Chartwells! This is not good is it, you have lied to the BBC (it was 10 days guys, you know I have that in writing, half the press pack know it too).

What am I going to do about you then? You act in bad faith. That's not very cool is it.

First it was that you didn't think it was one of your bags.

Now it's that it is but it wasn't 10 days.

What next?

Because I am losing faith we can resolve this amiably.
Oops forgot tag... @Chartwells_UK

Don't gaslight me lads. I am not a fan. You either want to improve because you had a spot of bad luck and never meant it to be so bad, or you want to fuck me over so you can fuck over kids, uninterrupted.

You busy tomorrow? Breakfast telly?
Tag for good measure: @MarcusRashford @BootstrapCook @BorisJohnson @vickyford @Keir_Starmer @TulipSiddiq @CPAGUK @jrf_uk @educationgovuk

Now to pick a breakfast show. They are literally ALL asking.

Oh Charlie. So mean spirited. 🤦‍♀️
This is why you should've talked to me guys. Who knows what Chartwells said behind closed doors- they told the BBC whoppers in plain sight.

What a load of work you are turning into Charlie. I suppose it will end up in the internationals now, US & German ones in the DMs already.

• • •

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14 Jan
I have just read, from multiple need sources and a government release, that the Tories intend to cut #FreeSchoolMeals support in the February half term.

Are they high?

In a country ravaged by a pandemic, hammered by Covid, with child poverty soaring, and kids going hungry?

That should say multiple news sources, but whatever, I am angry.

I am angry because YESTERDAY in PMQ's @BorisJohnson and @GavinWilliamson were roasted by @Keir_Starmer over the last incident of child cruelty.

Fucks sakes! Comedians haven't even finished satirising it yet!

Here, look at this, this is from @thetimes.

The Covid Winter Grants are essentially foodbanks?! Even foodbanks themselves hate people having to use foodbanks!

This is the same meanness we just dealt with! The WORLD sided with the children!

Who thought this a good idea?

3/ Image
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11 Jan
Really need to get the children up and restart them on school work, but really struggling to. The letter I poured so much of my soul into to put shitty boy teacher back in his place never sent and now I'm so ultra averse to it. This is PTSD again. I recognise this demon. Super.
Plus also he did still make an example of me in front of the whole class, so actually I don't want to walk back in there (metaphorically) and it's pushing buttons about *trapped, can't leave* because I cannot relocate or change school.
This week LO will have LOs usual class teacher, nicknamed Miss Honey, again. LO really loves Miss Honey, like a favourite big sister, and it shows that Miss Honey cares very much about the class, including LO. But it still just all feels like Mr Arse.
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1 Dec 20
I thought long and hard about tweeting this but I am going to because I think some of you might not know, and you should.

Today at school a child grabbed RN by the hips and thrust himself as if fucking RN. This is primary school, not secondary.

Do you see what I see?

Be alert to children behaving in ways that are overtly sexual. While sex is "natural", sexual behaviour isn't. It's learned. A child that young behaving that way should sound massive alarm bells. Where did he learn that?

His behaviour should make you ask, is he safe?

So if you see a child behaving in a way that is sexualised, "dirty", suggestive, or creepy, and it's not standard for the age, always speak up.

Kids have limited ways to express something wrong. Playing out sexual behaviour is one.

If in doubt call @NSPCC in confidence.

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1 Dec 20
Had to retreat from the kitchen. Sort of accidentally made shit explode. Sorta. But not. 🤦‍♀️

By the way I made you a little video coz I do this "all the time" and it's "great"... Change if plan ok... don't do this...

Those are butternut squash seeds.

Fry them off in a hot pan with pepper, chilli and some paprika, like I do, I was gonna say...

They will crisp up lovely I was gonna say...

Make a nice snack, I was gonna say...

Nearly free...

Was gonna say...

Do not bloody do this.

Turns out if the pan is too hot they explode like some sort of insane seed bomb of angry superheated oily projectiles.

I've got little burns on my hand and arm now where I dived in to turn it off (which didn't even help)

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25 Oct 20
Right let's clear a few things up about food...

1. A £2 chicken won't make 3 family meals without A Lot of help. Potatoes, carrots, peas, gravy, bread, butter, salt, pepper & oil. Minimum. 1-2h of fuel for the big oven. Hot water to wash up.

£10ish provided you have utensils?
Basic pasta & basic sauce is not a meal. Children need protein more than you do. Also fibre, vitamin D, calcium, iron, etc. etc. It's a long list.

If you give kids pretend dinners like this regularly expect scurvy, rickets, anaemia, arthritis, dental issues & mental ill health.
Foraging FFS.

I saw KIDS collecting on a DUAL CARRIAGEWAY roundabout today. Firstly it's DANGEROUS secondly it's FILTHY, thirdly IF YOU FUCK UP AT IDENTIFICATION YOU CAN DIE.

So many habitats are over foraged now, even old hands don't find much.

Tory Scum are so full of shit.
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23 Sep 20
You may have heard Home Secretary Priti Patel needs to make Tresspass a criminal offence to stop hoardes of awful Travellers pitching up on defenceless school fields.

Only it is not that! That's a cover!

It's actually a tipping point into Nazi type fascism!

Yes. Seriously.

But, I sense you protesting, Travellers, they just crash onto playing fields and the council can't do anything about it, and, and, and...

Whoa a second. I hear your fear.

Let me tell you what's going on out there ok (and how to fix it, for less money).

Councils actually have lots of powers. One tool at their disposal is a 24hr eviction order, as in, if they have grounds, they issue a bit of paper that says, get off by [time] on [date] or else.

"Or else" is often professional thugs/bailiffs. Sometimes (rarely) police.

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