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I read this 🧵from @MrMarkEThomas + the attached articles very late last night.

I’d heard of the #SovereignIndividual before but had no idea of it’s full horror.

I was so shocked I could not sleep.


@13sarahmurphy @RichardJMurphy @DeborahMeaden
It explains EVERYTHING….from #Brexit through the #UniversalCredit cut (because that’s what it really is), #FreeSchoolMeals debacle, #PPECorruption /VIP lanes to the catastrophic mishandling #Covid19UK & EVERYTHING in between.

@BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @Conservatives
We are in very grave danger!

WE MUST WAKE UP to the reality of what is going on under our noses.

Our egomaniacal clown PM is not just fulfilling his own dream of being #KingOfTheWorld, he is a very willing puppet for darker, smarter, more evil forces.

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GOV2 is a non-partisan group of over 4500 UK citizens organising to restore:

1. Truth

through access to information free from propaganda, party politics, bias or third party interference by combating fake news and misinformation.

2. Democracy

that has been subverted..

🧵1/13 the use of AI in election & referendum campaigns and party-political goals that have been placed above the welfare of UK citizens.

Please Join Now to help restore Truth & Democracy and follow @GOV2UK on Twitter for updates

The Plan

The erosion of Truth & Democracy..

.. has been overseen by the Conservative and Unionist Party.

Our goal is to remove Conservative MPs from every seat in the next General Election using #TacticalVoting in favour of #ProgressiveAlliance 5+ opposition party candidates.

Stage 1: We will create a platform..

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Let’s be very clear about what’s going on here…

EVERY SINGLE DECISION currently being made about 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿CHILDREN’s HEALTH, WELLBEING & EDUCATION is being HEAVILY INFLUENCED by #Conservative backed/funded groups & also by MEDICS who are downplaying #COVID/#LongCovid effects on them.
This is incredibly concerning for 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿children & their families.

PLEASE WAKE UP MSM….I’m just a dr, not an investigative journalist. But it doesn’t take much digging to see how sinister & dangerous this situation is.

@carolecadwalla @BylineTimes @NafeezAhmed @IndependentSage
School #COVID policy(or lack of)
#JCVI #COVIDVaccination decisions for <18s

Key “players” feature in EVERY DECISION since last summer -the return to “normal” school Sept 20 & 21, Jan 4th Primaries return,removal of😷s May21, unnecessary delays to vaccination of 12-18yr olds….
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One of the most bizarre & troubling bits of the #ReopeningSchools saga is that @educationgovuk & @BorisJohnson have ignored every single plea from teachers, early years staff, pupils & their families to #MakeSchoolsSafe & wasted all the months they have had to do so. 1/14 🧵
2)They’ve turned their backs on plentiful advice from #SAGE, @IndependentSage & @NEU.
Even @CMO_England has made his reservations as clear as he can from a rather difficult position.
But they’ve put their collective fingers in their ears & metaphorically said “La La La La”!
3) @GavinWilliamson & @halfon4harlowMP CLAIM the motivation for a speedy full opening of all school & early years facilities is the WELFARE OF CHILDREN!
They repeatedly cite educational, emotional, social & psychological needs.
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1/ 7🧵It’s struck me over the past weeks that the current HUGE CONCERN from @conservative MPs & high profile media stars about the #mentalhealth of children is RATHER ODD?
Bare with me here-
My “kids” are 19,22 & 25.
Where are the campaign groups worried about THESE young ppl?
2/ There’s VERY LITTLE media/political discussion about the effect on students - mental, physical AND financial. Many are anxious & down, missing their friends.They may have unhappy, abusive homes & be desperate to “get away” or may have nowhere to study effectively either.
3/What about graduates living back @ home w/ parents, applying for jobs that are like needles in haystacks.
No social life or freedoms, no jobs or financial stability.
Most young ppl love their families but wouldn’t choose to live w/ them indefinitely. Anyone shouting 4 them?
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I've been speaking with Charlie Brown, Managing Director at @Chartwells_UK over the last few days.

I've been losing my patience a bit. It's not been as quick as I wanted, but we are here now. Some of this was organised today, some is from other days but here's a round up:

Over the February school holiday, if there is no Government funding for #FreeSchoolMeals, at all the schools @Chartwells_UK is working in, Charlie commits to putting out boxes anyway.

So if @BorisJohnson @RishiSunak & @GavinWilliamson won't step up by then, Charlie will.

From now, the school lunches boxes from @Chartwells_UK, are also going to cover breakfast as well. Chartwells will take the extra costs associated on the chin. They are fully aware they need to do better, and this is something we both feel is positive. (That was his idea).

