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Another "Happy Baby Bride" in Islam 🤬
#WakeUpAmerica #ThisIsIslam
Is this what you want for your daughters America 🤔
@IlhanMN & @RashidaTlaib want this for your daughters. 😱
Also the little ones get female genital mutilation. 👹
#Feministas support this Insanity. 🤮
#SistersOfTerror in #Congress leading America down the garden path of Islamic 💀 and destruction with deception while you sleep. 😴 They hate American #Freedom & #Sovereignty.
#TheSquad hates YOU and @POTUS Trump !!!
Is your memory failing you my fellow Americans ? 🤔
Islam is about world dominance under their ideology.
Their are no friends of Islam, only allegiance to the Koran which sanctions all pictured here, jihad. If you are a Christian or Jew / (infidel) in their care, you are 💀.
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Not just Hong Kong accounts. Among the accounts Twitter says are linked to China is @LibertyLionNews.

Its bio: "Conservative News from the USA and Abroad. #Catholic Defender of the Constitution of the United States. #Qanon #MAGA #BUILDTHEWALL #TRUMP #2A #1A"
Profile pic:
@LibertyLionNews The account had more than 180,000 followers. Was set up more than 10 years ago.

@LibertyLionNews @DarrenLinvill This is a pretty sophisticated effort from the Chinese in this space, if Twitter has correctly attributed. Normally only see something as elaborate as this from Russia. Thoughts? @oneunderscore__ @CraigSilverman @BrandyZadrozny @RidT @btdecker @Joey_Galvin et al
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1. #News ~ FTC Prepared To Break Up Big Tech
– ‘If You Have To, You Do It’… #Trump #BigTech #TechBias
2. #News ~ Democrat Congressional Candidate Dan McCready of North Carolina Says Opponent Lacks Faith In Public Schools - Sends His Own Kids To $18,000 a year Private School…
3. #News ~ Randy Constant of Chillicothe, Missouri, Leader of Largest US Organic Food Scam Ever Gets 10-Plus Years in Priosn…
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1. #News ~ President Trump: New Hampshire Speech Broke Elton John’s Arena Attendance Record

- Secret Service closed doors at abt 12,000 Capacity
- Thousands more people watched on large TV Outside… #Trump #KAG #Trump2020 #NH #Rally
2. #News ~ President Trump Rips Democrats for Calling Supporters NAZIS

"They look down upon the hard-working citizens who truly make our country run"… #Trump #KAG #Trump2020 #NH #Rally
3. #News ~ Pro-Trump Activists Targeted By Portland Stasi, Several Arrested, Warrants For Others - Stemming Back To Brawl W/Antifa clubhouse Cider Riot in May When Reporter Andy Ngo Was Assaulted… #Trump #KAG #Trump2020
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Gun control is the only answer except where death is committed by criminals/gangs/illegal aliens/Islam/drug cartels. Dem politicians & the media's war on society via mfg. political chaos 4 votes promotes violence as if they shoot the guns themselves & no one calls them out for it
The libs and media create an environment that breeds racism, division, chaos, & violence then cry gun control. Instead of fighting for the rights of law abiding citizens, defensive conservative lawmakers rush to judgment to quiet the negative publicity & strip our rights. #2A
When will you hold the lying media & libelous politicians accountable for the violence they promote? They do more to incite violence w/words, media, Silicon Valley, lawfare, race baiting, lies, & division, than any lone gunman. .@POTUS @RepMattGaetz @Jim_Jordan @DevinNunes
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I was asked a good question today and thought it was worth mentioning here... along with my answer.

"Communists are clearly trying to destroy the US, what parallel to their effort is #Collapsitarian ?"

This is a fair question, and deserves an in-depth answer.
The #CommunistCoups is clearly in full-view to anyone not reading brail or drooling tide pods by now.

This has been their intention all along... to create an authoritarian rule in the USSA.
It began in the compulsory indoctrination camps, and made it's way through media, entertainment, local, state, and federal government... you cannot look anywhere without seeing minions with a child-like reverence for government. They want to be ruled. This is happening.
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This video has been circulating in Chinese social media today. This was in Futian District, Shenzhen, it seems tha t Hong Kong protesters will be met w/ trouble ahead.
This is what it would look like when the gov't can come in & take out unarmed people. The Leftist agenda for USA
🚨Something big is happening: An overwhelming number of military vehicles coming into city of Shenzhen which borders Hong Kong.

The Chinese military seems to be setting up a comprehensive military operation targeting the protests in Hong Kong.

