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12 Jan, 4 tweets, 3 min read
Ding ding ding! This is precisely the most important thing to happen thus far. Corporations are pulling the plug on the Tea Party caucus shit-bags that created most of this madness. As @goAngelo first pointed out a decade ago, boycotts don’t work. Negative-branding does.
@GoAngelo And nothing has more negatively branded—and made toxic—these venal and corrupt cosplay conservative freedom warriors like this bungled seditionism and botched coup attempt on 6.Jan.2021. We need to not just defund THEM, but ALL of their enablers, ESPECIALLY @FoxNews.

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13 Jan
Good morning, twitter. I hope you’ve been watching @KBAnderson on @Morning_Joe, discussing how much the Reagan revolution destroyed the America our ancestors built, claiming they’d make it better by giving corporations and the rich, everything they ever wanted. And more.
@KBAnderson @Morning_Joe I hope this segment is posted because everyone should watch @JoeNBC pretend he was the “good libertarian” who resisted the worst excesses of the evil geniuses who ran America off a cliff. I’m no Nostradamus, but I know @Mr_Electrico will have something to say about it.
@KBAnderson @Morning_Joe @JoeNBC @Mr_Electrico Anderson will be on all week. If more TV shows would discuss this topic we might reverse some of the damage you pro-Reagan DUPES did to us by buying into all the nonsensical economic lies, now exposed as such. Only conservative media pretends otherwise.
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13 Jan
There was a time when Ali Alexander, Lee Stranahan, Aaron Walker, Brandon Darby and Chuck C. Johnson were all over twitter. The beltway press dismissed them as “trolls.” Many of us tried to change that perception. They were wingnut mercenaries doing anything for money.
Ali went by the handle @AliAkbar back then. It’s impossible to describe just how ridiculous this man is. Find him on Youtube in you can stomach his voice. And yet, year after year, he’s helped the Tea Party caucus to destroy Congress.

@AliAkbar Here ya go, folks, the pathetic, ideologically unencumbererd asshole, #AliAlexander, just days ago, sounding just as ridiculous as he has for 12 years. Now he’s been de-platformed and is panicked. A wingnut operative without social media is like an archer without a …
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12 Jan
And nothing has more negatively branded—and made toxic—these venal and corrupt cosplay conservative freedom warriors like this bungled seditionism and botched coup attempt on 6.Jan.2021. We need to not just defund THEM, but ALL of their enablers, ESPECIALLY @FoxNews.
@FoxNews All over the world, these fuckers are going to be exposed, made toxic, defunded, and de-platformed. This is the way to beat their extremism: take their money; their leaders; and make their followers unemployable and unable to enjoy the society they now menace.
@FoxNews Consider @tedCruz and @hawleyMO? Now that a few have defunded them, a steamroller is coming for the @Jim_Jordan’s and @mattGaetzes. And it may quickly flatten their political viability because they’ll be toxic to the goto wingnut donors that have kept them in power.
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26 Nov 20
What annoys me about socialists is they never don't seem to know what producing goods & services actually entails, and why markets are so clever. Imagine any bureaucracy deciding how much soy to grow, or power to produce, or routes to fly? Common sense tells you that's cra-cra.
Which is why Dem Socialism pretends to be something else, and only limits its influence to SOME markets with SOME regulation (as we really do now). But Rosies admit their real aim is true Socialism, where, presumably, markets would be heavily regulated (thus, unworkable).
But ask the average Twitter user espousing Socialism and they think "Medicare for All." That isn't socialism. That's a "socialized service" controlled by the govt for a specific social goal, but still uses free-market actors (doctors, vendors, etc).

We need to #newlabels.
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26 Nov 20
JFC, now this zealous SCOTUS wants to 2nd-guess health officials. Our bullshit constitution can't be repaired. Which is why I keep calling for radical disruption; a remedy far beyond what "progressives" bloviate about. But they call *me* a "centrist."…
My moderateness applies to politics within our current paradigm of govt. If we're playing by those rules, then incrementalism is rational. But I feel we should be rejecting that paradigm. We should be demanding massive reforms; openly and forcefully, while we still can.
Despite all the bullshit about freedom, liberty, and the other trappings that conservatives pretend led to America's founding, the fact is, our revolution was about trade and money. Period. We have more and better reasons to rebel now than we ever did then.
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18 Nov 20
Go back and look at Rod Serling’s Twilight Zones of 60 years ago. While they seem quaint and dated in look and style to us today, they at least resemble our lives without all the digital devices. But imagine if people in 1960 could have watched videos from 1900, …
how radically different everything would be. If you remove biomedicine and industrial breakthroughs, the pace of radical change and innovation, as it appears in our daily lives, has slowed dramatically. An electric car is relatively new to us. But cars are not. …
We’re still flying on jet airliners built 55 years ago. In 1905, horse drawn conveyance was still the most common mode of transportation.

Consider that our political systems are changing even more slowly. The pace of change has been glacial.

I blame the selfish …
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