Some "unity" whinging from Republicans is about the fact they expected us all to surrender by now and they realize Democrats and the left are very, very slowly waking up to see Republicans as Republicans have always seen them: as the enemy. Talk about irreconcilable differences.
Republicans and their allies (hello, Glenn Greenwald) are throwing tantrums that Amazon, Twitter, et al. are taking their toys away but the real concern is people will finally take their Neo-Confederate agenda seriously.
Republicans have been telling us for years they will resort to nullification, terrorism, and insurrection if we don't capitulate to them at the ballot box and hand them permanent one party minority rule on a silver platter.

The impulse to blame this all on Trump is misguided and naive. Trump could be any generic white man.

For Republicans, this is about reasserting the rule of rich white men, "the way the founders intended," and a literal continuation of the Civil War and Jim Crow.

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12 Jan
When I say Trump is not special, I mean his politics fall comfortably on a spectrum between neocons and Tea Party Republican and his preening reality TV persona and alternating gleeful and sulking narcissism are fairly typical for that type of conservative.
Trump's only innovation was to unapologetically say the quiet part out loud and get away with it, bringing the GOP's racism, misogyny, and desire for white supremacist, monarchal rule to the forefront, but Republicans and the media were eager to enable him from the start.
It could have been anyone, though. You can see guys like Jim Jordan and even Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham wish they'd done it first. Because the GOP and their rabid white supremacist base were fully primed for someone to come along and say and do what Trump did.
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11 Jan
Conservatives have been allowed to wrap themselves in the mantle of the (white) working class while simultaneously dumping responsibility for their hate, violence, and extremism on the stereotype of the uneducated white hick.
But the people who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday were lawyers, politicians, the sons of judges, current and former police and military members, and random wealthy assholes with time and money to burn.
Republican elected officials at all levels of government have been enthusiastically supporting Trump and using the exact same incendiary rhetoric that brought the insurrectionists to Washington, and continued to do so even as the mob stormed the Capitol with them inside.
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11 Jan
Blah, blah, blah. I am not going to miss Pompeo and Barr's dominionist bullshit.
One of the more obnoxious features of American politics is the tendency to portray far right extremism as somehow preferable to left-wing politics because the broader left generally opposes white supremacy and a lot of folks never updated their world views after the Cold War.
Conservatives routinely get away with this kind of rhetoric, which treats Democrats, the left, and American culture at large like some authoritarian communist regime, and it simply goes unchallenged and unquestioned even as they promote fascism and authoritarianism themselves.
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11 Jan
People will traumatize you for years and then act like it's your fault you're depressed or otherwise mentally ill.
There's probably a genetic component to my mental health issues. (You'd understand if you met my parents.) But I'd undoubtedly be better off if they and society hadn't created a climate of fear, self-loathing, and invalidation during my formative years and beyond.
Oh, and if I had access to healthcare.

Without being treated like a freak or a drug addict or whatever just for being trans.
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11 Jan
"TERFs are a eugenicist movement" is something cis people need to understand.
The UK anti-trans movement, closely aligned with and supported by Christian anti-choice groups, is exceedingly concerned not only with exterminating trans women but with forcibly "preserving" AFAB people's fertility, particularly the white ones, and they're not subtle about it.
This makes sense once you place them in the larger context of growing British nationalism and hysteria about immigration, which also drove Brexit.
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11 Jan

I wasn't aware of this either. Last I heard, we were all supposed to be tankies or some shit.
My take is white people are gonna white no matter what and the closer their proximity to power and privilege (cis, straight, affluent), the more likely they are to be Nazis or some other variety of shit head.
So white trans women aren't "immune" by any means but there are probably 100 times as many cis gay white Nazis as there are white Nazi trans women by dint of relative population sizes and proximity to power.
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