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12 Jan, 19 tweets, 42 min read
1/ It's great to see a growing number of businesses suspending political donations to the 147 seditious lawmakers who voted to overturn our election.

The THREAD will explain why they must do much more than that (with some original research)! Follow along...
2/ We applaud companies like @Marriott, @amazon @ATT @Comcast, @Airbnb, @Mastercard, @Verizon, @BestBuy for putting their money where their mouths are and using the leverage of political donations to ensure lawmakers who support violent insurrection pay a price
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy 3/ However, given the deep roots and intense support for violent insurrection within the broader conservative movement, we urge these companies to go beyond the 147 lawmakers who cast votes of sedition.
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy 4/ For decades, @NRA & top leaders have encouraged insurrectionism, urging Americans to purchase firearms to protect their liberty and fight against a tyrannical government.

@NRA laid a foundation for the violent rhetoric and actions we witnessed.

Some examples...
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA 5/ @NRA’s magazines -- its most direct way of communicating with members -- regularly warn readers of government tyranny and dehumanizes its political opponents.

@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA 6/ In 2009, @NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre told a conservative audience, “Our Founding Fathers understood that the guys with the guns make the rules.”

@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA 7/ In 2013, @NRA board member Ted Nugent alluded to the start of the American Revolution, claiming that the Obama administration “is attempting to re-implement the tyranny of King George” and that “if you want another Concord Bridge, I got some buddies.” mediamatters.org/national-rifle…
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA 8/ LaPierre in 2013: "if you look at why our Founding Fathers put it there, they had lived under the tyranny of King George & they wanted to make sure that these free people... would never be subjugated again and have to live under tyranny.” npr.org/sections/itsal…
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA 9/ In a February 2013 op-ed in LaPierre suggested that Americans need to buy firearms in order to ensure their “survival” from “the siege that is coming” from Obama’s administration. dailycaller.com/2013/02/13/sta…
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA 10/ In August of 2015, the NRA promoted an article that depicted Democrats hanged at the gallows following a second civil war. mediamatters.org/blog/2015/10/2…
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA 11/ In June of 2017, the NRA released an ad arguing that its members must save America by violently fighting liberals. vox.com/world/2017/6/2…
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA 12/ In October 2017, an NRA ad warned that Trump’s opponents “will perish in the political flames of their own fires.” mediamatters.org/nratv/new-nra-…
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA 13/ In June 2019, a host of the NRA’s NRATV said, “I think what America was built on, one of the fundamental tenets of why the Second Amendment is in place was to stand up to a tyrannical government.” mediamatters.org/nratv/nratv-ho…
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA 14/ In a fall 2019 “Patriot Newsletter,” LaPierre warned, “if we lose this election, it will be Armageddon for the Second Amendment."

Just look at this rhetoric:
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA 15/ Given @NRA’s role in perpetuating myth that #2A empowers Americans to violently overthrow a democratically elected government & its opposition to making it harder for violent extremists to obtain guns, corporate America must suspend all donations to lawmakers paid by @NRA
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA 16/ An analysis of campaign finance data conducted by @GunsDownAmerica reveals that many of the companies that have suspended political contributions to the 147 seditious lawmakers have funded members of Congress who choose to take $ from @NRA and promote its violent agenda
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA @GunsDownAmerica 17/ This includes...

@BestBuy: $89,500 in political contributions to @NRA-backed lawmakers in 2020
@ATT: $1,079,500
@COMCAST: $1,100,500
@AMAZON: $467,500
@AIRBNB: $7,000
@VERIZON: $504,500
@MASTERCARD: $98,750
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA @GunsDownAmerica 18/ Corporate America now has an opportunity to help heal our nation by boldly declaring that lawmakers who promote violence and insurrection will not receive their support.
@Marriott @amazon @ATT @comcast @Airbnb @Mastercard @Verizon @BestBuy @NRA @GunsDownAmerica 19/ Given the growing threat of violence around the Inauguration and beyond, we are urging America’s most trusted brands and businesses to do everything they can to keep their employees, customers, and communities safe.

