Time to overanalyse the #BowsersFury trailer! :D

(This is a thread!)
To start off, the giant Super Bell has cat accessories that neither existing variant of the bell has. Funny. It also makes a meow, unlike the regular Bells.
Semi-open world? Guess this adventure is very much like 64 or Odyssey.
The Goombas are a different colour to the Cat Goombas in the regular game. Likely because they act like regular Goombas, and so are "cat Goombas" rather than Goombas with the Super Bell transformation.
Junior has his Paintbrush from Sunshine, which is cool. But it has a Junior emblem, just like in official promo art for Super Nintendo World!
These flowers are paw-shaped!
Literally everything is cat-themed (obviously), but I'll still make note of them all. (Particularly enemies).
Some weird "Cat Coin". Will it function like Green Stars/Star Coins? I dunno, but it has a special animation + sound when collecting.
An actual cat! This one is just a little bit bigger than Mario, if we estimate by the scaling with the flowers.
The "Big Bell" (as I will call it from now on) is emitting a smoke, it's not just covered in some spiky material - said material is "magic" of sorts. There's also coins in front of it, as if Mario (or someone else) has to make an offering to activate the Big Bell.
These towers look weird. Almost like UFOs rather than the towers, due to the black substance covering the top.
Boomerang Bros. Note that Mario ALSO has a Boomerang power-up, so it's not ALL cats. Neat.
More kitties! These ones are smaller and less realistic in their fur colours than the Calico one from a couple seconds before.
funny cat heiroglyphics. They show cats, the cat trees, and a sleeping Big Bell.
Plessie! And I'll also take this moment to say that this area really is open-world. We're quite a far away from that island in the background.
Plessie can now dive! Works as a boost thing, kinda like in Fortnite Battle Royale (sorry, but it's the best comparison I can think of right now).
Cat Stingby looks dumb. lol
We get a look at what is the "goal object" of Bowser's Fury, some sort of Cat Sun. Does it work like a Power Star/Power Moon/Shine Sprite in earlier games?
cat spike in da air tho 😳
Mario gets his Ground Pound to Higher Jump ability from Odyssey. I wonder if this will be added in the core game too, as we got the Dive in the first trailer.
Cat Biddybuds. Note we're in a snowy environment, so likely this whole side adventure has more than just the seaside.
I was right! This definitely looks like a colder area. Also a slight closeup of Junior.
Some weird spring item, looks a bit like something you'd see on a real-life cat tower/scratching post.
Cat Koopas in the distance, and what looks like an arena. Will we be getting cat-themed boss fights, too?
Junior's paintbrush starts off covered in black ink, then changes to rainbow paint. Did he accidentally cause all of this, or did he find the paintbrush in the "ink"?

(Gonna have to update the thread manually from now on.)
Some gameplay featuring Junior. Is he AI-controlled or can we play AS him?

also cat piranha plant gettin decapitated
Junior has to paint over these to activate them. Kinda like how paint does stuff in Sunshine. Neat!
Cat Pom Pom, who appears to be in the snowy arena. Hopefully we get more than just cat versions of existing bosses.
yup, they act like power moons. this is a good thing!
So "Fury Bowser" slowly awakens during the storyline. That's a cool touch.
the cats are cute AND THEN THERE'S BOWSER
Is the side story in two parts, pre- and post- Bowser awakening? Also, this is cool.
The rocks that rain down resemble the Moon Rocks from Odyssey. Does Bowser's Fury take place after Odyssey? Is there lunar connections? Maybe.
angry cats
just this scene looks so fun to play in
these even glow when given "energy", just like the moon rocks from odyssey
cat cheep cheeps
another cool shot
The Big Bell causes Mario to do the promo art pose!
super saiyan mario. Gonna call him "Lion Mario" as the fiery fur gives a Lion-like look.
to finish off, this artwork looks really cool!!

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