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🚨@HouseDemocrats are proposing a 13% ATF increase to pay for:

📝"Amnesty Registration"
🖥️Gun registry upgrades
✔️Ammunition Background Checks plan
🤨Annual pay for ATF agents & family if killed or seriously injured on the job

GOA is fighting back! ⤵️
To facilitate its gun registration schemes, @ATFHQ has requested a 13% budgetary increase , including $14,400,000 to “modernize” the National Tracing Center (NTC), which is the branch that maintains, accesses, and searches ATF’s digital, searchable, gun registries
This funding, which is provided in H.R. 8256, “[i]ncreases by more than 40% the funding for the National Tracing Center.” @ATFHQ is transparent with exactly how the system will be monetized:
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@ChrisMurphyCT @SenBlumenthal @jahimes
Based on #nyrrvbruen (…) what is the required historical analog used to support Constitutionality of #HR1808? I've attached a link to the decision so you can see what is required to bypass the "unqualified command".
Please do not try to evade the question by claiming that SCOTUS has not considered the bill. SCOTUS spelled out the specific test for all such legislation. If you do not have a specific historical analog to the legislation, it fails the test.
If you are willfully supporting legislation which you either know or should know does not pass an existing and documented test for Constitutionality, then you would be in gross violation of your oath of office.
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ATF agents and a #Delaware state cop show up warrantless at a man's home demanding to see his firearms. #2A
CORRESPONDING ARTICLE @NationalFile: Warrantless ATF Agents Show Up at Delaware Man’s Home, Demand to See His Guns…#2A…
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🧵Gun Owners of America will be scoring any votes in favor of Steve Dettelbach’s confirmation to the role of ATF Director as anti-gun votes. Here's why ⤵️
At his confirmation hearing, Steve Dettelbach claimed that “politics can play no role in law enforcement.” However, Dettelbach’s past actions give this statement no credibility, and indeed suggest the opposite.
As a US Attorney, Dettelbach wrote an op-ed calling for gun control. At his hearing, he defended such behavior as ethical and indicated he would do it again if confirmed.
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#2a #HighlandParkMassacre #thread

The US makes up less than 1.15% of the mass public shooters, 1.49% of their murders, and 2.20% of their attacks. All these are much less than the US’s 4.6% share of the world population.
Attacks in the US are not only less frequent than other countries, but they are also much less deadly on average.
Out of the 97 countries where mass public shootings identified, the United States ranks 64th in the per capita frequency of these attacks and 65th in the murder rate.
Not only have these attacks been much more common outside the US, the US’s share of these attacks have declined over time.
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The National Education Association Representative Assembly is underway. Let's take a look at some of the items up for discussion this year. #NEARA #neara2022 #neara22 1/14
New business item (NBI) 34 takes sides in the #abortion debate #NEARA #neara2022 #neara22 #NEA Image
NBI 37 calls for nationwide mandatory masking and COVID vaccines #NEARA #neara2022 #neara22 #NEA 3/14 Image
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1. Read #Bruen 's majority and concurring opinions. Pretty straight forward and broadly addresses and determines discretionary licensing under the police powers is patently unconstitutional.

Alito completely takes apart the dissent. I didn't waste time on the dissent. ...
2. If you tried following liberal progressive legal theory on the #2A over 75 years, you could have written Breyer's dissent for him. Kavanaugh is interesting. Sounds like he was assigned to assuage the regulators assuring that shall issue licensing laws met the test....
3. What Kav didn't do is give us any clue as to what is permissible in the way of licensing requirements. To date, even IL which was bound by a very tight 7th Cir Appeals decision that abided by Heller. (IL could have had "constitutional carry.") IL did not try to obstruct
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It hurts my heart to see ignorance trend. In their rabid response to the Supreme Court executing it's proper duties - that is, defending the constitutional ethos - many leftists are quibbling over the #2A use of "well-regulated" to justify gun control. This is trickery. THREAD:
I will make two points in this thread, one which may be common, and the other more philosophical: A. Anyone claiming that "well-regulated" refers to gun control, or undue restrictions on the right to self defense, is wrong. And B. They are using "proximity ethics" to 1/
make their claim, making it not only factually inaccurate, but philosophically erroneous, too. Let us begin.

