Russia’s attack in 2016, the irregular Trump presidency, the pandemic — all exposed a lot weakness in America. A total breakdown of resilience.

If we can understand how this, we have a way ahead

Introducing ORDER FROM CHAOS, an @RenewGreatPower report /1…
The introduction lays out the failures in mindset that have allowed ascendant autocrats to exploit the cracks in our democracy

At home and abroad, our blindness in how we evaluate these weaknesses—in how we interpret threats against us—exposes this failed mindset /2
In recent years, we’ve basically been running a giant wargame against ourselves — and every adversary has had a front row to see the failures in mobilization, intelligence, decision-making, command and control, security — and above all, the failures in leadership. /3
But from all this chaos emerges a clear framing for a strategic approach for the US that unifies a foreign and domestic strategy of mobilization towards 21st century resilience and defense. /4
We’ll get there by evaluating how we have failed to get Russia right, and why Russian active measures have found such fertile ground in America, especially under Trump. /5
At home & abroad, we are challenged along the seams. Right now, the way we organize & mobilize to deal with these threats diminishes rather than unleashes our capabilities.

Enough. It’s time for a new way ahead. /6
Read the intro to ORDER FROM CHAOS, and get ready for part 1 tomorrow:

Now we know why Putin bet on Trump /7…
This monograph is made possible by the loyal founding subscribers of @RenewGreatPower

Subscribe today and join them — 2021 isn’t going to be a slow year... /8

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11 Jan
Many questions

“Dept leaders were scattered during the riots. The chief of police was with Pence in a secure location, & other high-ranking officials had been dispatched to scene of bombs found outside the RNC & DNC.”

Almost like they know how to do this…
“‘They had apparently more bear spray and pepper spray and chemical munitions than we did,’ the ATF said.”

Many of us have been highlighting the use of bear spray by Trump convoys across country — especially the groups deliberately facing off with protestors in Portland/Seattle
“‘We just started moving crowds of people out of the Capitol Complex and then going through one by one, each room and rooms off of rooms, to identify friendlies from hostiles.’”


Still not over this.
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8 Jan
As more comes out about the WH preventing preparation for & holding back response to the attack on the Capitol, the more I want to know about comments to reporters that White House staff were in touch with “protest leaders” and discussing their objectives. /1
Because right now it looks like Trump weaponized a mob, sent it into the fire, held back response — endangering lives of Congress, staff, police, reporters — and watched on TV hoping for — what?

What was the objective they had been hoping for? /2
I want to know about those comms. /3
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8 Jan
Still totally struck by sense of non-reality of the mob in the Capitol — no idea at all what they have just done.

As I mentioned earlier, after the one participant is shot, you see police trying to help but the livestreamers initially get in the way. /1
The priority is to feedback into the online loop.

In one video, this extraordinary moment, where a young man initially goes to check the woman who is shot, backs off for police, realizes “oh I should record this,” gets out his phone — and realizes he has blood on his hand. /2
It’s just extraordinary. Everyone coming out of the Capitol is dazed. Why weren’t the cops on our side. Something big was supposed to happen. In the universe we live in, we just saved America.

No idea what they’ve done. /3
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7 Jan
I need like 20 more pages of this compilation — politico reporters tell the story of the Capitol breach from the inside.

Jarring and poignant details of what it was like.

Love this anecdote: “call trump and tell him to call it off!!” /1… Image
After years of Trump, reporters know they are a target: /2 ImageImage
Everyone piled together on the floor: /3 Image
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7 Jan
Here’s a snapshot of information diet of the veteran who was shot today invading the capitol in defiance of the constitution she had sworn to uphold: flynns, trumps, QAnon, antimasker LARPing, gang rape hot takes. They all hate pence so now say he must also be a pedophile
QAnon. Flynn’s. Lin Wood. The fight continues after the inauguration. Pedophiles everywhere.

It’s a sad broken non-reality that is a totally unremarkable trumpworld social media footprint. All the grifters and goons are reflexively posted,
Little original content.
QAnon memetics. Trump rallies. Praise for a Russian intelligence front.
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7 Jan
Millionaire sh*tposter Tucker Carlson says “there are old people and people with jobs here, maybe that should give you pause and make you wonder why”

Stream of guests justifying “anger and fear” of insurgents.
Tucker: “Donald Trump didn’t actively try to ruin the lives of Hillary Clinton supporters in his four years in office, and I think the right has real reason to fear what’s coming now from the left”

FoxNews: appalling. Looking for next fire to light.
Tucker: “political violence begets political violence” and now someone is dead he says with heavy ...

It’s clear what he is asking for.

Hannity is not differentiating between political and militant wings of trumpism 🙄
Read 8 tweets

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