1) @NRO has gone all-in on the idea that Trump incited the riot in part by convincing people Democrats stole the election. If that's the case, then I have a question for @RichLowry, @JackFowler, @CharlesCWCooke, @RameshPonnuru, @BaseballCrank, @JimGeraghty, @AndrewCMcCarthy, etc:
2) What portion of that blame do YOU share for promoting that belief? For the better part of the last *two decades*, @NRO has made the case not only that election fraud happens, but that it's widespread, facilitated by people in state government, and primarily benefits Democrats.
3) Here are just a handful of examples, from just a few minutes of searching:
One more, particularly relevant:
4) Do you disavow publishing these articles and MANY more like them? Or yours the good kind of election-delegitimizing and Trump's the bad kind?
5) Or is there anyone left among you at @NRO who still has the honesty to admit that distrust of our elections is reasonable, that it didn't start with Trump, and that the subject is a real outrage that's naturally anger-inducing regardless of what any politician says or does?

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14 Nov 20
And now, a few words on this idea I’ve seen online that “letting” Democrats steal the election means we’ll never get our country back. If we believe that, we might as well pack it in now and resign our children to generations of darkness. But we shouldn't, and here's why:
1) They aren’t stealing the election, present-tense; it’s already stolen. I know lots of people still have hope, but I no longer see reason to be confident Team Trump’s current legal moves stand a realistic chance of canceling a sufficient number of votes.
2a) More importantly, it wasn’t stolen because the Left is just that insurmountably powerful; it was stolen because of specific, knowable -- and addressable -- factors:
Read 22 tweets
6 Sep 20
I’ve been thinking a lot about this exchange this weekend, and not just because it encapsulates SwampCons’ evasiveness in debate.

No, what stuck with me is the cognitive dissonance, which I think is a severely under-appreciated factor to the Right's current divide.
NeverTrump survives on the idea that we don't have to set aside our distaste for Trump for the greater good, because the Left isn't THAT dangerous anyway.

It's no surprise to see pundits who've always been squishes go there, but how do those who DO recognize the Left do it?
Again, how do you literally write the book on the Left's -- including the media's -- support for such a monstrous evil as abortion, and not draw the obvious conclusions about their capacity for dishonesty? Lying about Trump quotes is NOTHING compared to cutting a baby's spine.
Read 4 tweets
2 Sep 20
Just for fun, I'm gonna start maintaining The Block List, a running gallery of public figures who ran away from debates with, can't take criticism from, or more generally just can't stand to see yours truly in their Twitter feeds. Enjoy!
Read 6 tweets
18 Jul 20
No, professor. It’s one thing to hold one’s tongue in the immediate wake of a death. But when those “flaws” include a character defined by slanderous malice, casting him as a moral icon is simply dishonest and dishonorable.
It is beyond depressing how many voices on the Right -- Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, Robby George, even The Federalist here -- debased themselves by not merely praising Lewis' civil rights past but by dishonestly writing as if he was still that man.
His past as a civil rights hero makes his defamatory turn later in life WORSE, because his presumed authority on racism made his lies that much more plausible to the uninformed who saw them echoed on TV or in print.

Read 7 tweets
11 Jul 20
This sneering reaction is exactly what anyone should have expected from this scumbag. He's a demagogic worm who doesn't hold himself to any of the Christian principles he constantly brags about, least of all charity, grace, or fairness.
Reminder: this is what @DavidFrench says when a CNN editor is found to have cheered the murder of "jewish pigs" in his past:

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24 Jun 20
Seeing a ton of conservatives announcing today that they're moving to Parler. I won't be among them for the foreseeable future. (continued)
The danger of tech censorship was never that conservatives would lose the ability to talk *with each other*; we'll always find ways to do that.

The danger is that the Left will stop our voices from reaching newcomers. And retreating into new echo chambers doesn't solve that.
The Left would LOVE to push speech they hate into smaller platforms where 99.9% of the users already agree. That just leaves them to dominate the mainstream conversations almost fully unopposed.
Read 4 tweets

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