Classic example of Express propaganda, as it reports on the financial sector talks about to begin. (They weren't covered in the Brexit deal.)

In Express-world, trying to improve on nothing at all (which is what we have at the moment) is an EU power grab!…
Or how about this, also from this morning?

Literally gloating because Brexit has caused harm to German fishermen.
Or this?

(The narrative here is particularly juicy. The EU offered a deal for artists and musicians to be able to travel and work. The UK said "nope, we want our own list of cakeist demands, or NOTHING"and the EU said "no". Result: Express says it's the EU's fault.)
I mention these examples precisely because they are TYPICAL.

Express readers will have been exposed to around a dozen such stories, often more, EVERY SINGLE DAY SINCE THE REFERENDUM.

Think about that for a moment. That's about 20,000 pieces of false propaganda.
So I fully understand the desire to lash out and blame them for not knowing what they were voting for. I do.

But for pity's sake, think about it. 20,000 pieces of propaganda.

The poor souls didn't stand a chance.
Remember, it's not just the Express.

They will have seen similar stories in the Daily Mail and the Sun. They will have been fed the same lies by Farage and the Brexiter Tories.

It's very easy for us to take a superior "they should have known" attitude.

But how? Seriously, how?
When 70%-80% of print media is overtly right-wing, when the BBC invites the most random quacks to provide "balance" on every Brexit-related topic, when hundreds of politicians, business owners, rogue economists, celebrities, etc. all propagate the same lies... how do they know?

I believe we may be about two to three weeks away from a grand revelation.

Only reality can prove the truth of Brexit to those who have been consistently lied to on every side.

And that reality may be about to get VERY ugly.
(And finally: we shouldn't forget the effect of social media in all of this. The events of the last week in the US have illustrated its power for great evil in the wrong hands. It constrains people in "info bubbles" where everything they see reinforces what they already know.)

• • •

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13 Jan

Let's take a look at COVID-19 and what's happened in English hospitals.

Here's the graph of new hospital admissions vs deaths. (IMPORTANT: They're plotted on different scale axes.)

As you can see, one lags the other by about two weeks on average.

1/5 Image
A couple of observations:

1. We are about to see a huge uptick in deaths. It's sadly inevitable. We haven't yet experienced the consequences of hospital admissions (dark blue line) shooting up in the last week or so.

2. Look closely at deaths in April last year. They tracked admissions, then suddenly leapt. (Again, remember *different scales* apply to both plots.)

Why? Likely as a result of hospitals being overwhelmed by the pandemic. For a brief period, 40%+ of all admissions died!

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13 Jan
If you feel glee at this, then I'm sorry but there's something wrong with you. This is tragedy, writ large, inflicted by Brexit on the people who were the most abused, misled and manipulated of any group of individuals in the Brexit debate. Destroyed by the Farages of this world.
It took a truly seismic shock for the person in the video to come to his senses, but the Brexit earthquake rocked his world and sent his business tumbling around him. He is a future ALLY in any effort to get close to the EU, or rejoin as a full member, not a figure of mockery.
The plight of the fishing industry was held up as a totem by fanatic Brexiters time and again since the referendum, and even before.

Now that so many fishermen face ruin because of Brexit red tape, it's (un)remarkable to see their former champions fall silent in unison.
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13 Jan
The official Conservative party Twitter account has been tweeting all the Brexit wins...

/END ImageImageImage
It's like setting fire to a warehouse full of food, but then finding a piece of still-wrapped chewing gum on the ground on the way home.

"Hurrah, we now have gum!"
3 things to add...
1. The tampon tax issue would have gone away in 2022 (and we missed an opportunity to do away with it a few years ago, because Tories voted it down)
2. Pulse fishing has already been banned by some EU states, and will become illegal across the EU in mid-2021.
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13 Jan
On Day 13 of Brexit...

The Times celebrated the fact Brexit means UK holidaymakers may avoid speeding fines in the EU, and gloated at the 60 million euro in fines it meant France would no longer collect.

THIS is how desperate the Brexiters have become to find a "win". Image
Don't remember "Vote for Brexit - Drive Like a Loon" on the side of the bus...
(About halfway through the fairly long article is a single sentence stating the same will apply to drivers from the EU on UK roads. Then it goes back to all the juicy fine revenue EU countries won't collect.)
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12 Jan
Priti Patel has decided that lots and lots and lots of words are a substitute for actually answering the question.
She just did it again! Not even tangentially related to the question. What's the point?
Three in a row.
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12 Jan
I'm sick and tired of seeing "they deserve it because they voted for it".

Leave voters do NOT make up the majority of the WHOLE population ANYWHERE in the UK..

If you consider those who couldn't vote, didn't vote etc. then Leave is always in the minority.

But EVERYONE suffers.
Blame the truth-twisting politicians, the complicit right-wing media, the pet economists and rogue business leaders, the firebrand opinion-makers, etc.. They deserve 100% of your rage.

But stop dumping on entire populations! They're trapped in the same sinking ship as all of us.
- This isn't meant to give a free pass to all Leavers. Those still openly gloating in 2021 deserve what's coming to them.
- Ditto for the racists, xenophobes, etc. This is about the 2016 referendum vote, not a wider "get out of jail free" pass.
Read 4 tweets

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