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12 Jan, 4 tweets, 1 min read
Murkowski, Romney, & Collins all have room to leave the Republican party & still win elections, given peculiarities in their state coalitions, among other factors, such as less deep, historical identification w/ the GOP-as-a-brand/identity in those states.
Utah voters would be happy to vote for a conservative who wasn't GOP & they would definitely be happy w/ Romney. Murkowski's coalition is unique & many AK GOP voters are more "independent" than affiliated w/ the party. The new voting system in AK also protects her from a primary
I know less about Maine than I do AK (given I'm from the latter), but my impression is that the demographic/ideological profile of many GOP voters there is similar to AK's. More independent, off-the-grid types than deep-ideological-GOP-types.
People are convincing me I might be wrong about romney's chances as an independent in Utah. They're making good cases. I stand by my assessment of AK!

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14 Jan
The two most irritating sentences I find myself typing over and over on this website are:
1. "There are many pathways to universal healthcare"
2. "No, the Democratic party would not be a center right party in European countries either in social or economic terms"
& if you're going to come at me from the economic angle, plz do some research into EU center right parties. There's a lot of btwn-country variation, but these parties typically aim towards increased privatization of public systems & deregulation of industry. Dems do the opposite.
A related area is austerity. To look at recent history, examine how many EU countries chipped away at funding their extant safety nets, esp in healthcare, during the recession. What did the US do under Dems? A massive expansion of healthcare.
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13 Jan
McConnell has done a cost/benefit analysis that Trump can't deliver enough to offset the fact that he'll be an anchor on the ankle of the GOP for the next 4 years. His tune would be different if Trump had helped win the 2 GA Senate seats, rather than causing a suburban hemorrhage
It will be interesting from a historic perspective if the GOP assists in voting to remove Trump, but I am not looking forward to anyone acting as if McConnell is acting on principles beyond delivering life support to the GOP. GA gave them an electoral existential crisis.
There are still costs to cutting Trump loose, given just how devoted the highly radicalized GOP base is to him. But McConnell is looking at GA, AZ, polls, etc. & calculating that the benefits to separating from him now outweigh the consequences.
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12 Jan
Got to admire the GOP for managing to echo the white supremacist motivations for the Civil War as well as the white supremacist motivations for post-Civil-War Lost Cause interpretations all into one damn week.

It's a lot.
"Yes we technically supported an armed insurrection against the United States that was partially fomented by propaganda aimed at delegitimizing Black voters but if you name these acts of sedition as 'insurrectionist' who is the real agent of disunity, if you think about it?"
"We may have supported a coup attempt that ultimately led to an attack on the U.S. Capitol in which a few of our supporters may have beaten a police officer to death with a fire extinguisher but that was LAST WEEK. Also look at this noble man & consider the nature of your scorn" Image
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10 Jan
I know there's a lot going on, but I think it's odd that the fact that the President's supporters beat a cop to death with a fire extinguisher is not bigger news.
I feel like the Target being looted in Minneapolis looms larger in the public consciousness.
I will say that I give real credit to the media for repeatedly saying "insurrectionists" instead of "protesters." But I also think the violence of what happened should be more explicitly stated. Nooses. Zip ties. Bombs. Threats against Pelosi & Pence & others. Dead people. Etc
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10 Jan
When the US invaded Iraq w/ vast support from Americans, I remember thinking, in rage & sorrow, that one day the country would recognize how wrong this was & the GOP would never live it down. Then they not only lived it down, but all our discourse is about the Dems who were wrong
Don't get me wrong, I *do* think that the Dems who supported either the AUMF or the invasion *should* be held accountable in history. My complaint is that they are the *sole* focus whereas the GOP has completely slithered away from any accountability & it was *their* pet project
Basically the only time people even discuss Bush's villainy is when a liberal says something about Trump being the worst president in modern American history & then someone snidely pops up to accuse them of not caring about dead Iraqi civilians
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9 Jan
Men plotted to kidnap & assassinate the Governor of Michigan & the GOP was basically silent. White supremacists marched in Charlottesville and chanted "Jews will not replace us" and the GOP barely responded. Of course more and more people would see this as a permission structure.
It's not just "mob dynamics." It's encouragement from those in the upper echelons of U.S. power. Both in the White House & in Congress. This serves to not only radicalize more people, but to signal that their radicalization is patriotic & their actions protected from consequences
**How could they be so stupid??** People ask. Well, b/c 1. they were already stupid and 2. Some of the most powerful people in the country told them it was not only right, but patriotic, to act on this stupidity.
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