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The Proud Americans Patriot Network (PAPN) presents as a mundane conservative nonprofit with 501c4 registration. But its digital history ties it to the the Three Percenters movement and unlawful militias online. From @jaredlholt 🧵👇:…
At first glance, the PAPN seems like any other conservative advocacy organization centered on religious freedom, private property rights, and #2A. They solicit financial sponsorship, have a scholarship essay contest, and endorse local candidates.
However, a closer look at the group turned up clear links to the Three Percenter anti-government movement and found supporters attempting to recruit militia supporters nationwide. At one point, the group was selling several items with Three Percenter logos.
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So in a previous thread I wrote how it is VERY VERY hard to battle the algorithms and release a lot of small games on Steam. It is hard but not impossible. Here are some ways you might make it work! 👇👇👇🧵🧵🧵👇👇👇 Image
Option #1 - It is your first game so F#$@ the algorithm! You have never released a game before. Who cares about getting visibility? You are just trying to figure out the miracle of releasing a game that is fun. Just don't quit your job first. Just try to learn game development.
Option #2 - Make the game fast but don't release it right away! There is no law that says you must release your game the moment you finish development. Instead spend months collecting wishlists organically, applying to shows, sharing it with streamers and on reddit.
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1/ @fred_guttenberg tweeted this cartoon of kids saying, "I wish the adults were as passionate about stopping school shootings as they are about stopping us from wearing masks."

But is there a connection between governors rejecting Covid science & gun safety measures....
@fred_guttenberg 2/ So I looked up all of the governors who have prohibited schools from mandating masks.

9 states have done this:


What do we know about gun deaths & gun laws in these states?

Turns out....
@fred_guttenberg 3/ Here's the data:

- 8 of the 9 states that have prohibited schools from mandating masks have gun death rates ⬆️ national average

- 9 of the 9 governors who enacted these mandates received @NRA endorsements

Take a look:
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Three years ago I said, DJT was drawing down our military’s foreign footprint, to cover the impending invasion of America, because they where saving US for last, because #2A required infiltration vice invasion.
And now, Biden is redeploying US en mass because...#TheyAreHere
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#2A supporters in NC are trying to repeal a Jim Crow-era gun law that allows sheriffs to deny handgun ownership to those they deem "unsuitable."

Gun control advocates meanwhile, are fighting to keep the law on the books.…
One researcher found that even today, black applicants in the Democratic stronghold of Wake County are 3X as likely to be denied a pistol purchase permit compared to white applicants. 2/…
Even the N.C. Sheriffs Association is on board with getting rid of the law. It's really only the gun control lobby and their Democratic allies that are trying to keep this relic of Jim Crow in place. 3/3
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I'm not a lawyer. I didn't attend law school. I'm the biggest skeptic of the #RuleOfLaw that I know.

Here's my thread of highlights (excerpts & passages) from #SupremeMyths: Why The Supreme Court Is Not A Court & Its Justices Are Not Judges by @espinsegall + my comments.
Preface | “It’s no great secret that the Supreme Court’s Constitutional Law decisions reflect the personal values of the Justices…that politics & personality affect the Court’s decisions is only the beginning of the story.”

#SCOTUS produces case law, hence, it's a legislature.
Prologue xiii | “If changing judges changes law, it is not even clear what law is.” ~ Judge Richard Posner

A law means whatever the hell the writers say it means or doesn't mean, based on definition of words & syntax. Writing laws is an art form, it's not mathematics.
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Absolutely correct.
This faction within the party is trying to capture and redefine the term. These are the modern day Charles Keating's but worse.
Despite what they say, I am a Christian as well as a Conservative. But I am not one who believes that my personal faith should drive politics or govern this wonderfully diverse country.
Conservatism is policy related not religion related.

- The Liberty Promised in Constitution (not religious)
- limited fed gov power (not religious)
- Federalism (not religious)
- American exceptionalism (not religious)
- Capitalism (not religious)

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Welcome to the gunshine state #florida #ar15 #2A #fl #melbourne #rifle #muscle #power
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida showing off the new toy #power #2a #LouisVuitton Matt Fl
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida showing off another toy #florida #fl #strength #power Matt Fl
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Going to fold up shop early since today has been completely unproductive.