The 2A says: "A well regulated millitia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." 2/
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CNN's Jessica Schneider claims SCOTUS striking down New York's restrictive concealed carry law will lead to an explosion of mass shootings in Times Square.
"Several mass shootings in the last few months ... And the concern [is] ... handguns in populated places like Times Square"
CNN masturbation expert Jeffery Toobin decries the Second Amendment being a "1st class right" like the freedom of speech.
He also claims, without evidence, the conservative justices want people to buy guns "without background checks."
While admitting they don't have the information, CNN speculates the conservative justices just allowed guns in New York stadiums and the subway.
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🚨BREAKING: We just obtained a monumental victory at SCOTUS in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, preserving Second Amendment rights for citizens across the country.

I’m am proud Missouri led the briefing in this case. #2A
Here is why this decision is so important…
A judge denied a permit for a WWII veteran with an honorable discharge and good character, who had trained in the use of small arms and previously been licensed, because “the only cause for the issuance of such a license to him was his desire to use a pistol for target practice.”
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"New York’s proper-cause requirement violates the Fourteenth Amendment by preventing law-abiding citizens with ordinary self-defense needs from exercising their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms in public for self-defense."…
Beautiful work by Justice Thomas.
Here, Justice Thomas told Heller and McDonald to hold his beer.
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I tweet from a common sense Christian male perspective. One which believes in God, the Bible and Jesus Christ. I raise my kids and interact with society according to that perspective. I protected this nation as a soldier from that perspective.
That perspective is common & sensical. It is in tune with the Framers, the Constitution, and most of American society. I call out the LGBTQ+, politicians and the radical Left AND Right based on that perspective. This nation was formed, built, and continues from that perspective!
I will not be cowered, canceled or contained by the government, it’s goons, or the Left’s roaming gangs. I treat others with an initial respect that will be raised or lowered according to THEIR actions and heart. I WILL speak out against actions that oppose that perspective.
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Ok, I'll explain why @LastWeekTonight's claims about guns are total junk in this thread going point by is tradition.

The first false claim is at just 0:19 seconds, when Oliver claims "we all know" that the problem is "guns, bc we let basically whoever wants to buy a gun have one."

NOBODY who has EVER bought a gun thinks that.

This is a lie.
Under federal law, licensed gun dealers ARE REQUIRED to conduct background checks on all buyers and store the resulting records for two decades.…
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It's no accident that the #2A mentions the people and not persons. It establishes a collective right, not an individual one, reflecting the preference for a citizen militia over a standing army of professional soldiers (mercenaries).
"But how does that apply when we have a standing army of citizen-soldiers? And absent a militia, how can 'the people' meaningfully keep and bear arms if not as individual persons?"

Good point! You're right, the #2A is obsolete to the point of meaninglessness in the modern world.
I would argue that the existence of our military in and of itself satisfies the wording of the amendment. Our military is under civilian command, headed by a president elected by the people. Therefore the people are armed, like no people in history ever have been.
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Virginia Beach #massshooting #OTD in 2019. Twelve dead. Remember how the five dead in the Boston Massacre set in play the American Revolution? There is not one legit reason for #AR15s + high-capacity mags. 1/
2/ AR-15 is short for Armalite Rifle, the name of the company that invented #AR15s for, get this, military use. Ban #AR15 assault rifles. If you need 30-rounds, then you're a mass murderer or a really bad shot. Either way, you're a danger to society. #GunSense #GunViolence ImageImageImageImage
3/ The Supreme Court thinks open carry/conceal carry, etc., are fine, but not inside the #SupremeCourt. #NRA, #Glock, #ShotShow, don't allow open carry or often even guns in their offices, events, etc. GOP cowards. #2A #2ndAmendment…
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1. GLADIO C is one of many false flag operations staged by the New World Order, as they evoke the fear-then-relief response.…

#2A #gunrights #falseflags
2. It resembles OPERATION GLADIO A, run by NATO, and exposed by Danielle Ganser, as terrorist attacks were blamed on groups like the IRA, the PLO, the Baader-Meinhof Gang, the Weathermen, and the Red Brigades.…

#2A #gunrights #falseflags
3. And it resembles OPERATION GLADIO B, run by CIA, MI6, and MOSSAD, in which terrorist attacks are blamed on their creation: ISIS.…

#2A #gunrights #falseflags
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#Muskogee #Oklahoma #MassShooting #GunSense #BanAR15s - Sunday night Memorial Day festival in Taft, Oklahoma (1 hr. SE of Tulsa) w/ 1,000 to 1,500 people; mass shooter fires 40 rounds; kills 1; wounds 7 ages 9 to 56. Skyler Buckner, 26, jailed. THREAD 1/…
2/ #2A #GunsOverPeople #GunSense Sin tax guns and ammo. End ALL private sales/transfers without background checks. Background checks are very weak. People who are bipolar, heavily medicated, etc., can still purchase guns legally. Require gun insurance.…
3/ I'm sick of crap. But #2A US Constitution #FederalistSociety "original intent" folks: I’m okay if you own arms if you're serving in a well-regulated militia with 18th C rifles, muskets and pistols. Meanwhile, another #massshooting in #Taft #Oklahoma…
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It seems the Left has basically adopted, as their position, that the 2nd amendment does not guarantee an individual's right to bear arms.

