@CNN @USinNigeria look at yourself here.What you called ‘armed protesters’ in the US is what you referred to as ‘political thugs’ or ‘hoodlums’ in Nigeria. What we had in the Oct.2020 insurrection was a group of armed protesters burning and looting public and private properties.
You hail them and gave them opportunity to incite people on your platforms but in your own country,you are using the FBI and local police agencies to track and put them in jail.What about their right to free speech & free assembly?Is that not what you taught us? Has it changed?
Has democratic principles that you widely exported to weak nations to destabilize them suddenly changed when it came to you? The protest in all the 50 states must be allowed to go on unhindered, there right to bear arm is guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment,don’t infringe it.
Where are the NGOs in America, where is @amnestyusa in all these,you have sold our own @AmnestyNigeria to IPOB terrorists using Twitter to spread chaos in Nigeria,you gave tonnes of dollars to @EiENigeria @SERAPNigeria to cause confusion. We stand by our country so it won’t fail.
their rights*

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13 Jan
1.Arewa Twitter attack Fashola over Northern roads.
2.Lagos Twitter attack Pantami over NIN registration.
3.Buharists Twitter attack Sanwo-Olu😁
My joy is that these ‘attacks’ are service delivery issues.Young people in APC don’t fight over sharing money like PDP.Keep fighting.
But in doing these ‘petty fights’ learn to tolerate and stick to issues. You weakened the debate when you introduce extraneous items into your debates.APC must retain her progressive identity and vibrant debates is one of the key tonic of progressivism,criticism is not bigotry.
Fashola and Pantami are two of the smartest guys in Buhari cabinet that I know. They both understand the subject matter of their Ministry and by far they have delivered. Bayo Shittu was ridiculed by Lagos Twitter more than any other group and he was a Yoruba Muslim. Who cares?
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12 Jan
When @naijama speaks about protests,you dare not argue with such a veteran. Here is her intervention:
“And though a wilder, demagogic element began to take over #EndSARS  after the protesters’ demands were MET, ...” note the key word DEMAGOGIC, look up the meaning of the word 👇 ImageImage
She went further ..
“insisting on blocking all roads and attacking police etc”Now pls note that she didn’t use the word “hoodlums”as being responsible for the burning and looting but WILDER demagogic elements! contrary to what the enablers of these demagoguery want us to believe Image
She also noted that the demands of the #EndSARS were met and so all rational people who supported those early demands are united on this fact. What do we ask for: Prosecution of these demagogic elements who proceeded to turn the protest to insurrection by seeking to overthrow an
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11 Jan
A Tweet-Bank of all those who enabled the insurrection of 2020 and those who incited the burning of Lagos will be created. There is now a national consensus of patriots that those who receive funds to destroy Nigeria are terrorists and must be punished by the law as a deterrent.
If you think it is over,think again. Crime don’t expire,the last Nazi War criminal to be convicted in 2020 was 92 years old.Those who burnt Lagos and those who incited the burning will pay for it one day.The effort in that direction is gathering momentum. It can’t be wished away.
From @RuggedyBaba @mrmacaronii @SavvyRinu @Mochievous @papilokanu @yemialadee the law must take its full course. Those who incite this violence must be made to account for the crime. America has shown us the way,we got to do it for Nigeria and future generations.The nation must
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10 Jan
There are two clear tendencies in Nigeria now routing for space. The pro-Nigeria nationalists and the legion of demented anti-Nigeria anarchists.The battle for public space will be fierce in the coming days but those who want a prosperous Nigeria will win if the remain vigilant.
It is obvious the earth and the heavens has conspired to favor Nigeria. America hypocrisy is unraveling to the consternation of those who worship them as Saner clime.America is dirty, selfish and indecent.They have used the media and Hollywood to hypnotize the world. It is fraud.
Remember the rogue @SenBooker who was backing Sowore in his madness? see him here calling Trump a direct threat to national security. They are funding @amnestyNigeria @eie @serap to promote absolute freedom in Nigeria but they are now clamping down on protesters in their country.
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10 Jan
In this effort to destroy Nigeria, our people living abroad are major culprits.Listen,remember they told us COVID-19 will kill all of us last year,it didn’t happen see them bringing another variant of it to Lagos and refused to test just because of 50k,they can’t afford just £10.
If you succeed in the abroad what is £10? the point is you are not responsible even after years of living abroad,you are still angry about something but this country is still surviving after years of your abuse and insults. You pushed those insurgents to burn Nigeria. You see USA
Those of you in North America throwing stones to Nigeria,God has used Trump to vindicate our country.Things won’t be the same again. You know absolutely nothing about the countries where you live. You see how Americans rallied round their country? You tell us: Can’t happen here!
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9 Jan
One thing I so much admire but will never understand is Bathroom Technology. What is all these because I want to just bath and go out?Life is not this hard now. My 7 year old daughter asked me to help out in our hotel, I can’t be asking for manuals, i gave her Pic.2. My own way😁
So I entered Abeokuta this morning from Ibadan and saw Segun Sowunmi’s billboard by the roadside and I hissed. Wife asked what is it again,I said the @atiku guy don’t have sense. My wife said “everyone don’t have sense according to you”😁then I saw what he write on the billboard.
So I asked her to read what is on the billboard: “One who does not recognize effort can not see fault” I asked my wife what does the guy mean? She too read it 3 times and said it doesn’t make sense😁 we drove off,happy i was correct again.If I say you don’t have sense believe it
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