're next…
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The fascists pushing for a coup in Washington, DC today are the same kind of fascist shock troops that the US empire - with bipartisan backing - supports in countries where it wants regime change

See: Ukraine, Libya, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Hong Kong, Syria
US-backed fascists overthrew Ukraine's elected govt in 2014 for not being anti-Russia enough. And their US-backed neo-Nazi militia was absorbed by Ukraine's new NATO client regime.

These Nazis then went to Hong Kong to support another US-backed insurgency…
The fascist oligarchs behind the US-backed coup in Bolivia in 2019 also enjoyed bipartisan support from both Republicans and Democrats, who falsely smeared elected President Evo Morales as "authoritarian" (while the US govt sponsored actual authoritarians)…
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It's important to recognize that the intended impact of the murderous US blockade of Venezuela isn't just regime change, but also forcing the Chavista government to liberalize the economy, privatize state institutions, allow in foreign capital, and adopt the dollar (thread below)
Venezuela's economy has been almost entirely dependent on oil for 100 years. This is a problem going back many decades before Chavismo.

This made it very susceptible to being hurt by US sanctions, which expanded into a full economic blockade that has killed 10,000s of civilians.
The US economic war on Venezuela -- through blockade, sanctions, attacks on the currency, hyperinflation, blocking oil exports in an oil-based economy, and internal sabotage and hoarding by right-wing oligarchs who still dominate import-heavy industries -- forced it to dollarize.
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31 Dec 20
The Venezuelan government says it uncovered a series of terror attacks plotted by extreme opposition leader Leopoldo López, with support from the Colombian government and the Spanish far right.

These planned attacks included bombings and assassinations…
Venezuela gathered evidence and testimonies from captured mercenaries showing that opposition extremist Leopoldo López, in Spain and Colombia, planned a terror op. called "Operation Boycott" to prevent the newly elected National Assembly from taking power…
Far-right Venezuelan oppositionist Leopoldo López just visited Colombia, where he met with narco-affiliated, death squad-sponsoring former President Álvaro Uribe and his protegé Iván Duque

Venezuela says intel shows they were discussing new terror attacks…
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26 Dec 20
It has been confirmed that the suspicious Christmas day explosion in Nashville was an RV parked outside of a major AT&T communications hub.

This has led to speculation that the building may have potentially been an NSA surveillance facility (more below)…
AT&T has dozens of spy hubs across the US that the NSA uses for its mass surveillance program. These locations are secret, and the facilities are built to withstand bombings.

As you can see on this map from leaked secret documents, the NSA has a VoIP router complex in Nashville
I want to clarify that we do not have 100% confirmation that the Nashville AT&T center targeted in the RV explosion is an NSA facility. The addresses are a carefully guarded secret.

This needs to be investigated further. I hope @Snowden can look into it…
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