Amazing interview today w/ @_Shan_Martinez_ discussing extremism in the military. Shannon became a neo-Nazi as a teenager near a military base and knew over 30 soldiers involved before she left the movement. The interview will be on @starsandstripes but I wanted to share this 🧵
Me: I want to ask what your perspective is on this on why there are so many veterans involved at the Capitol Building riots this last week.

Shannon: there are lots of different folks that showed up that we saw there, that there are many different strains in iteration of things,
so to speak about the people who were there as any sort of monolith, or one sort of cohesive group would be a serious misstep in my opinion. I think, it's so much of what so many veterans experience and feel when they leave, you know, it's like this sense of
purpose that was present in their life for their time that they were in, it's gone. The sense of, like, identity and belonging, it's gone. Often their lives are way less structured. And, I mean, okay, if you're, you know, if you're an infantryman, what are you qualified to do
here in the real world or whatever, like, you know...

Me: Hey, this is getting personal now!

Shannon: Right, but like you've been invested in, like you've had hundreds of hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in your training. And now that you're a civilian, again,
that training doesn't prepare you for anything that is happening out here. You know, like, finding a job with the qualifications that you have, or whatever can be incredibly, incredibly difficult. And then, if you have spent any time in combat zones, there is very likely trauma
from that. That is part and parcel of that, especially in this you know, in this era of multiple tours of duty in combat zones. That I think that that is something that sense of loss and grieving, that I think is not really talked about.
In terms of when people leave, and it's like, okay, like you've been trained to utilize violence as something heroic, right, that's what we ask of people, as American citizens of our military, to be willing to do that, so that we don't have
to do those things. Well, like, what how do you re engage with the world...

Me: you apply template when you come home?

Yeah. You know, I mean, from things like the veteran suicide rates and everything that our veterans are really
, really struggling that, you know, I mean, we've been at conflict, we've been in armed conflict for, you know, 20 years. Yeah.

• • •

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27 Oct 20
Bombshells inbound. Got a lot to say about this, especially after many Aussie SOF members assured me for years that this was, "no big deal" and that, "nothing will come from this." JSOC and 22SAS may have their reckoning as well. More below:…
It is known in certain circles how and why Australian SAS operators began carrying hatchets on target. This article makes reference to the SOF culture of hero worship. SAS operators did exchanges with DEVGRU (SEAL Team Six) and saw them carrying Dan Winkler hatchets,
Which are used for war crimes. Monkey see, monkey do, guess what Aussie SAS guys are now carrying around in Afghanistan? This report due out appears spot on in regard to the rot with SOF and how it has spread and perpetuated itself.
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25 Sep 20
So popular social media narratives aside, it turns out that in fact there are some differences between men and women and it isn't all just a social construct. I will never understand people who decry the Army for emphasizing fitness and lethality. Rant:…
There is a movement to make changes in the military that starts off being perfectly well meaning, that wants to make the force more diverse. This is a good thing, because it reduces institutional inbreeding ie: "that's the way we've always done things here." However, it comes
with significant bandwagoning and is taken to ridiculous extremes. Many political entrepreneurs seek to use the military as a vehicle to advance progressive politics. This is quite odd because it is asking the military to be the one thing that it can never be, not at war anyway.
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24 Sep 20
New GAO report on federal law enforcement tactical teams. I'm particularly interested in the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) and the Coastie units. Here we get some interesting data on deployments and personnel. For instance, we learn there are 149 HRT members. Image
"FBI officials stated that the HRT was deployed to Washington, D.C., in response to the civil unrest and protests. The reported primary responsibility of team members was to protect federal facilities and potentially respond as a QRF in the event of injured officers."
Interesting stuff on DOE's nuclear transport security unit. A lot of ex-SOF guys there and have told me it is a boring job. Would not want to be one of those guys though. Had someone tell me the contingency if bad guys are about to capture a weapon is to just JDAM the vehicle. Image
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22 Sep 20
"They enable a shadow financial system so wide-ranging and so unchecked that it has become inextricable from the so-called legitimate economy." This was also said about BCCI decades ago. We all know this, yet we do nothing about it.…
Meanwhile, I opened a LLC for my little podcast and I've had my bank up my ass about our business account. It was a pain to open it, they locked it down a couple times even though it does very small transactions at best. "What do you use this account for?!"
"Are you in the pornography business?" Uh, wut?!
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19 Sep 20
I'm swamped this weekend but wanted to take 2 min to say something about this story we broke about a CIA covert operation in the Pacific that led to four Maritime Branch employees being lost at sea. (thread)…
My entry to this story was quite unexpected. I received a call out of the blue from a good friend who is a retired Green Beret and runs a charity helping out veterans. Super good guy. Calls me up one afternoon and says he had a family member there telling him a sea story.
Said his son died on some kind of classified operation in the Pacific Ocean, but would not say much more. My buddy thinks if anyone knows what the story is here it must be me (sorry to disappoint) but now I'm interested. All I got is the deceased sailor's name.
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14 Sep 20
I don't really listen to Joe Rogan, but before anyone gets up on their high horse here, the MSM has hosted absolutely dismal debates. The "Commander-in-Chief" forum I was present for in 2016 was especially bad, hosted by Matt Lauer. So bad Hillary complained in her book about it.
Quite frankly. Rogan hosting a 4 hour debate/conversation between Biden and Trump would probably be the most substantive treatment of the issues in this election we will get, and much more informative than what gets put on television.
Hate on Rogan for being a tattooed bro if you like, but let's not pretend like mainstream media networks are going to bring us some high minded intellectual commentary around this election because we all know they won't.
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