Tried my first actual ritual bath today—candles, incense, incantation—and YEAH I THINK I WILL BE DOING MORE OF THIS
I don’t care if there’s anything magical going on or not, it feels fucking fantastic
Although in my head I did go hang out by a holy spring with Brigid, she was dancing fire along her fingertips and grinning
FWIW the “magic” I do tends to basically just be meditation combined with slightly more assertive prayer and I view it as more about my state of mind than anything external, but I’m agnostic about whether it does anything to the world in general.
As in maybe it does, I dunno and I’m not all that interested in pseudoscience or truth claims or proof

• • •

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14 Jan
I’ve been struggling to articulate this thread to myself and yes, this is it.

He’s been teaching them a language, and in fact if anything he’s just piggybacking on an existing right wing thing that’s been around for a while.
It’s like what Michael Cohen said about how Trump would give you criminal instructions by dropping some prima facie innocuous keywords and a couple significant looks.

It’s a mob tactic, designed in part to maintain plausible deniability when they start arresting people.
For years now the right has been demonstrating over and over that when they use violent discourse, they don’t intend for it to remain confined to discourse, and all the evidence you should need of that is how many people hear violent right wing discourse and then go out and kill.
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13 Jan
Without a doubt one of the most purely punchable people in Congress
My lord how much Red Bull has this man consumed
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13 Jan
Apparently other members were just pushing through and they eventually let her onto the floor without searching her bag so I feel like maybe the Capitol police still don’t have the plot
...or they do have the plot and the plot is “security theater to which we BARELY commit unless it’s inconvenient to do so”
I’m sorry, y’all, the fact that Pelosi doesn’t have Capitol police escorting people who refuse to wear masks and haven’t submitted to searches OFF THE FLOOR AT GUNPOINT tells me that she still doesn’t totally understand what she’s dealing with, you cannot convince me otherwise.
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12 Jan
Sometimes “self-care” includes a cocktail and a clove cigarette and in January 2021 I’m not especially interested in being told otherwise
My lungs and my liver, they are my business
Also? Wawa hoagies incoming
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12 Jan
If you think the answer to this problem is a new anti-domestic terrorism law and/or giving law enforcement more power please allow me to refer to you the entire history of those things
If you think they’ll be used only against actual violent white supremacists, again: basically all of US history including just now
The FBI already has the ability to go after extremists and there were analysts that were sounding the alarm about white supremacists like over a decade ago. Republicans freaked out and shouted them down and suppressed their reports and nothing came of it.
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12 Jan
I’m really hoping that at some point soon some Dems will get up on the House and Senate floors and ask their Republican colleagues straight-up why they’re trying to kill people.
Nothing more confrontational than that, just: “Hey, so out of curiosity, why? What’s going on? Do you guys need to talk to someone or something?”
These are not your “colleagues”. They are not your coworkers. They are not your friends. They have established themselves as your enemies and they are literally trying to kill you.
Read 5 tweets

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