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11 Jan
1/ @NRA has called for armed insurrection for years & it funded the Jan. 6th event & the lawmakers behind it

-NRA donated $50,000 to organization that sponsored Jan. 6th event

-@GunsDownAmerica finds that @NRA donated $525,813 to 135 (of 147) seditious lawmakers in 2018 & 2020
@NRA @GunsDownAmerica 2/ @NRA & top leaders regularly encourage insurrectionism, urging Americans to purchase firearms & ammunition to protect liberty and fight against government tyranny. On Jan 6, as a mob of thousands stormed the U.S. Capitol, they echoed NRA’s message of armed revolution
@NRA @GunsDownAmerica 3/ Once the House & Senate reconvened on Jan. 6, most of the lawmakers beholden to @NRA acted as legislative insurrectionists.

135 of the 147 lawmakers who voted to overturn the election received @NRA funding. They got $525,813 from @NRA between 2018 and 2020.
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10 Jan
This is such BS

The storming of the Capitol was just the latest in a long line of examples in which Trump's supporters took him LITERALLY.

At least 87 ppl were killed by right-wing terrorists in the first 3 years of Trump b/c they took him LITERALLY docs.google.com/document/d/1RK…
Here are other examples of right-wing terrorists being inspired by Trump's rhetoric

AUGUST 2015: 2 brothers beat a homeless man in Boston with a metal pipe who they believed to be an undocumented immigrant. “Donald Trump was right,” they told police. cnn.com/2015/08/20/pol…
3/ OCTOBER 2016: 3 men arrested for plotting a series of bomb attacks against Somali-Americans in Kansas.

Two of the three men were Trump supporters who shared his anti-immigrant views. foxnews.com/us/three-men-a…
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7 Jan
1/ If you’re surprised that extremists stormed the Capitol, don’t be.

These domestic terrorists & their enablers within GOP & conservative media have fomented dangerous & racist conspiracy theories about “their country” being taken away from “them” FOR YEARS. Here’s how.
2/ Organizations like @NRA & Republican lawmakers ACTIVELY encourage followers to go out and purchase firearms to protect themselves from "tyrannical government." Some lawmakers directly advocated for a militant coup. Here’s how @NRA does it:
@NRA 3/ In 2008, the election of our first black president only accelerated the hate, racism and division.

Republican lawmakers immediately adopted a tactic of delegitimizing Obama and his policies (even if they had agreed with those policies in years past).
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7 Jan
27/ Here is @SteveScalise, Representative from LA-01

“Each state has a process for selecting their electors and sending them to Washington. Madam speaker, in a number of those states, that constitutional process was not followed.” nytimes.com/live/2021/01/0…
@SteveScalise @RepTedBudd 29/ Here is @HawleyMO, Senator from MO (and the ring-leader of the effort to undermine the electoral college certification)

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7 Jan
Hours after a mob stormed the Capitol radicalized by false claims about the election being stolen, @foxnews just had someone on air who:

1. blamed the violence on "bad apples" who were inspired by "antifa & the left"

2. regurgitated the lies about the election being stolen
@FoxNews Fox has now moved on to having someone else on explaining that the mob is rightfully frustrated because the media has lied to them and perpetrated "the Russia hoax"
@FoxNews "When people can't trust the media, then yes, things like this will be the result," Sarah Palin tells @foxnews before claiming that the violence at the Capitol was probably instigated by antifa.

(Not kidding)
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6 Jan
1/ I'm starting a thread of all of the Republicans who humored Trump after his loss, spread lies and misinformation about the election and created a permission structure for these domestic terrorists to cause chaos.

Pls help me add to the list here: forms.gle/eq3SAEqGtCixMy…
@RogerMarshallMD 3/ Here is @SenRandPaul, U.S. Senator from Kentucky.

“The election in many ways was stolen." vox.com/platform/amp/2…
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