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#COVIDisAirborne .
Gvmt & education leaders cannot deny THE FACTS any longer.
It is no exaggeration to liken pupils & staff to the men kicking radioactive rubble off the roof in #Chernobyl. 1/6
#Coronavirus is literally “hanging in the air”.
To deny millions of adults & children the right to BASIC, SIMPLE public health measures almost 10 months into a pandemic is not only IRRESPONSIBLE & NEGLIGENT, it is UNFORGIVABLE! 2/6
The Gvmt’s stubborn ignorance & disingenuous concern for the welfare of children is literally killing ppl, causing AVOIDABLE suffering to 1000s of families. You only have to think of current discussions around #FreeSchoolMeals to realise their sympathy is completely false. 3/6
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I have just read, from multiple need sources and a government release, that the Tories intend to cut #FreeSchoolMeals support in the February half term.

Are they high?

In a country ravaged by a pandemic, hammered by Covid, with child poverty soaring, and kids going hungry?

That should say multiple news sources, but whatever, I am angry.

I am angry because YESTERDAY in PMQ's @BorisJohnson and @GavinWilliamson were roasted by @Keir_Starmer over the last incident of child cruelty.

Fucks sakes! Comedians haven't even finished satirising it yet!

Here, look at this, this is from @thetimes.

The Covid Winter Grants are essentially foodbanks?! Even foodbanks themselves hate people having to use foodbanks!

This is the same meanness we just dealt with! The WORLD sided with the children!

Who thought this a good idea?

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Today's u-turn on vouchers for #FreeSchoolMeals by @10DowningStreet and @educationgovuk is not without consequence. At the end of two weeks of last minute decision making on education, the upshot is that good honest people are on furlough as of tonight. A thread on the impact:
Before Christmas the Government were adamant that schools would stay open on the basis they were low risk. Schools placed order for food from their wholesale partners in preparation before going off on two weeks' holiday.
Stock was ordered in accordingly by wholesalers ready for shipment in January. They also bought stock in preparation for No Deal Brexit as the negotiations with EU dragged on. Stock bought for Xmas was still hanging around: the November lockdown and then the Tier system
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This government’s procurement is an ugly mark on its pandemic response.

We’ve seen millions wasted on unusable PPE, a national Serco tracing system not reaching contacts it should, and a growing catalogue of cronyism.

But what's happened this week is a new low.
This government outsourcing #FreeSchoolMeals leaves families with shocking replacements for normal vouchers. These photos are a disgrace.

But while they seem adamant to not feed hungry children, let's remind ourselves of contracts they have splashed on in recent months...
In April, the Tories gave £250 million to Ayanda Capital for 50 million face masks - which were later found to be unsafe for NHS workers.

Labour highlighted this as one of the early examples of cronyism given links to the Tory party.…
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Couldn’t agree with you more @chrischirp!
Today in my local #Medicentre a pharmacist & 2 dispensary workers were chatting & joking w/out a #mask in sight! Then I saw several patients wearing those UTTERLY USELESS nylon #masks which slip/slide & they touch constantly. A 🧵...
And a Pt wearing a surgical mask that appeared to have been worn > 50 times it was so filthy!
We’ve had a whole term where kids haven’t worn #MasksInClassrooms & the anti #mask #keepschoolsopen AT ALL COSTS gang who don’t care 1 jot how many #teachers/families get ill w/ #Covid.
Just remember the vote on #FreeSchoolMeals in Oct!
Virtually EVERY @Conservative MP voted AGAINST this simple & low cost way to feed our most vulnerable children DURING A PANDEMIC!
Now they tell us it’s all about child welfare... I have my doubts!
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Today I m sharing another paper on unintended consequences of a UK policy which makes me cringe at how my tax money is spent all the while debating #FreeSchoolMeals "Subsidizing the spread of COVID-19: Evidence from the UK’s #EOHO scheme". ➡️ a thread🧵⬇️
The EOHO scheme was conceived to help the hard-hit restaurant businesses in the UK in the wake of 1st #COVID19 wave. The scheme cut the cost of meals & non-alcoholic drinks by up to 50% across tens of thousands of participating restaurants in the UK from 3 to 31 August 2020. 1...
The research leverages data from #HMRC’s own #EOHO restaurant finder app which was the go-to platform for people searching for EOHO restaurants in their neighbourhood, together with weekly data on new #COVID-19 infections measured at the granular MSOA level (5-10k residents) 2...
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(THREAD 1/7)
Boris says that he "totally understands the issue of holiday hunger," whilst he and 321 of his Tory MPs voted to ensure that the coming holidays would be the toughest hundreds of thousands of children have ever had to endure.
He talks about the success of the £1000 uplift to Universal Credit being a far more effective measure to combat holiday hunger, yet his party has given no commitment to keep this additional £20 a week beyond next April.
"You are not going to see children going hungry as a result of Government inattention this Christmas" he says.
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1. I turned the kitchen clock back 1 hour this morning. Watching the hand wind backwards brought home how easy it is to regress.
2. Over 100 years ago, Clara Grant, an educator and social reformer, set up the Fern Street Settlement to help children in the East End of London.
3. A mural of her is being painted on the building next to the school where I teach.…
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Just a few thoughts about why I support #FreeSchoolMeals based on my work as a clinical dietitian, academic and researcher
Inadequate healthy food intake impacts negatively on health and wellbeing especially in most vulnerable i.e. children
This isn’t rickets or other vitamin deficiencies common in 1920-30s but impaired growth and ⬆️ risk of long-term conditions like diabetes, heart disease & some cancers which are linked to deprivation
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Conservative MP, @BBradley_Mans joins the #FreeSchoolMeals debate.

