I really believe the 25x250 Reading Challenge is one of the best things I've created.

Here's why:

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[PS: scroll to the bottom for a FREE and UPDATED version of the reading challenge]

As I mentioned before, the 52 Book challenge is flawed. It:

β€’ Punishes readers for quitting books
β€’ Punishes readers for picking long books
β€’ Incentives quantity over quality reading
β€’ Doesn't reward readers for reflecting or taking action on what they've learned

The 25x250 Reading Challenge solves all of these problems:

β€’ It doesn't punish readers for quitting books
β€’ Nor does it punish readers for picking long books
β€’ It rewards readers for reflecting and taking action
β€’ It encourages people to read BETTER, not just read more.

The 25x250 allows you to track your reading progress every day.

Which turns it into a daily habit and something you want to keep on doing.

And you can also check your progress per day or per month simply by glancing at your worksheet.

Now why did I pick 25 mins?

Spending 25 mins isn't too big of an ask to be intimidating and it's small enough that everyone, no matter how busy, can find time for.

It's also based on the famous Pomodoro technique. Everyone should be able to focus on a task for 25 mins.

Why did I pick 250 days?

Similar to the regular workday, you want to aim for 5 days of progress a week and you get 2 days off.

Reading, learning, or growing for 5 days a week for 52 weeks equals 260 days which surpasses the 250-day goal.

[more info in pic]

Now for the big news:

The 25x250 Reading Challenge worksheet has been updated with a new and cleaner design (shoutout to @CrawleyGraeme for the design help).

PS: If you want to track your progress more specifically, you can color-code your worksheet as I did.


There's also a digital version that automatically tracks your monthly and yearly progress.

Simply click on the day that you've spent reading, learning, or growing, and the monthly and yearly count will be updated.

(see pics for an example)

And the best part?

You can get both the print and digital worksheet for FREE.

850+ people have already downloaded their copy.

Get yours here:


β€’ β€’ β€’

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13 Jan
I've summarized 400+ podcasts for @podcastnotes.

Here are my top 10 favorite podcasts of all-time.

(thread part 2) 🧡 Image
10/ @SPressfield on @jaltucher

If you're a writer (or an artist in general) this is a MUST listen.

Pressfield is a living legend and shares a ton of advice on not just writing better but also living better.

It's a super entertaining and educating podcast.
9/ @kobebryant on @patrickbetdavid

This is of the last podcasts by the late great Kobe Bryant.

Kobe shares basketball advice, how he developed an alter ego, why he got into storytelling, tips on the craft, and much more.

Listen to learn about the mindset of a champion.
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11 Jan
Reading books will help you win the battle.

But taking action will help you win the war.

Reading Tip:

β€’ Have an Action Day πŸ’₯

(thread) 🧡
1/ Reading Is Only Step 1

If you're reading books, that's fantastic.

You're gathering helpful information and creating more accurate mental models of the world.


Books are only part of the solution.

You need to reflect on what you've learned and apply it to your life.
2/ The Self-improvement Process

There are 3 parts to becoming a better person:

1) Reading
2) Learning
3) Growing

I cover this in my 25x250 Reading Challenge, but for now I want to do a deep dive into the last part:

β€’ Growing

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5 Jan
A reading tip inspired by @elonmusk

(thread) 🧡
In a Reddit AMA, someone asked Elon how he's able to learn so fast.

His response?

"It is important to view knowledge as sort of a semantic tree--make sure you understand the fundamental principles, ie the trunk and big branches, before you get into the leaves/details." -Elon
"View knowledge as sort of a semantic tree..."

That got me thinking, and I realized that it's the same for books.

There are 3 types of books (at least when it comes to non-fiction):

β€’ Trunks 🌳
β€’ Branches 🌿
β€’ Leaves πŸƒ

Here's what I mean...
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4 Jan
Reading Tip:

β€’Β Go From IDK To Semi-Pro 🧠

This tip will help you go from knowing nothing about a topic to being well-versed in it.

Step 1: Cluster read 3-5 books on a single topic

The average person reads 12 books a year & chances are those books are all in different subjects.

If you cluster read (multiple books on one subject), you’ll be miles ahead (in that area) of the vast majority of people.

Why read multiple books?

There’s no one definitive source that will have all the information you’re looking for on a topic.

By reading several books instead of just one, you’ll learn from multiple experts and gain access to different perspectives on the same domain.
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30 Dec 20
I've been working at @podcastnotes for almost 2 years.

During that time, I've taken notes on 400+ podcasts.

Here are my top 10 favorite podcasts of all-time.

(thread) 🧡
10/ Naval Ravikant (@naval) on The Knowledge Project (@ShaneAParrish)

Taking notes on this podcast landed me the job at PN and introduced me to the vast wisdom of Naval.

I loved learning about Naval's reading system, his advice on happiness, how he views habits, and much more.
9/ Josh Wolfe (@wolfejosh) on Invest Like The Best (@patrick_oshag)

Josh is a brilliant investor with an arsenal of fascinating mental models.

A few of my favorites:

β€’ Don't be boring (2x)
β€’ 100-0-100 investing strategy
β€’ Chips on shoulders put chips in pockets
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29 Dec 20
I read 55 books in 2020.

Here are my top 10 favorites and a short summary of each.

(thread) 🧡
0/ Intro

I read a lot of incredible books this year so don't let this list take anything away from books that didn't make the cut.

I based this list off of the books that had the biggest impact on me personally.

Also, this top ten list is in no particular order.

Let's begin!
1/ Limitless by @jimkwik

Your brain is your most powerful organ but it doesn't come with an instruction manual on how to use it to its maximal potential.

This book serves as a guidebook to your brain. It's filled with helpful studying, learning, and reading tips.
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