1/n Please pay attention, please. I'm afraid that we are falling behind in this COVID race. There are at least 4 variants of concern: variants arising in London, Manaus, Japan and South Africa.
2/n The London variant is more contagious. The Manaus and South African variants may -- MAY -- cause repeat infections.
3/n I cannot see any way forward except: 1. detect the frequency of the variants in the USA and isolate and confine them.
4/n 2. Vaccinate as fast as possible to raise herd immunity. 3. Demand negative PCR tests before allowing anyone into the country, like many other countries have done.
5/n 4. The negative PCR test must be repeated 4 days after entry. There will still be leakage, but we can Whackamole those.
6/n If a vaccine resistant strain arises, we are looking at another 500K deaths. It is a crucial time. 5. We need to have a good test for the variants. Get researchers to find PCR primers to detect the variants. There isn't time to lose.
7/n Incentivize and EUA a rapid test for the London, Manaus, S.African and Japan variants. If it's already spread in the US, let's reconvene and rethink. I cannot emphasize the urgency. @EricTopol can you send out some info on all this ?

• • •

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21 Dec 20
I'll post all the steps, but it won't be prescriptive. I believe in improvisational cooking. Add, subtract, make it yours. But be honest: $20 to a food bank.
Only requirements: cumin, coriander, turmeric, garam masala, chilies, ORGANIC chicken with skin on, oil (or butter), coconut milk, green cardamom (optional), coriander leaves(optional), $20 to food bank (not optional)
And next week, I'll post at least two veggie recipes. I am not partial to meat...
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21 Dec 20
1/2 OK, let's move the challenge. I'm a good cook. Shamelessly good (mostly Asian). If you agree to donate $20 to a local food bank or charity, I'll post our family dinner recipes every night. I'll donate as well until Chistmas (I'm not religious but it's a date)
2/n Tonight I made hotpot. Boiled water, added soy sauce, chillies, SLUG of Miso and Chinese Szechuan Chili Crisp. Cut Tofu, mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, pork slices, scallions, noodles. Everyone had a bowl and had hot pot...
That’s the end of the hotpot
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20 Dec 20
1/n As we watch NEW strains of COVID emerge, it becomes even more important to get vaccinated. New strains can only emerge as the virus multiplies within hosts. More hosts = more strains. It is a number's game.
2/n If one of those strains was to become resistant to the vaccine, then the entire effort to vaccinate will become moot.
3/n And if one of those strains began to cause more severe disease in younger people, vaccine hesitancy among those who say "oh it's just a bad cold" will spiral into an enormous disaster.
Read 5 tweets
18 Dec 20
1/n And no one is claiming that we’ve studied the vaccine for long enough; or that we know all the side effects. There may be side effects — some unknown.
2/n But extrapolating from the 7 severe cases in the 20,000 in the unvaccinated group, it would mean around 100,000 severe cases. And that’s likely a strong underestimate because the control group contains young people and those with no comorbidities.
3/n And so we may be (may be) realistically talking about 200,000 severe cases.
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13 Sep 20
1/n The AZ vaccine adverse effects are seriously concerning. First, since public money flowed into the project through OWS, we need to have access to the data to figure out what happened. If needed, this should be escalated (legally)
2/n Transverse myelitis is a rare event but has been seen with vaccines before. Several questions need to be addressed -/ but systematically
3/n possibility 1: related to previous medical conditions. MS etc. Thats the best case scenario for AZ because one can exclude such patients of detectable
Read 9 tweets
17 Jul 20
@VincentRK @manal_mehta @jhuber 1/n Important discussion with several unresolved questions. First, there are people with T cells to SARS-Cov2 because they have been exposed to other beta-coronaviruses. There is substantial homology in the nucleoproteins. This is shown in 2 papers, including the Nature paper.
@VincentRK @manal_mehta @jhuber 2/n Are these people "immune" to SARS-Cov2 or do they get attenuated disease ? We don't know. Do they spread virus ? We don't know. Intriguingly, the number is around 40% which is around the number that were not infected in the Antarctic cruise.
@VincentRK @manal_mehta @jhuber 3/n Second: we know that the antibody titer AFTER infection has attrition over time, especially if infection is not severe. How do we define "seroprevalence" ? At what cutoff -- since it's a moving target for some people ?
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