He later deleted these tweets.
It is worth remembering that Ben Bradley also holds the Conservative record for the most retweeted post (his apology to Jeremy Corbyn) & the best introduction to a politician ever (@krishgm on @Channel4News)
“I wish people would stop saying ‘let's not politicise the issue of school meals’. If the fact that children are going hungry in one of the world's richest, developed countries is not a 'political' issue, what is?” @sturdyAlex
👇@BarristerSecret @Otto_English @David__Osland @AOC
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#poem #FreeSchoolMeals #Poverty


Little J is slow today
His shoes a size too small
& a bit too thin so the cold gets in,
& his eye's not on the ball.

Little J drops off in class
& his progress drops off too.
Mum works till 8 so his homework's late
& he never has a clue.

Little J's quiet in circle time:
Their week sounds fun, now yours?
But the bus was a quid to the clubs they did;
'Free' isn't, if you're poor.

Little J's stuck indoors at break:
He forgot his coat again
So how can he play with friends today
When he can't go out in the rain?

Little J eats his toast alone
Mum ate already, she said.
But the lies of love still aren't enough
To keep him warm and fed.

Little J is hunched & small
& his head aches every morning;
His stomach's growl makes him want to howl
& he's on his final warning...
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Here's a thread about toxic Tory MP Ben Bradley @BBradley_Mans. He's a nasty piece of work who hides behind a keyboard, like the weakling he is.

PLEASE RETWEET & expose this man who is trying to discredit @MarcusRashford.


There was the time where Ben made up lies about Jeremy Corbyn. Boy did he grovel after this episode.…

Here's Ben saying Council workers should quit, if the don't think they get paid enough. An interesting opinion from a man with his nose well and truly in the trough.…
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Interesting that this Tory MP talks about responsibility and also tackling reasons for child poverty. The Tories have been in power since 2010 /1 #FreeSchoolMeals

Yet the DWPs own figures show a massive increase in child poverty since they came to power…

Food bank demand also absolutely exploded after they came to power. 3/ #foodpoverty
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1/ Some disturbing statistics in regard to Child Poverty, income & free sch meals (FSM). Relative child poverty has increased significantly under this gov. Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS). It increased from 3.6 million (2011/12) to 4.2 million (2018/19). Projected to rise
2/ 2019 report, the IFS asserted that working age benefit cuts have further increased income inequality. They wrote:
"The bottom fifth of the income distribution on average saw its income decline by 1.6%... conversely, the top fifth saw it grow by 0.8%".
3/ UNICEF recently found that food insecurity is extremely problematic in the UK - the worst in Europe for 15 year olds. "Food hardship among children also predicts impaired academic performance... associated with experiencing shame at being out of food, and behavioural problems”
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A lot has been written on the morality of extending free school meals across holidays. Clearly the State has an obligation to ensure a dependent's well being is looked after. The idea that a child going hungry can be blamed solely on the parents is absurd. 1/
However, I've long since accepted that this Tory Party don't consider moral duties to be in the scope of Government. So, here is the economic case: 2/
The Government already accepts that, under certain circumstances, a family needs support for feeding children. The Government say that if a family is dependent on the welfare state, generally they are eligible for free school meals. 3/
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Rupert Soames, CEO of #Serco insists itS “NHS test-&-trace"

In reality, its executive committee has just 1 public health expert & it is run by 2 private companies

Serco is one of them & this week its shares surged by 18%

Soames suggests mentioning this makes you an anti-vaxxer
“Serco is only delivering a contact tracing rate of 68.1% & SAGE has said we need a rate of 80%” @DrRosena

@rsoames claims this is based on “fake data”

But Serco don't reach more than 20% of positive cases & of those they reach, 15% provide no contacts.
Ystdy, @rsoames was furious at the suggestion #Serco Test & Trace is failing & that “his incompetence was only match by his girth”

Today, the govt are advertising for managers with experience of “turning around failing call centres”

Rate upto £2,000/day!… Image
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With schools closing today, a short thread on #FreeSchoolMeals. We welcome the Govt’s acknowledgement that the extended school closures are a significant departure from the usual position in school holidays, where no formal provision is made for kids getting free school meals 1/n
This is an unprecedented situation and decisions need to be made quickly to give families as much certainty as possible as new systems are put in place. 2/n
As part of the Government’s emergency response, we would recommend an increase in child benefit in the form of an extra £10 per child per week to help families keep their heads above water in what is going to be a difficult and testing time. 3/n
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