Here's the now-customary and ever-popular #FridayNightMemeDump - another big haul this week.
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The DOJ's new proposed rule on pistol braces and AR-style pistols has been released, along with model "red flag" legislation. A brief thread with some initial impressions. #2A #guncontrol…
First, while the DOJ says its trying to offer clear guidance for the gun industry, their "solution" is a new worksheet/checklist that offers up a lot of subjective language rather than a standard, easy-to-follow definition. 2/
However, the DOJ *does* try to redefine "rifle" under both the Gun Control Act and National Firearms Act with one very vague and fuzzy sentence. 3/
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1/ A federal judge has overturned CA's three-decade-old ban on assault weapons, calling the law a “failed experiment” & likening military-grade assault weapons to Swiss Army knives. 

Follow this 🧵 for a *thorough debunk* of the judge's infuriating ruling...
2/ When CA legislature passed assault weapon ban in 1989, it found that assault weapon “has such a high rate of fire & capacity for firepower that its function as a legitimate sports or recreational firearm is substantially outweighed by the danger that it can be used to kill"
3/ CA legislature came to this conclusion b/c military-style assault weapons are the weapons of choice for drug dealers, criminal gangs, hate groups & individuals bent on mass murder. These weapons efficiently kill as many people as possible in a short period of time ....
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When gun-grabbing #WacoDave gets it in his mind that Minority Report is policy not science fiction
#DavidChipman is fundamentally unsuited to serve in a role at ATF where he can treat the #2A like he did the women & children in the Branch Davidian compound

Nice trophy pic #WacoDave
If a single Republican votes for #WacoDave they should be primaried out of the game

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Another thread, If you want to read, great, if not, that's okay too but here goes.

I'm going to surprise you with something. Yes, I own this. This is mine. There are many others like it but this one is mine, as is said in Full Metal Jacket:
So why am I bringing that up along with my Kindle laying next to it? The answer is simple. It is to make a point, and it's one I've made many times. I Do Not Support Book Burning/Content Bans.

It's my understanding that, for many of you following me,
you have an affinity or a love for this work and, surprise again, I understand it. Completely. Whether or not I have issues with the text should never be your problem. I've owned this one for many years, I also have digital copies that would be suitable for any denomination
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A 72 year old Good Samaritan stopped in Clay County to help a 19 year old & a girl when he saw they needed a tire. He took them to get one and on the way back they beat him within an inch of his life. They tried to escape but got stuck. The perp is OUT on bail. Insane. *Graphic*
Imagine how scary this is for that old man to know this monstrous person is out on bail already. Unbelievable. I want to know what judge decided bail was a good decision in this case. Totally absurd.
I’m so angry for this man. God bless him.
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The House & Senate conferees have reached an agreement on House Bill 1927, a critical benchmark before this bill reaches Gov. Abbott’s desk. By working together, the House & Senate will send Gov. Abbott the strongest Second Amendment legislation in Texas history, #txlege #2A 1of3
and protect the right of law-abiding Texans to carry a handgun as they exercise their God-given right to self-defense and the defense of their families. Speaker Dade Phelan has been rock-solid every step of the way as House Bill 1927 has progressed, 2of3
and I am grateful for his leadership and the bipartisan coalition who supported House Bill 1927. 3of3
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Proud Boys, the American Guard + Trump supporters are still attacking counter-protesters + journalists while law enforcement sits by or even coordinates with the far-Right. Meanwhile, the FBI's relationship with the Proud Boys echoes Greensboro. A thread.…
Since January 6th, the US had been bombarded with non-stop coverage of the attempted pro-Trump coup in DC. However in the months since, far-Right groups and Trump supporters have only continued to build coalitions that includes open white nationalists + sections of the GOP.
Last Saturday in #Salem, over 100 people rallied in a park in support of the #2A. Armed Proud Boys did security and closed the park to the public and even threatened journalists; forcing them out of the area.…
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Null & void upon @GovofCO signature. In McDonald v. City of Chicago (2010), the Court clarified its earlier decisions limiting the #2A’s impact to a restriction on the federal government, expressly holding the Due Process Clause of the #14A incorporates the #2A
against state and local governments.

