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I have never treated a toddler with a self-inflicted GSW; they go to the morgue. The reason is because they lack the strength to pull the trigger with their index fingers, toddlers must use their thumbs. This results with the barrel pointed directly at their face or chest.
Horrified? You should be.
There are so many times when I am able to intervene and offer public health advice after a cardinal event (eg distal radius fracture after unhelmeted bicycle crash).

Guns and lawnmowers are two of the causes of devastating injuries where presentation means we missed that chance.
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Breaking 2nd Amendment victory out of the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (NJ, PA, DE). En banc panel finds that a person with a State food stamp fraud conviction punishable with imprisonment up to 5 years should not be deprived of #2A rights.…
Court's reasoning:

"We begin with the threshold question: whether Range is one of 'the people' who have Second Amendment rights."

"First, the criminal histories of the plaintiffs in Heller, McDonald, and Bruen were not at issue in those cases. So their references to……
"—to conclude that Range is not among 'the people' for Second Amendment purposes would exclude him from [having rights to assemble peaceably, to petition the government for redress, and to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizures.]"
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BREAKING #2A News: Federal District Court Judge issues preliminary injunction temporarily blocking the State of New Jersey's new gun laws.…
"...what the State and the Legislature-Intervenors ignore, and what their empirical evidence fails to address, is that this legislation is aimed primarily—not at those who unlawfully possess firearms—but at law-abiding, responsible citizens who satisfy detailed background and……
"Our Founding Fathers were aware of the dangers such laws pose. In his Commonplace Book, Thomas Jefferson quoted from Italian philosopher Cesare Beccaria’s work, On Crime and Punishment, where Beccaria discussed the 'False Ideas of Utility':

Laws that prohibit the carrying of……
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BREAKING #2A News: Federal District Court Judge in Illinois enters preliminary injunction blocking State's new “assault weapon” ban, limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds, and creating a registry for currently owned semi-automatic rifles.…
"As Americans, we have every reason to celebrate our rights and freedoms, especially on Independence Day."
"Can the senseless crimes of a relative few be so despicable to justify the infringement of the constitutional rights of law-abiding individuals in hopes that such crimes will then abate or, at least, not be as horrific?"
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A thread for the #left

If we choose to change, just imagine what we can do. What makes America great has never been its perfection, but the belief that it can be made better. And that people who love this country can change it.
In hearings around the country, Americans reaffirmed our belief that this great nation can compete–and succeed–in the 21st Century but only if we take a new approach. One that is both innovative and faithful to the basic economic principles that made this country great.
We believe that it is essential to take immediate steps to stem the loss of manufacturing jobs. Taking these immediate measures will provide good jobs and will help the economy today. #FJB
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We are back this afternoon as the legislature reconvenes!

We will bring you the important updates as the day progresses but right now here's a live look 👇👇👇

Anyone inside in there? Lights are off 💭 lol
Things starting to pick up here this afternoon:
-Senator @NebraskaMegan Hunt threatens Republican colleagues a few times
- Speaker Jon Arch says Hunt was late coming back from lunch, that's why she was skipped over

Sen. Hunt is consistently late in the mornings & for committees
Senator Hunt rudely attempts to speak while the Speaker has his time. Speaker Arch proceeds to say, "Please Senator."

Arch continues to say the session is not over (in response to Hunt earlier this morning)

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"A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"

Amendment II, Bill of Rights ratified by Congress 1791.

Seems pretty much cut and dry. But there's more to it. Image
The Militia Act of 1792.

Everybody has to supply their own arms, ammunition and equipment.…

And there's this. 10 USC, §246, Militia Composition and Classes.…

Once again, #WeAreTheMilitia
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@RocBrady @BK_McCallum @bradybuzz @SenSchumer Perhaps you might try learning what that phrase means before continuing to blindly parrot it as a meaningless response?

Grammar test: Image
@RocBrady @BK_McCallum @bradybuzz @SenSchumer Shall we break down the #2A in crayon for you and pretend this hasn't already been done ad nauseum on this very platform? 🤨

1) The Bill of Rights exists to limit govt power and prevent some specific abuses suffered under British rule. See the preamble to the BoR: Image
@RocBrady @BK_McCallum @bradybuzz @SenSchumer 2) The British banned the import of firearms and sought to disarm the people in order to render the militia ineffective. The Redcoats were marching on Lexington and Concord to seize arms and powder when the Shot Heard 'Round the World was fired, starting the Revolution. Image
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so, let's talk about how #2A / #2AMaga cultism—you know, @NRA-fuelled obsession with a comically absolutist reading of the Second Amendment of the @usconstitution—is a tool of fascıst politics.

it's quite simple: rich people can hoard more guns. that's the core point.

the *false premise* of Second-Amendment cultism is that unrestrained ownership of firearms is the great equalizer. "God made Man but #Colt made them equal," and so forth.

the @NRA, the @GOP, and bountiful #conservative propaganda promote this idol: equality through guns.

but guns are just *things*, just stuff—consumer products—and therefore, allowing "anyone" to buy a gun favors only the idle rich. it's privileged "passive income" types like @Timcast and @Cernovich, people who have great gobs of free time and leisure, who hoard firearms.