God help the protestors!
The Chinese military as of this morning is standing by ready for some kind of operation in the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center.

Is this democracy??? What will happen to the Hong Kong protestors? These are unarmed civilians, the gov't is about to take control of the situation. #2A
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Gun Control Thread Incoming:

Lots of pundits are talking

1. President Trump was elected a law and order POTUS.
2. He has been tweeting and defending the #2A since before 2015.
3. IMHO the NRA and POTUS are not going to go after our rights to defend ourselves and grab our guns.
4. The recent mass shootings have had their desired outcome, divert from the mass arrests of bad actors like MS-13, Weinstein, Epstein, Schneiderman, Weiner and lets not forget all the folks in congress who did not run again in 2018.
What I have heard is the POTUS talk about addressing #mentalillness - for which we have a big problem. He's also talking about the Fed. Let's break those down: As we can see the Deepstate (DS) is being handled despite "chaos" the POTUS will need "battles" to win for 2020.
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If Trump supported any Red Flag laws, it would be #boomerangsuicide by design.

Track powerful psychotropic drugs & 👉🏽therapists, rather than allowing taddle-tails.

Law titled "Red Flag" could slide in state reciprocity, while they aren't looking.

Trump knows how to play them.
#wellhellzbellz #2A

Mental institutions & therapists > 'program-specialists'…..
Cocktail regimen 4x daily brain intercept
[administered by ]
Something out of a movie?
The hole is deep.

#Q772 173 pg document.👈🏽😱
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We Need Criminal and Crazy Control, Not Gun Control! When criminals and psychos aren’t locked up, then everyone ends up in jail. 🚨Frontpage Mag #WakeUpAmerica #2A #JusticeReform…
A society with mass murder is experiencing a moral problem.

America’s moral problem is more complex than that of Nazi Germany or its Communist counterparts. We don’t have a government that is actively killing people. Instead we have a government that has made it easy for...
... killers to operate by dismantling the criminal justice and immigration systems, making it very difficult to stop the three primary categories of killers, gang members, terrorists and the insane.
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The ONLY way to stop a MENTALLY ILL or BAD PERSON with a GUN is a GOOD GUY with a GUN.

Anything else is a slippery slope to losing our #2A rights immediately followed by our #1A rights.

Who is to say a liberal medical provider who does not like my views on twitter would not deem me mentally unfit and take away my rights to self-defense?
Israel does it right. Everyone serves in the military at 18 for 1 year. They become proficient in self-defense.

An armed militia (#WeThePeople) keep a tyrannical govt from taking over.
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Tweet Thread Credit to Harold Finch:
4 terrifying attacks on liberty all progressives & some ‘conservatives’ are pushing:
1) rape accusations = guilty until proven innocent. See: Brett Kavanaugh
2) accusation of being dangerous = suspension of #2a rights. See: Red Flag Laws
3) #4A = only for elite like (some) politicians & fed employees like FBI who recently argued in FOIA case they have ultimate right to privacy from citizens, after abusing FISA in a coup attempt against the President.
4) no right to #1A - supporting big tech censorship of speech they dont agree with.
These are creating two classes of people, just like in Germany in the 1930s
There’s no signs of this stopping but plenty of signs of getting worse. It’s leading some place dark we dont want to go.
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Allow me to coin the phrase, “Armchair Dirty Harry” to describe the naive fantasy of the “good guy with a gun.”

In his fantasy, #ArmchairDirtyHarry strolls calmly into a hail of bullets, sending the bad guys sprawling from the force of his high-powered firearm.
In an *actual* firefight, #ArmchairDirtyHarry’s fantasy meets reality. Our wannabe hero knows walking into a hail of bullets is suicide.

Heroism in situations like #ElPaso rarely, if ever, involves the gun-toting citizen. The armchair hero believes GOP propaganda, not his eyes.
#HeroesOfElPaso saved lives.

They didn’t walk into a hail of bullets, they risked their lives getting customers and employees out of Walmart. And then they continued helping where they could.

So where was #ArmchairDirtyHarry?…
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NY and CA are the only states who don’t like guns.

Apparently Chicago LOVES guns bc lots of people are shot and killed there weekly - and they have the strictest gun laws!
Mental health is a serious issue. It’s up for debate. Our #2A rights are NOT! The problem is the #HIPPA laws put into effect by @BillClinton When the current background check can’t access mental health records then they effectively are useless.
But like what we are learning with #CPS and #fostercare the integrity of the health report can be problematic if the healthcare provider is paid to write a bad report. I.e, paid to make you seem mentally unstable ergo lose your rights. (Insert guns or kids)
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1.) #RedFlagLaws, yes they violate the Constitution, let me show you the ways.

