"Hypocrisy" is a word bandied about on the right about the left in wake of the capitol protests. You need to understand "hypocrisy" is entirely subjective. You saw Bundy as good vs bad, they saw BLM as good vs bad. Americans see 1776 as good vs bad, the British....
Of course "we" see it as hypocrisy since every major city was burning for the last 6 months, but they dont. They dont care. They cry hypocrisy at you because they know it effects you, so you take that as meaning the word has power, but it doesnt, it only has power over you
Susan Rosenberg bombed the capitol in 83', was commuted by Clinton to be welcomed by the cathedral into academia circles & now sits on a board that supports BLM. In their eyes, there is not a problem with this. You won't change their view, facts and logic are paper
If you mention rosenberg to progressives they arent going to flip out and join you, they will say its different, because to them it is. She is good you are bad. BLM violence is good, yours is bad. Nothing they do can ever dissuade them from viewing them that way & vice versa
Conservatives & many libertarians pretend they "dont care" what mainstream thinks but you spend your lives looking for acceptance and adulation from the systems you say you oppose. You want hollywood to make conservative movies, academia to teach free markets...
Then WORSE you send your children to be educated by your enemy and are incredulous when they come back with shaved heads and purple hair telling your grandma at thanksgiving shes a white oppressor b***h. You PAY to have your kids hate you.

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11 Jan
The Symbolic Battle:
A cliche goes "History Repeats itself" a less popular cliche is "History doesnt repeat but it rhymes"
In truth throughout all history a symbolic battle is being fought, a struggle of good an evil within it are ages that pass and play again
There is a macro and micro symbolic battle. I believe the highest level macro is the struggle between God and evil, which will only finish at the end of human history, but at the micro level you have battles that occur from culture to the individual.
This is recognizeable once you see the patterns, and the patterns repeat. Perhaps not exactly the same way, many things are similair albeit in new packages and sometimes there are unique data points. What we are seeing today is predictable, in the same way lunar phases are
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11 Jan
Whoever is on the fringe is more in support of "freedom of speech". In the 1960's when progressives were fringe it was synonymous with their movement, when they gained power it became a danger, as it empowered the fringes who were a threat to their power.
from John Adams to Lincoln to Woodrow Wilson there has been no protection from the courts via the constitution regarding freedom of speech, however, it was held by the society as something to aspire to, even if it wasn't actually lived, ever, in practice.
The Constitution is a gun free zone sign for Conservatives.

h/t @Ace_Archist
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24 Jul 20
This is the ending of an age, not the world. What this means is that the world you grew up in is not the world your children will. Dont prepare your children for the world of the 00's,80's or 50's. Prepare them & yourself for the 30's & 40's in a modern context
For yourself and/or family. You need to be AGGRESSIVELY eliminating debt, learning new VALUABLE skills and developing multiple streams of income. If you still have a job look at the industry/profession you work in. Will it survive a BIG economic downturn?
If your industry will survive will your position? are you valuable enough to the company and/or to the larger industry to be considered a major asset/necessity? If not start to branch out and learn
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