The Police would prefer to criminalise the public.

It makes the job of enforcement SO much easier if you simply presuppose that everybody is a criminal.

This is the terminal point of whatever good British policing had in it.

We should remember what has been criminalised...

Social activity of any kind.
They are NOT there for the good of society.

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12 Jan
And that is why @FraserNelson and @DouglasKMurray and others have been extremely foolish in indulging attacks on Trump, with very little foundation.
You did ask for it, @DanielJHannan.

How does it fit?

Do you like it?

Did you not see it coming?
And @DouglasKMurray wrote an entire book about the leftoid lynchmob's 'tripwires', before setting one for himself and walking into it.
Read 5 tweets
12 Jan
The impasse created by the precautionary principle...

Hawks like to claim 'evidence', and to say that sceptics of policies formulated from PP will not be swayed by 'evidence', but they have none, either.
The difference is one of estimations of the competences of governments vs. individuals, and to whom the benefit of the doubt goes to.

Hawks presuppose governments because they are the governments. Thus they are forced to belittle people and sceptics, and this becomes the debate.
There was a brief moment, back last March, where it looked like the PP would be abandoned, and that government competence would not be taken for granted. Instead, the government were bounced into promising "three weeks to flatten the curve". Here we are, ten months later.
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11 Jan
A gang of cops, surrounding a mother and an infant, tearing them apart.

The criminalisation of ordinary people, going about day-to-day life is why I am a lockdown sceptic.

I don't believe it has much at all to do with a virus.
"But R-value!"

Show me the expression that defines the relationship between the R value and the proportionate use of force.
I don't care what, short of robbing a bank with a gun, she did.

The treatment of her and her child disgusts me to my core.
Read 4 tweets
11 Jan
It is not just closing someone's Twitter account. It is closing down democratically-appointed people's accounts, while seeking to impeach & prosecute them, depriving them of a platform from which to defend themselves, and moving to outlaw their broader movements. It *is* fascism.
You may want to split hairs about precise definitions, and of historical parallels and the pitfalls of drawing them. But fascism was never so clearly defined by its theoreticians, or since, by historians.
They will use the law, violence, and war to further their interests, against their opponents, against democracy and against their populations.

That makes the case, as far as I am concerned, and the rest is for the birds, so to speak.
Read 7 tweets
10 Jan
Being worried about "how Covid is being policed" **is** lockdown scepticism.
I wonder what moral acrobatics the Graun will turn to, to try to explain that what is needed is a "nice" way of enforcing the closure of society?
Aha. And here is the first clue: "All the ‘tough’ talk ignores who is always targeted in such crackdowns, and those who still need help."

Explore the racial dimensions, right?

Fake the racial grievance... Find the injustice...
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10 Jan
The witch-hunt has crossed the Atlantic.
"... British conservatives are still in power and still getting away with it. They will only change, if they ever change, when they receive their overdue punishment."

Do not underestimate anti-Trump hysteria. They have tasted blood. And they're not full.…
Oh, rich irony, from Nick Cohen.

"The exhilaration that extreme political movements bring lies in the permission they give to sin."
Read 9 tweets

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