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@moodyredhead @EdBlackEsq @secretbnuy762 @txradioguy @Tactical_review @lordthx1139 @Winning4Him A law review article

Written by someone who's not an attorney.....

Who, in the first paragraph of the introduction, completely misrepresents what SCOTUS said in Heller.

let's take a look.
@moodyredhead @EdBlackEsq @secretbnuy762 @txradioguy @Tactical_review @lordthx1139 @Winning4Him In the first paragraph, he says that in Heller, SCOTUS said that certain types of 'especially powerful weapons' might be subject to regulations.

That's not what they said.

They said that DANGEROUS AND UNUSUAL weapons might be.
@moodyredhead @EdBlackEsq @secretbnuy762 @txradioguy @Tactical_review @lordthx1139 @Winning4Him Next, he refers to the research of historians and political scientists, all of whom make the 'militia clause' argument - which was rejected by SCOTUS in Heller.
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The federal gun ban for #marijuana users is absurdly unconstitutional considering the legality & decriminalization of both medical & recreational marijuana at the state level

No one should go to jail for engaging in lawful activity & also choosing to exercise their #2A rights
Similarly, the lifetime gun ban for "domestic abusers" is problematic as a ban on the right to self-defense for those who have only been convicted of a misdemeanor

In America, you don't lose your right to vote, serve on a jury, etc. for a misdemeanor. That's how we punish felons
“Watching these cases and watching these judges strike down these unconstitutional categories is a great thing for America,” said @RealGunLobbyist federal affairs director of @GunOwners in @WashTimes

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Hey @GLOCKInc @sigsauerinc @Smith_WessonInc @RemingtonArms @Beretta_USA @Benelli_USA when are y’all gonna put some skin in the game?
cc @Guns_Gadgets

Hey @Springfield_Inc @theArmaLite you guys are Illinois businesses sitting by watching Pritzker & communists in the IL Leg gut the second amendment & target your buyers, your employees & your products. What are you doing to help us Americans fight back?

@Guns_Gadgets is right: its not all the responsibility of @GunOwners & @gunpolicy & smaller #2A groups to fund & fight the abuses of power meant to end the Second Amendment- companies need to put skin in the game.
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As hundreds pack the hallway of the Nebraska state Capitol, the @NebraskaFreedom Coalition is in hearing room 1113 to bring you testimonials for and against LB 314, 17, and Constitutional Carry - LB77. We will be testifying in support of LB 77 later today 👍🇺🇲 Stay tuned... 👀
@MomsDemand is on site, as is representation from @GunOwners of America, who passed out these hats to those waiting in line 👍 a quick gauge of the crowd has those in favor of constitutional carry out numbering those against - 2 to 1 it would seem 💯 God bless America #2A 🇺🇲
Of note, Republican Senator Geist was at a campaign event earlier and missed the first of 3 bills! Last session, Geist did not support constitutional carry. We hope she gets real and listens to her constituents, in support of constitutional carry this session 👍
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We saw some euphoria in the markets. The crypto when on a rampage when many old narratives being brought up. But is this push upwards sustainable? Has the market really bottomed?

@CryptoHayes lays out some macro insight and his thoughts, summarised in the thread below: 👇🧵

1) US CPI YoY Index
2) Gold (yellow), Bitcoin (green), USD Liquidity Index (white), Indexed at 100
3) US Hourly Earnings % Change MINUS Core PCE % Change, Both YoY
4) US Treasury Actives Curve
5) Fed Pivot Scenario Analysis
6) Conclusion

1) US CPI YoY Index
Inflation measured by the CPI peaked around 9% in mid-2022 and is heading towards the key 2% level. Many thinks that with this downtrend the money printer could be back on.

Assuming so, what would it mean for $BTC price?