This is why the Left keeps failing. First, it is an intellectually flawed position. Second, why should gun advocates compromise with that?
Basically, if you want compromise (and I do!), you have to start with two basic tenets:

1. The 2nd amendment does guarantee an individual's right to bear arms.

2. The 2nd amendment (as Scalia noted in Heller) does not mean you cannot have reasonable regulation.
The Left is rejecting #1, and then blaming everyone for the failure to get solutions.

There are many on the Right that reject #2, but they are a MINORITY of Republicans.
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#Chattanooga #Massshooting #2A #2ndAmendment - Another one? Flood the market with guns and idiots promoting how everyone should carry them around, #massshootings will happen. Shame on the NRA, Ted Cruz, etc. They can all go to Hell.…
2/ #2ndAmendment #2A #AR15 The right to carry AR-15 high-capacity semi-automatics was never "original intent". The Constitution was never amended to permit them from being carried around concealed or in the open or in any other way. Activist judges slipped them through. So there. ImageImageImageImage
3/ #2A US Constitution #FederalistSociety "original intent" folks: I’m okay if you own arms if you're serving in a well-regulated militia with 18th Century rifles, muskets and pistols. Meanwhile, another #massshooting in #Chattanooga with 6+ wounded.…
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So, here is my logic on guns, gun control:

What are the options? I think we start with 3 main options:

1. Marginal Gun Control
2. Absolutist Gun Control; Repeal #2A
3. Gun Expansion
4. Status Quo
The Marginal/Minimalist plan would limit the type of guns available.

The absolutist would be making guns illegal and confiscation.

Gun expansion would allow more freely carry gun laws.
#1 is the majority position among the Democrat Party. Unfortunately, its been tried before (Brady bill), and didn't really work all that well. Several studies have shown that it didn't reduce homicides at all (it did help reduce suicides).…
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I mean, this is true...but what is also true is that most of the country blindly accepted that it was an individual right before Heller.

It really wasn't under debate.

Lets note that this was even the standard in much of Europe until WWII.
The right to bear arms started in England, and predates the Constitution. Many colonies guaranteed the right early on. Thomas Jefferson wrote in his first draft of the VA constitution that “No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
I mean, we can argue about what the extent of the 2nd amendment is (no right is absolute, obviously, as Scalia himself noted) but the individual right to bear arms was rarely, if ever, challenged for more than a century or more after our independence.
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My hot take is that we spend way too much time thinking about the NRA — a corrupt, diminished organization — and not enough time thinking about the hardcore grassroots #2A crowd who don’t take their marching orders from the NRA anyway.
The progressive focus on the NRA as its gun policy bogeyman echoes the way progressives focus on AIPAC in Middle East policy. In both cases folks miss what’s actually going on, which is millions of voters, organized at the grassroots, caring deeply about one and only one issue.
.@StephenGutowski does an admirable job trying to explain what’s actually going on in the gun rights movement here and on his subscription service @TheReloadSite. Worth progressives studying.…
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A set of proposals to protect schools from horrific attacks, mirroring much of what we’ve done in Florida. To this list I would add allowing qualified school staff to carry firearms to protect themselves and students. Here’s why that’s so important 👇 1/…
Since the year 2000, there has yet to be a single case of someone being wounded or killed from a shooting, let alone a mass public shooting, between 6:00 AM and midnight at a school that lets teachers carry guns. 2/…
People fear teachers irresponsibly using guns or students obtaining a teacher's gun. But none of that has happened. There has been only one accidental discharge by a teacher in recent years, and that was outside of school hours. 3/
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We need to talk about the bastardization of the 2A by the #GOP, the NRA, & the captured Supreme Court.

The INDIVIDUAL right to own a gun was NOT given by the Founding Fathers.

Republican Supreme Court Chief Justice Burger 1991.

#gunlaws #Texas

His words...

"The gun lobby’s interpretation of the Second Amendment is one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American people by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime....

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#NRA @MomsDemand #MomsDemand
..The real purpose of the Second Amendment was to ensure that state armies – the militia – would be maintained for the defense of the state...

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#2A #GunReformNow #Uvalde
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