The #2A is among the Constitutional privileges or immunities of citizenship states may not abridge.…
The Privileges and Immunities Clause (Article IV, Section 2 ) states "the citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several states."
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Part 2: Green Cult Thread: 1980s

We've set the stage with our cast of characters (Klaus Schwab, David Rockefeller, Pierre Trudeau, Maurice Strong, Henry Kissinger, the British Royal Family, Aurelio Peccei, Alexander King etc) & the organizations: UN, Club of Rome, WEF
Now what?
1/ 1/ By the early 80's global warming was the accepted model & acid rain was the next climate panic. Here's a 1983 snippet about acid rain.

I remember this as a kid. "sponsored by the many fine products at General Foods" 🤣…
2/ As an aside by 1990 a decade long congressional study concluded acid rain wasn't the crisis scientists had promoted for years...and in fact today it seems to have fallen off the radar.

One thing you will see is climate science is fickle.…
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So I recently tried to share a @TimKennedyMMA video ...only to be told "independent" fact checkers found it "partly false" that authoritarian regimes used gun control.

So I went down a rabbit hole...and TLDR is that fact checking is a total lie.
"Independent" Politifact claims theres "no direct link" between said regimes and gun control.

Politifact's position is literally "Yes, Tim K's right that this happened, but authoritarian regimes didn't say they murdered people bc they were disarmed so he's wrong."

That is...extremely stupid.

Something someone could only believe if they were being paid to do it.

Speaking of that, seems like "independent" is owned by the Poynter who funds Poynter?…

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1st: Civil Rights
See the actions of those who actively tried to deny the Freedom Riders from registering Black Americans from voting

Deacons for Defense and Justice took to arms to protect the young adults and children

2nd: See the Sullivan Act of 1911 in NYC was enacted

Specifically to deny newly immigrated Italian, Irish, & Eastern European Americans from exercising their ability of self defense

selected enforcement still occurs today, that law still on the books

3rd: Family history

Inlaws were in Czechoslovakia when Soviet tanks rolled through Prague to shut down the Democracy movement in 1968

The citizens had 0 means to defend themselves at all


As refugees, came to the US specifically for the #2A & Freedom

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Speaking in the Rose Garden, @VP says @POTUS "has the will and the courage to act" to counter #GunViolence.
Livestream from the @WhiteHouse:
"We got a long way to go" but taking steps today on what is "a public health crisis," says @POTUS in Rose Garden remarks unveiling executive action on guns.
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Opening to #nrabankruptcytrial:

Ackerman (former NRA marketing firm paid millions by the *nonprofit*): “The NRA’s leadership has repeatedly told its members to stand up and fight, but the NRA’s leadership is trying to run from the New York Attorney General as fast as they can.”
More Ackerman: “NRA leaders are asking the court to ignore sovereignty... It is consistent with who the NRA has sadly become, a nonprofit in name only who ostensibly exists to defend the #2A, but in reality is driven to enrich management and keep them in control at all costs.”
NYAG opening: “Evidence will show the process LaPierre followed to file these bankruptcy cases is a master class in bad faith and dishonest conduct. If the NRA faces an existential crisis by the bankruptcy, it was a crisis brought on by LaPierre, his enablers and their choices.”
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In 1994, there was an Assault Weapons Ban – the evidence indicates that there was really no change at all in crime, because the crooks are going to get a gun!

Today at @PalmettoArmory I fired one of the weapons they are trying to ban. #2A
@PalmettoArmory Now, why would anybody need to own an AR-15?

If there is a breakdown of law and order, and that can happen -- we've seen it happen in our major cities.

Remember Hugo, where people were isolated for days? Remember Katrina?
@PalmettoArmory It's not impossible to find yourself in the modern world without any police protection, because that's just the way the times are in which we live in.

We're talking about defunding the police!
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