3/n US CPI YoY Index
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The quote, by the way, which comes from a Jefferson letter. says, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots *and tyrants.”* He always skips that last part.
I'm pretty big on the #2A and I have never once heard anyone use this quote to rationalize gun ownership.
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Time for a thread! Over this weekend, a lot of very important legal happenings have occurred, particularly in regards to the Second Amendment. #2A
During the last Supreme Court Session, the US Supreme Court wrote a landmark decision in the NYSPRA v Bruen (NY) case, and its well known. But another equally important but lesser noticed landmark case was also decided last term, and it is having earth shaking effects.
Last term, a case came before the US Supreme Court, where West Virginia sued the EPA for egregious changes to the clean air act that essentially rewrote the law with much tougher restrictions. This was done at the Biden admin's direction to directly target the WV Coal industry.
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ATF is also being sued for abusing Chevron Deference to rewrite law on frames/receivers to placate Biden’s attack on 80%’s. And its going to lose in court & the rule found illegal. Then the process will repeat w ATFs rule on pistol braces.
The ATF’s rewriting of law (illegally) to regulate & ban 80% firearms, AR pistols & bump stocks are ALL going to be found illegal in federal court & the lawsuits are under way.
The ATF is screwed: the Supreme Court landmark decision in West Virginia v EPA absolutely gutted their authority & made their rule changes rewriting law illegal overnight.
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BREAKING #2A News: A New York Supreme Court Justice ruled that N.Y.’s Red Flag laws are unconstitutional.

"It can not be stated clearly enough that the Second Amendment is not a second class right, nor should it ever be treated as such."…
Here are the facts:

On August 30, 2022, petitioner G.W. filed an application for a Temporary Extreme Risk Protection Order ("TERPO"). In his application G.W. alleged that his estranged girlfriend, C. N., was a threat to herself, the petitioner, or another person.
In support of his TERPO request, G.W. submitted various statements in which he alleges Ms. N. indicated that she would harm herself by means of a gun or firearm, should she be able to gain access to same.
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1. A Primer on "Facts vs. Reality"
Believe it or not, the vast majority of what appears in mainstream media (MSM) outlets is factually correct, if you know how to separate facts from opinion. But it rarely reflects reality. The distinction is critical and well worth learning.
2. First and foremost, let me tell you how to glean facts from what is reported in the MSM.
"Just discard all the adjectives and adverbs in a headline and the content of a story, what remains is mostly facts." Example:
Headline: "XXX Gave a Fiery Speech"
Fact: "XXX Gave a Speech"
3. Okay, so if MSM mostly presents facts, bathed in opinion, why can't we get a sense of what is really going on in the world by just homing in on the facts presented by the media, by discarding all the adjectives and adverbs?
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Yes, but if we had 100% background checks, gun permits, red flag laws, and made our background checks meaningful, gun makers would lose business. Neither they, Congress nor the NRA want that. What's 40,000 lives a year when there's money involved? #GunSense #2A #2ndAmendment 1/
2/ #massshooting - Flooding the market with #guns doesn't make us safer but the opposite. Note sales/deaths spikes in 2013, 2016, 2020. Sources: ↖️…. ↗️↙️….↘️ ImageImageImageImage
3/ Here are some ideas. Require 3-day waiting period and licenses. Tax ammo 200%. Require 100% background checks for ALL gun transactions including gifts, private sales, etc. And the background checks must be... ImageImageImageImage (Link to latest story)
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@GovRonDeSantis “Constitutional carry means that the state's law does not prohibit citizens who can legally possess a firearm from carrying handguns (openly and/or in a concealed manner) thus no state permit is required.” Florida currently bans open carry.
@GovRonDeSantis I’m ex military and just want a quiet place to live life and watch my kids grow up. You know, get a bit of land, sit on my front porch, watch em play, send em to a school teaching solid values without the woke crud, the crt, the gender ideology, etc.
@GovRonDeSantis my wife has been after me for the last 2 years to move to Florida from Kentucky. One of the largest blockers has to do with #2A. I live in KY because of the values my neighbors and I mutually hold, to include the right to bear arms without government day so.
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@cocaworm1017 @BCross052422 @KimsMom3 Thanks. The scammer is part of this group, but unfortunately the concrete scam is not documented. In any case, PayPal knows this scam address.

In the following thread you'll find scam profiles that have used this PayPal for fraud.


@cocaworm1017 @BCross052422 @KimsMom3 #1: User ID 790992990122545156

profile history (part):…

Impersonating @deshka_original with
fake handle deshka_originaI (deshka_originai i/L)

Scam PayPal: pptgcshsrvc
@cocaworm1017 @BCross052422 @KimsMom3 @deshka_original @gmail #2a User ID 780548277297045505

profile history (part):…

Impersonating @callmetinashe with
fake handle calImetinashe (calimetinashe i/L).

Scam PayPal: pptgcshsrvc
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