Weird. He just did a whole email interview with me. I thought it was pretty good. He doesn’t really explain what changed other than the obvious: he folds under pressure. Liberals have his number now. I guess all that “cancel culture” stuff was just to win the leadership. #Scheer2
If you are a Conservative leader, but you do whatever the Liberals and the CBC tell you to do, you probably don’t have the stuff to withstand an election. Too bad — we need a guy with guts. I would have expected more from a military man.
In politics, appeasing your opponents doesn’t win them over. You just give them unearned moral authority; you give them a veto over you. Ask Rosemary Barton how Andrew Scheer’s appeasement worked on her. But more important: it demoralizes the party base, who love Rebel News.
I just finished doing this fun quiz with @sunlorrie: Without Googling can you name the Conservative:

1. Health critic?
2. Enviro critic?
3. Foreign critic?

Those are the key issues of the year: the pandemic; carbon tax; China. How many could you name?
I haven’t met single person who could name all three key critics. Add in a fourth — defence critic. Maybe their super-secret strategy is to stay very quiet and just hope that Trudeau falls apart and the election falls into their laps. But didn’t Scheer just try that?
The interview was a big win for O’Toole: finally a break from CBC questions about inherent racism & MAGA hats. He had good answers on questions that motivate his base. Imagine forsaking our 1.43 million conservative subscribers because Andrew Coyne, Justin Ling & the CBC say so!
Watch my show on this tonight. was the biggest story of the season. International news — I even went on Tucker! O’Toole had a press conference on it, but the Media Party didn’t ask a single question about the documents — not one! His Plan A isn’t working.
I hope O’Toole wins the elxn, but that’s unlikely unless he starts to fight (the Liberals, that is, not us). Honestly, I couldn’t care less about interviewing MPs — when was the last time any of them (other than Pierre) said anything interesting? But this looks awful to the base.
Cancel culture and free speech are a huge issue to the party base. Running for leader, O’Toole made repeated, specific promises to resist it. He caved in in a matter of hours today — to a bunch of Ottawa insider losers. How demoralizing. Did he mean any of it, or is he Scheer 2?
Anyways, I’ll still be here when the next Tory leader is chosen. Hopefully it will be one who knows you can’t make friends out of your enemies by making enemies out of your friends.
Politicians usually don’t write their own tweets. But did you even read yours?
Please don’t bully your MPs like Scheer did. Don’t cut them off from 1.43 million viewers. I think that probably cost the party ten seats last time.
I should move on but I’m just sitting here, so I’ll keep going. Why did @Melanie_Paradis feel the need to respond to a non-story in the first place? The Liberals would never be that indisciplined. Why give oxygen to some weird, gossipy insider quarrel by vain, grudgy journos?
And then, to give quotes to the Globe — to make it a 2-day story? That will now turn into a 3-day story as 1.43 million Rebel viewers rejected by O’Toole have their say. And @RobertFife might even ask: “so what changed between you granting the interview and now?” Big Liberal win.

• • •

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2 Jan
There were six people in a house in Gatineau, Canada. A neighbour snitched. Police went in, Gestapo style. Assaulting citizens.

So, yeah. Every lockdown politician who made this monstrous world and then tries to sneak away to Florida or Hawaii? Fuck you.
Here’s how the story was reported in the @JdeMontreal. I’ve put it through Google Translate: ……
I’m sorry. This video is the tipping point for me. For 48 years I have been pro-police, almost fanatically so. I cannot say that anymore. I know there are still good cops out there. Some are my friends. But as the violent enforcers of the lockdown I no longer support them.
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1 Jan
I agree with @jkenney’s defence of the airlines. We should get back to normal as soon as possible. But not for the enforcers of the lockdown. Not for the ruling class. You can’t lock down the poors and then sneak off to Hawaii. If Kenney won’t, we will.
We have 3,010 @RebelNewsOnline supporters in Grande Prairie. I dare say that’s more than @TracyAllardUCP has in her constituency organization. If she won’t step down, we will kick her out.
I encourage @TracyAllardUCP’s board to disown and disavow her now. Or we’ll replace them too.
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19 Dec 20
1. I think we have a window here into the systemic problems with @CalgaryPolice.

They're obsessed with being woke, with racial & gender quotas, with politics. So they hire people who are emotionally unsuited to policing, like the two abusers who attacked that hockey player.
2. @CalgaryPolice are now explicitly hiring for qualities other than competence. They're hiring based on politics. And so the two quote hires who attacked the hockey teen know nothing about how to actually handle a real-life policing situation. They panicked and it showed.
3. A real policeman would use his discretion; would, at most, have "lectured" the teen. @nenshi's abusive cops swore at him; wouldn't answer what he did wrong; were violent; and drew their weapons improperly. Such a discredit to real police everywhere.
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19 Dec 20
Hello my friend. Bullying and brutality by police and security have been my primary concern about 2020, and it will surely be worse in 2021. Our viewers have crowdfunded civil liberties lawyers to fight back. Here's our latest case, in Toronto:
Actually, come to think of it, that's not our latest case -- we launched a new civil liberties battle literally this morning, defending a father of five who was fined for playing with his kids in a park:
Here we are, hiring a lawyer for a pastor who was fined $1,200 for feeding the homeless -- police said it was an "illegal gathering":
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27 Nov 20
1. I just watched Supt. Sinopoli's press conference here:…

He says he received an "order" from @epdevilla under the Health Protection Act to seize @adamsonbarbecue. But she has no such power under the law; she has to go to a judge to get an order. Did she?
2. To be accurate, Supt. Sinopoli says @epdevilla "ESSENTIALLY giving us her power" under the act. What does that mean? Can we see this "order" please? Is @epdevilla a judge now?
3. Here's a copy of the Health Protection Act:… Police are mentioned in only two cases -- arresting a "Typhoid Mary"-type superspreader under s. 35, and having access to a locked premises under s. 43. Neither apply to your 100-cop SWAT-style raid.
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20 Sep 20
1. On the left, @UWaterloo professor @EmmMacfarlane says “Burn Congress down”. In grammar, that’s the imperative tense, like saying “Go.” He called for violence. On the right, his lying non-apology where he pretends it was just something he’d “rather see”. Low character liar. ImageImage
2. Calling for violence against people simply because they hold a different point of view is morally disqualifying for any serious person. But Macfarlane is a professor, and young students are under his power. Does he threaten them with violence too? Does he bully his students?
3. We all screw up from time to time, especially arrogant professors who aren’t used to dissent. But Macfarlane won’t acknowledge what he actually said and he hasn’t apologized for it. Because he is not apologetic — he meant it. And he’s trying to blame other people! #sociopath
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