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I can, with the utemost assurance, guarentee you, THE WORLD, that if this entire #Qanon Operation is a ploy to expose God fearing loyal freedom loving #Patriots

The blood shed WILL be bridle high.

#GodFirst #NoGoingBack #WickedWorld #AllIn #sovereign #2A @POTUS @WhiteHouse
No I'm not turning from "Trusting the plan"

I am however making it very clear that should this plan "A" fail

We have never not "been at the ready".


The Good Shepherd will lay down his life for his flock.
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I’ve been talking to a few former #SOF friends of mine and they don’t think Americans are really ready to give up the comfort of their homes and Starbucks for a Revolutionary War. Then one of them said, “I’m shocked that the Left didn’t understand just how trained and organized abiding citizens are. I mean, why would they virtually ‘ignore’ the peaceful assembly of thousands of #2A supporters in Richmond, Virginia of all places, if they didn’t seriously want to declare war? I don’t know, but I’m gonna keep my eye on this, because I didn’t fight
...tyranny in several tours in Iraq 🇮🇶 and Afghanistan 🇦🇫 to sit back and watch a single one of our constitutional rights be infringed. Either abide by the US Constitution, legally change it through bipartisan legislation or leave it alone. If not, we may see over 600,000 killed
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live tweeting #trumprally from manchester NH

Don Jr speaking now. he is so good at this.



don jr says liz warren was trolled into taking a dna test


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The Egyptians or the sea: FIGHT.

This is #BibleStudyCoffeeTime for Sunday, February 9, 2020.
If it appears that I am going slower today...yes. Because if you're studying Bible but not doing your family responsibilities, then you're not really studying anything.

So I am learning to take care of family first.
Head out of the clouds, at least sometimes.
This week's Torah (Bible) portion, "BeShalach" - "when He sent them" - is about the Jews escaping slavery, but in a way that is nothing short of terrifying.
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First Field McConnell, now Queen Tut.

Q: What do they have in common?

A: Both did DOZENS of shows on #CSTT

#LARPwars turning hot!
I interviewed Susan Anne Lutzke Holmes, alias Queen Tut, once: on Nov 29, 2018. I saw her as a whistleblower on Jason Goodman's operation.

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Please list out the very real problems with Rec Flag laws being supported by both Ds and Rs.
@GovMikeDeWine and @RepSteveChabot both have stated they will support them under various circumstances. “Shall not be infringed” is a given so please don’t just list that! My Examples:
@GovMikeDeWine @RepSteveChabot I’m glad we have @Kahn4C who will represent us fairly and accurately on this issue!
So the problem with red flag laws usually comes from one of several issues that are ignored or handled badly, like
1) who has to request confiscation
@GovMikeDeWine @RepSteveChabot 2) who can authorize it
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Hold onto your #Covfefe today #Patriots
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1. Dems Want Bolton to Testify at Trump Impeachment! We want witnesses too! Obama, Schiff, Whistle Blower, Joe Biden, Hunter, Yovonavitch, Yuriy Lutsenko, Giuliani, Viktor, Shokin, Yuri Lutsenko, Nancy Pelosi & son Paul, John Kerry & stepson… #TRUMP #NEWS
2. . Schiff, House Democrats Conceal Testimony Of 18th Witness From Trump Team - Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community’s inspector general, delivered 179-pages worth of testimony before House investigators [WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?]… #TRUMP #NEWS
3. Disgusting Perv's: Alicia Keys Sings About President Trump Being Impeached, Calls for Cardi B to Enter Politics at Grammy Awards… #TRUMP #NEWS
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1. BUSTED: President Trump Attorney, Michael Purpura, Highlights Adam Schiff Lying … #TRUMP #NEWS #Impeachment #ImpeachmentHoax
2. Deputy White House Counsel Mike Purpura: Any Court Would Throw Out Democrats’ Impeachment Case – THEY KNOW THAT
#TRUMP #NEWS #Impeachment #ImpeachmentHoax
3. Cindy McCain on Jeffrey Epstein: ‘We All Knew What He Was Doing’… #TRUMP #NEWS
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Bloomberg’s hired Moms Demand head has spent the past four hours having a Twitter meltdown over being caught lying for a Democrat judge who allowed a murderer to walk on a previous felony

The change in MO carry law had literally NOTHING to do with this perp walking free — but the judge who gave him a suspended sentence with time served did. Bloomberg is having his people shield the judge from criticism by blaming an unrelated law.

I’m endlessly amused by the hypocrisy of Bloomberg’s gun control hires: They travel woth armed security while demanding you go without.
¯\_( ツ)_/¯
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This didn't age well.

Even @CNN called #BullSchiff.
"Look, those threats which called the Governor to call for a state of emergency have simply not emerged," said CNN reporter Sara Sidner who was present at the rally.
"The police are very clear that they have not had a single arrest during this rally and we have been standing here all morning since the very beginning. There are thousands if not tens of thousands of people here."
Serious question.
Where did Northram's "credible intelligence from our law enforcement agencies of threats of violence" come from?

