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12 Jan, 11 tweets, 2 min read
“Donald Trump is nothing less than a threat to the American way of life. His term in office comprises an existential threat to the republic, the gravest since the Civil War. Not since 1860 has the future of the Union itself been in such doubt.”

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1/ I wrote that in DIRTY RUBLES the spring of 2018. This—right here, right now—is what I was worried about—although I will confess that things have gotten scarier and uglier than I could ever have imagined.
2/ On 1/6, we came within a hair’s breadth of a full-on overthrow of our federal government. This is not hyperbole. Trump & his disciples organized, instigated, and carried out a coordinated attack on the Capitol, for the purpose of subverting democracy. People died.
3/ This is NOT time for business as usual. We have to IMMEDIATELY discard outmoded forms of thinking to get through the next eight days. Hard ball. Here. Now.
4/ Calls for “unity” from Republican collaborators are cynical & hallow. Unite with the United States, or join the Trump insurrection. There is no middle ground. You’re with America, or you’re with Trump. Period.
5/ The GOP in league with Trump are the same fuckers we’ve been calling out for four years: Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Elise Stefanik, Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, etc. Expulsion from public office, at a minimum, for these traitors.
6/ There can be no talk of “turning the page” after 1/20. The way to heal is to round up the traitors, prosecute them, and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. No clemency for domestic terrorists, secessionists, or Trump collaborators.
7/ There is no good reason for Joe Biden to be sworn in on the Capitol steps. Secure location. Speech. Directly to work. The argument about “projecting strength” is fatuous. We are under attack, and the enemy runs the Secret Service until noon on 1/20.
8/ We are impeaching the mobster-in-chief for a second time. Good. Anyone who votes against this, in the House or the Senate, should bear the ignominiousness stain of that treachery for the rest of their days.

9/ The media needs to continue to rise to the occasion. Those networks still broadcasting lies need to be sued into oblivion come January. There was no “steal” of the election. Covid-19 is real. Masks work. Anyone saying otherwise is a propaganda-spewing traitor.
Stay safe, my friends. Take a break if you need to. Catch your breath. Exercise. Pray.

The barbarians are at the gates. But I remain unswerving in my belief that WE SHALL PREVAIL!


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7 Jan
My friend’s father went to the Virginia Military Institute, which is as hardcore as the name implies. He tells a story that has always stuck with me:

1/ The school had a rivalry with another school, I can’t remember which. My friend’s father was one of three cadets guarding the school’s canon during the big football game. The rival school thought it would be a funny prank to steal and/or deface the canon.
2/ A dozen or so drunken students came upon the three of them, guarding the canon. My friend’s father was a bit scared, because they were badly outnumbered. But the cadet in charge was not scared. At all. He stood there with his rifle, holding it as if to bludgeon.
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7 Jan
Every smirking cosplay insurrectionist who set foot in the Capitol yesterday needs to spend a minimum of 10 years in prison, per Trump's own "protecting monuments" EO.

And every politician who egged them on should face sedition charges.

Demand justice.

I hope that what happened on January 6 convinces anyone still on the fence that Trump & his odious accomplices must pay for their crimes.

Fullest extent of the law.…
As a practical matter, the insurrectionists have to be arrested in the next 13 days. It is a threat to the security of the President-Elect and the VP-Elect to have any of these goons not behind bars during inauguration.
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4 Jan
As we now have an hour-long recording of Donald John Trump going full mobster on a Georgia state official, I thought I'd do a thread highlighting some of my work on the criminality of Trump & his associates.

1/ We begin with the three-part series written with mob expert @LincolnsBible. Part One discusses how Trump, a second-generation mob money launderer, became a Confidential Informant, thus avoiding indictment:…
2/ Part Two details how a guy owned by La Cosa Nostra came to be owned by the Russian mafiya. The 80s were boon times for hostile takeovers.…
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2 Jan
1/ When I was in high school, I worked at McDonald’s. It was a really good experience for me, and I met a lot of interesting people there (including, improbably, the best chess player I ever played against).

2/ The lunch rush at McDonald’s was something else. For 2 solid hours, it was all hands on deck, super busy. There was one guy whose job was to run the grill & make sure everything ran smoothly. He would tell us what to make—cheeseburgers or Big Macs, the occasional Filet O’Fish.
3/ Our guy was named Joe Brown. He was a legend. He’d come in at 10 AM and take an entire pot of coffee to the break room, where he would smoke cigarettes and drink the entire pot to prepare himself for the lunch shift.
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24 Dec 20
Let's talk about Paul Manafort, so we can see recall just how much of a despicable traitor the guy Trump just pardoned is.

Everything below is a direct quote from Volume 5 of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report, unless it's in italics.

1/ The Committee’s bipartisan Report unambiguously shows that members of the Trump Campaign cooperated with Russian efforts to get Trump elected.....
2/ And it presents, for the first time, concerning evidence that the head of the Trump Campaign [Manafort] was directly connected to the Russian meddling through his communications with an individual found to be a Russian intelligence officer [Kilimnik].
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11 Dec 20
Today, we ran the third installment of a 3-part series by Moscow Never Sleeps, on how to fix the Supreme Court—without packing the court (or winning the Senate). The series provides ample historical context & also a blueprint for what the Dems should—what we MUST—do.

1/ Part one concerns Clarence Thomas (and his wife, Virginia Lamp). Did you know that SCOTUS justices can formally retire/take senior status? I didn’t either.

Read this:…
2/ Part two involves Brett Kavanaugh. @lincolnsbible & I have our own deep dive on this coming, for which I looked again at his murky finances, and HOLY CRAP are they suspect. We don’t need to impeach him. We just have to convince him to resign.…
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