#2A - It never ceases to amaze me how the phrase, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, simply cannot be understood by such a large swath of the American people.
2.) I understand there are folks who don’t like the #2A , but pretending it’s not there or that it says something it doesn’t is lazy, arrogant, and tyrannical.
3.) #4A - We all have a right to be secure, in both our homes and our property, and against unreasonable search and seizure. But how secure are you when someone can make an unfounded claim and your house is entered and your property seized?
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You know what's intellectually lazy? Using the same tired arguments after every mass shooting.

We need to find a way to address gun violence so we don't have 49 people get shot up for enjoying their lives. And still preserve the Second Amendment. 1/
People are equating #RedFlag laws to banning guns. And they're just NOT the same thing. 2/
I'm going to start building on the idea, and share my own experience with firearms INCLUDING a time when an armed robber pointed his gun at ME! 3/
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No #RedFlagLaws 🚩 #Congress.
The laws are already in place. Liberal Judge's PC B💩S keeps the records of insane people's threats off government records. I believe in 1st Amendment rights, but you can't holler fire or bomb in a theater or make threats on anyone. #MassShootings 🙏
Federal Firearms prepurchase form filled out by firearms purchasers. Criminal records, drug use and mental illness all covered. More laws will not stop the "MONSTERS ".
#RedFlagLaws🚩 only open the door to false accusations against anyone made by anyone anytime. 1 phone call & 🚔
Millions of people have died in the name of "SAFETY" over "LIBERTY".
America is such a great nation because we have the right to self defense. This situation we find ourselves in is about #Democrats "CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE". #GunControl = No guns = 💀.
NO #RedFlagLaws 🚩@POTUS
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Im archiving all Leftist posts calling for attacks & #domesticviolence against Conservatives. Feel free to dm me other posts or link them on this thread.

At some point authorities will need these along with @TwitterSafety Do not give into the mob. Protect yourselves! #2A
For authorities reference.
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If everytime some nut job pulls the trigger or deep state pulls a false flag you infringe on our right of self defense, @realDonaldTrump they will keep doing it until we are left with nothing. Red flag takes away due process and they will decide all white guys are a threat.
Fascist Democrats already claim that white men are all racist even if we don’t know it and we have “white privilege” even though our kids are put behind everybody else’s kids for scholarships, school admission and jobs. Of course they will say we are crazy
In less than 1 year Maryland has used its Red Flag law 788 times, folks. Nearly a thousands times Since Sept 2018 citizens have been denied due process having their rights taken. Their names may never be cleared there’s no real way to reverse this action.
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Prayers for the family and friends of all involved.
I've been saying for awhile now that my home state has corrupt leaders, & this proves it beyond a doubt.
Why is there zero footage, pictures? State is high in #HumanTrafficking #SexTrafficking
& @realDonaldTrump is at warr with those in power (DS) trying desperately to throw the narrative & create more anger at whitmans & our constitutional rights #2A THINK!…
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Guns. A thread. #2A

2nd Amendment text: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

What does this mean?
It means that we should have the means to maintain a free state through ownership of weapons.

Clearly states this is ‘necessary’ and every example of gun confiscation in any society in history also confirms this.
‘Well regulated’ does not mean unfettered government regulation. It means organized. Right now, the people are not very organized, as we’ve come to accept that America is extremely safe and this isn’t a high priority. That’s on us.
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(A thread needing shared every time the Left attacks #2A)

1929, Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up & exterminated.

Stalin starved another 30M Ukrainians.
[2] In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
[3] Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
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Me: we have to fix this!

Them: the real problem is mental health

M: fine, we'll try it your way. Let's pass comprehensive access to mental healthcare for everyone.

T: oh, not *that* kind of mental health. I just want to call them crazy and not do anything.

M: 😐😡
T: it's not mental healthcare or gun's that crazy, bad people get guns

M: so more robust background checks with a mental health screen?

T: no, you are going to hurt GOOD ones

M: how do you tell good from bad then?

T: the bad ones shoot the wrong people

M: 😐😡
M: since you don't seem to know, let's collect data on gun crimes and try to figure it out?

T: no, that's invasive and wasteful spending

M: so we nothing?

T: no, sell more guns! That's good for the economy!

M: 😐😡
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Some very interesting facts coming to light on Obama. I thought I'd put in one place.
1) TY for link @IAmRubyMag1…
3) The Real Obama- Indonesian Muslim Socialist Puppet…
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