Some of the reasons why I cautioned against the mentioning of people with their private challenges are laid bare here.
I had no idea of all this, but as I mentioned, there are lessons for us journos here on knowing media law and publishing rights.
As I said, and continue to say: the "journalists" who interview people must be responsible. Even when consent to interview is given, it doesn't mean it is in the best interest for the interviewee to face such scrutiny. You fools called it censorship, when it is ethics and empathy
As I said before, I say again: when you get your byline & clout, or push so that another party comes out with their side...what then happens to the person?
True journalism minimises harm to the innocent.
The open door Ms Abudu speaks of shd be taken. Not these media predators.
The more you all hate to hear it, the louder I will say it.

Nigerian journalists must be responsible and consider the long-term effect of their seeking the story on those in the center of the story.

You aren't doctors, not 24/7 caregivers so DON'T set up innocents for ridicule
I pray both ladies in this story can sit amicably at a table, and soon.
Such a sad yet instructive situation with lessons for all.

• • •

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20 Dec 20
I've watched the Hausa-speaking debacle at the press conference. I shook my head at most of it.
Let me tell you a short story.
When I worked at this place in South Africa, there was always certain high profile news sources. You always had to go with two journalists. Why? Well...
They could decide to speak Afrikaans. Or Xhosa. Or Sepedi.
Did they understand English?
Perfectly. Were they discussing national issues? 100% - with even GLOBAL consequences.
Why did we adapt? They were within their rights to prioritise official, national languages, not English
This place was Reuters.
The country was South Africa.

I learns big lessons:
A newsmaker is under no obligation to suit your colonial language preferences, or even lessen their own preference.

They do have their reasons - to prevent loss of context, serve their constituency.
Read 6 tweets
19 Dec 20
🇳🇬-n, Africa-focused journos,
Prices that the EU will pay for #CovidVaccines were revealed by a Belgian minister. These are traditionally deemed sensitive and commercial secrets.
Here's how to report it from an AFRICAN perspective.
Issa #RuonaTips thread.
Away from the speculation of whether Eva De Bleeker wilfully revealed these vaccine prices, what concerns us is the vast range in pricing, and what this means for current negotiations being done by the AU.
Pricing is from $2.18 to $18; which is significant to Africa because...
A South African expert already said main problem Africa s having, why our govts are waiting is due to: safety, efficacy, pricing, ease of administration and storage, as well as number of doses.
So you must ask: How does this info change the negotiations?
Read 11 tweets
14 Dec 20

Journalism, for all its bells and whistles, shiny business models, is fundamentally built on honour. 
None of the big offices, fancy equipment will matter, if the humans are not humane.
That it was only in December you saw a call made since August, only because I amplified its contents, shows you exactly the problem, that a call has to exist, since August.
No one has to have to leave the system, and unwittingly seek a voice online, if the humans within the system had honour. 
Humans make the system. 
Where a system somehow leaves a person with no choice but to cry out online, only the humans indicted can make it right.
Read 14 tweets
13 Dec 20
Based on recent events, fellow 🇳🇬ns, try to be sensitive when tweeting/reporting that people died via suicide.
Doesn't matter if it's true or not - you must ensure ur mode doesn't intrude on privacy or grief. Add details of @MentallyAwareNG if real intention was to give support.
Note to journos:
By media standards, the only justification for revealing suicide as a cause of death & associated details (esp when some family members haven't heard), is if in the public interest/awareness.
All media put helplines.
We now have @MentallyAwareNG so, NO EXCUSE.
If your tweet or news article doesn't contain information such as below, I'm conscience-bound to tell you that all you did was sensationalism & add to the grief of the deceased's family, without even helping the public tangibly.
There is help. Amplify it.
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11 Dec 20
@BBCCareers kindly furnish names and physical address of those who told @kikimordi, a freelancer that I was "asked to leave" the BBC?
We'll need to do this in an EU court of law, if LIES are peddled for damage control.
Note, I have recordings& emails.
Send to meyerruona@gmail.com ImageImage
The response to seeking a non-repeat of unethical practices cannot and will never be to broadcast lies against my person.
For a day like this, I am thankful I made audio and email archives.
Thankfully, I am a German citizen who was recruited from Germany.
Therefore, @BBCCareers, expect me to use the law to its full extent.
Of that, you all can be sure.
Read 5 tweets
10 Dec 20
@kikimordi an honourable journo ALWAYS shares the ENTIRE comversation.
On 18 August?
YOU, entered my DM.
Clearly, lying is oxygen.
A terrible thing for anyone entrusted with the stories of the voiceless.
You're what is called an OPPORTUNISTIC PATHOGEN in Microbiology.
Nwa mkpi!
When you came sucking up, I told you POINT-BLANK, to do the right thing.
I then told you the bit you put up here and said 👍.
But na you na. Indomie career.
Agenda must agend so you put half stories for the dummies you perform for.
Anyone who can tell half-truths, pretend to fight for credit while denying others is a disgrace to journalism.
Read 4 tweets

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