This remains one of the best photos from the Trump nightmare of the last four years.
Another beauty of a photo from the nightmare previously known as the Trump presidency. 🎶 One of these leaders is not like the other one... 🎶
I think I might frame this one if I was Fauci. Last man standing ...
The awkward photo of Charles and Diana seated together but looking very much apart has nothing on this happy couple.
You would never guess this guy is the father of five children.
There are literally dozens of photos to choose from of Trump with no one around him but white men. Stepford Wives move aside.
Another historic photo for the ages with Trump in a room of white men because who else screams "anti-abortion bill" than that demographic when it comes to a signing ceremony.
Melania's hand looks contorted to breaking point to avoid this hand holding photo op he seems so keen on.
Even in pics with his daughter Trump manages to be a leering, handsy, creepy old white guy.
Never again are we likely to see so many shades of orange in the White House. What even is going on here??
As the old adage goes, no one ever knows what happens inside someone else's marriage.
And who can forget those few minutes one week post-COVID when Trumps hair went grey.
Trump also really showed us all how classy he is when he stood in front of, over and then touched this 94 year old.
Another classic was this happy snap with a guy who looks like he can't wait to get back to saying the Rosary. Or kissing feet. Literally anything else but this.
You know all the gorgeous pics of Obama with kids in the Oval Office and playing with kids on the White House lawn? This ain't it.
I don't know what is going on in this photo and don't really want to know either. Trump really does love his men in uniform.
We can't possibly forget Trump's foray into meteorology and mark ups.
The fast food industry is going to be severely impacted by a downturn in the DC area after 20 Jan.
Seems fitting to end this trip down memory lane with what I hope is the final image we ever see of this man in just a few days time. Thanks for nothing, Trump.
The thread continues ... there is just so much solid gold content to work with. Thanks for all the suggestions and if you missed the rest of the trip down memory lane just head to the top of this thread 👆

Remember the time he walked around with toilet paper on his shoe?
Surely when Trump had his fortune told it should have been foretold that things were not going to end well for him?
Another classic moment - have you noticed so many of them involve strong women - when Trump was "applauded" in the Capitol. That won't be happening again any time soon.
Look, I mean there are always pics in the camera roll that are duds. Then you have the issue of what happens when you take a photo of a dud.
So many people found their inner passive aggressive nature when having to deal with Trump over the past four years. This moment was a doozy.
There is nothing even remotely amusing about this photo of Trump mocking a disabled reporter. Utterly shameful which makes it a poignant addition to the Trump collection.
This feels like a lifetime ago but remember when we thought the weirdest thing that could happen was one of his staff sitting on Trump's sofa without their shoes on?
There are long ties and then there is this. Trump has always had a penchant for much longer ties than average. Why? Who knows.
There are literally endless reasons for why the most powerful women in the world would bury her head in her hands while talking with Trump.
Little things can be complicated for Trump ... just like this effort to join hands with two different people.
Oh for the days of Trump scandals and poor behaviour that was focused on his bizarre handshake style. Remember this handshake-off with Macron?
At least they would have had their mutual friend Jeffrey to talk about.
The woman who has met pretty much every world leader of the last 70 years would have been desperately wishing she hadn't had to meet this one.
Maybe it was looking directly into the sun during an eclipse that explains things?
Throwing paper towels into a crowd of hurricane ravaged residents of Puerto Rico was yet another low point in Trump's presidency.

• • •

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