🔥Did he have any back channel discussions where he ASKED FRIENDS who happen to be DEMOCRATS to MANUFACTURE the reports to create a PRETENSE?
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#Richmond #Richmond2ARally #Virginia
(Last one got cut off)
I have yet to see any racially charged imagery for myself. I can’t confirm it’s not here, but I haven’t seen it. Either way, up to this point, this is clearly a #2A rally and not a hate rally. Let’s hope it stays that way. Kudos to everyone here for keeping the peace.
Here are the views from the ground.
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🚨🚨They are Casting for CRISIS ACTORS in Virginia 🚨🚨
via @YouTube
Here's the call for crisis actors near Culpeper, Virginia (yes CULPEPER.)
Will they use photos / footage from this mock up to create fake news??
We know there is potential trouble right now In VA re #2A issues and their horrid governor.
Virginia is gearing up for a big "defense" and "public safety" conference with Israeli security firms in early Feb.
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@rhone_rob You have no reason to listen too, believe or trust what I say.

I've been involved a very long time.

I'm a devout devoted defender of this country.

It has been so very good to my family.

My family came here in 1745.
@rhone_rob One of 7 families to frontier and pioneer the very ground I'm on right now.

I am a Patriot's Patriot.

For 255 years our blood sweat and tears have befallen this ground.

We have cleared it tamed it shaped it tilled it raised generations on it.
@rhone_rob And the only way tyranny will lay a damned foot on it is if everyone of us have our GOD GIVEN #2a rights pulled from our very cold dead hands.

I was taught this by my father. And his father taught him and so on.
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Right-wing Twitter accounts have appropriated the term "Boogaloo" to refer to a hypothetical second US civil war, possibly sparked by gun regulations. We dug into their usage of the hashtags #Boogaloo and #Boogaloo2020.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote We downloaded tweets containing either #Boogaloo or #Boogaloo2020 and removed early non-political tweets. Volume has been slowly rising since March 2019, and spiked abruptly during/after a Nov 23 standoff between police and an armed suspect in Mahopac, NY.…
@ZellaQuixote The first Twitter account to use #Boogaloo in a civil war/anti-gun law sense appears to be @Fly_guyfishy, in a March 28 reply to @NRA. The first to gain significant traction was @AP4Liberty, who felt the need to tweet about not being banned for a previous gun-related tweet.
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Must Listen. Remember this is 2009.

The Secret Covenant:
"A illusion it will be so large so vast, it will escape their perception, those who see it will be thought of as insane"

"We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us"
Sound familiar??
"We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive"
"Our goal will be to accomplish one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves"
"We will work together always and remain bound by blood and secrecy"

"Death will come to he who speaks" #IsaacKappy #TomHanks

"We kill keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite"
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PA’s Ghost Gun Rule is unconstitutional due to the Supremecy Clause (states cannot regulate federally enumerated powers), Cohens v. Virginia, the #9A’s equivalency doctrine, and the #14A’s Equal Protection…
The Supremacy Clause.👇…
In Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat.) 264 (1821), the Supreme Court affirmed state law in opposition to federal law is void. The Supreme Court has full appellate authority and final say.
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"His accuser's are TWO OF THE MOST POWERFUL FORCES IN THE WORLD, United States Government & the MEDIA."

#MOVIE #TrueStory
2. Democrats admit they expect more DEFECTIONS from vulnerable House members who will vote AGAINST impeaching President Trump… #TRUMP #NEWS
3. Freshman Democrat and ISIS Enabler Rep. Elissa Slotkin Says She’s NOT SURE How She Will Vote on Sham Impeachment (VIDEO)… #TRUMP #NEWS
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LEO Patriots in #2ASanctuary counties, remember your oaths. If your choice is go to jail if you don’t enforce these tyrannical gun laws or be killed by #Patriots while confiscating guns, the choice is simple. QUIT YOUR JOB stay out of jail and stay alive.
The VA AG and Gov tyrants claim their proposed laws are constitutional and envoked the civil war of 150 years ago

The better comparison this is 1775 and the founding of our nation. This is King George ordering the tax payer funded military to strip tax payers of their rights #2A
Do you not remember the lessons of #LexingtonandConcord

British parliament declared MA in open rebellion. The VA .gov will do the same. What will be the result? More counties have adopted #2ASanctuary than not.

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the FBI are the Dpt of Justice’s cops & prosecutors. Bill Barr is their Boss ―and he wants to get rid of them all


because the FBI stands in the way of the GOP’s other piece of Putin’s cartel-like dictatorship puzzle: ‘The Unitary Executive’…
when i called #2016Elections a coup d’etat, was not being dramatic

the conditions leading up to the elections had all the elements of a coup

1. a radicalized authoritarian opposition

2. Generals with god-complexes

3. fascist-bootlicking Moderates™ in power

4. a weak Left

the beauty of being a free-range scholar is that one becomes untethered from the authoritarian restrains set by the White Power Movement that corrupted academic discourse during the Reagan Revolution

LITERALISM is part of that corruption
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1. CNN Gets Triggered By a Supercut of Their Impeachment Coverage of President Trump, Has It REMOVED From YouTube

(But We Have It)

#TRUMP #NEWS #Impeachment #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing #FakeNews
2. Senators Sanders and Warren Could Face Arrest if They Skip Impeachment Trial… #TRUMP #NEWS #Impeachment #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing
3. President Trump Calls on CNN to Retract Fake Story That He Uses a Personal Cell Phone… #TRUMP #NEWS #Impeachment #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing #FakeNews
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1. President Trump Mocks Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Nervous Fit’ After She Snaps at Reporter… #TRUMP #NEWS #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing
2. Pelosi Jamming Through Impeachment with Same Partisan Tactics that Passed Obamacare… THEN LOST THE HOUSE!…
#TRUMP #NEWS #ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachmentHearing
3. Hillary Evil Clinton: Trump Made Me ‘Sick to My Stomach’ Pardoning War Criminals… #TRUMP #NEWS
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