EVERYONE LISTEN TO THIS - starts at 15 mins in.

Firsthand account from a man who left POTUS speech early and had a front row seat to the False Flag operation at the Capitol building.

Why did the Capitol police let a person go free who was caught trying to put a pipe bomb in -
...the water system?

Why did the Capitol police move a barrier to let everyone in?

Why were all of the antagonists (see: Agent Provocateurs) wearing brand new Trump gear (have had this confirmed through mult. sources that were there)

MOST IMPORTANTLY: how did nearly every -
...senator who had previously stated their intent to challenge the election certification have statements with the SAME EXACT MESSAGING THEME within just a few hours as an excuse as to why they would no longer challenge the election results?

Why did all of those statements try-
...to make it seem like the Mongolian horde had overtaken the Capitol when in reality it was grandmas & ppl who just wanted to express their opinion (and caused nowhere near the damage that we saw this summer)?

You’re being manipulated - this was an operation, not insurrection.
Additionally, we’ve already had multiple leftist radicals, insurgents and people ID’d as being attached to guerilla units in the Ukraine identified as being the lead insurrectionists / Agent Provocateurs at the Capitol.

This is all starting to unravel & the fallout will be ugly

• • •

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11 Jan
Sir, President Trump, I know that the Marxist d-bags killed the Golden goose & took your account down.

But I also know about the different programs that constantly scrape social media looking for sentiment & key words.

If they don't pick this up, perhaps @DanScavino will-
...I just want you to know that We are with you, sir.

I know that there is a lot of confusion and a lot of bad advice being given to you right now- I've been in DC and getting reports of the situation in the WH until today.

But I want you to truly understand - We the People-
...are with you, sir.

We don't care about Mark Meadows.

We don't care about Lindsay Graham, Pat Cippillone, Brian Kemp or what they have to say.

We are with YOU.

You still have a few arrows left in your quiver, but spineless politicos who care more about their next job-
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28 Dec 20
Something our team at @1st_praetorian was helping the good guys dig into weeks ago:


The thing that REALLY pisses me off about this?

The US essentially funded ISI (Pakistani intelligence) through our post-9/11 Afghanistan slush funds.

Ungrateful bastards.
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25 Dec 20
Fight for ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ : a Christmas wish request to ⁦@POTUS
from tens of millions of #veterans , Patriots & fierce supporters:
Sir, @realDonaldTrump , I know there’s a lot of noise out there.

A lot of confusion.

Groups of people giving you conflicting advice.

Rabid leftist activists, RINOs, “journalists” and politicos alike telling you to just roll over, throw in the towel and not fight for what -
..you’ve built and created in the MAGA movement.

I’d like to take a moment to cut through the noise.

I’m by no means a savvy politician or political science PhD, but I am a knuckle dragger military veteran who understands social & National sentiment better than most -
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24 Dec 20
There’s something that you need to understand: the same people who’ve been treating our Constitution like toilet paper for the past several decades now want you to believe that, because it’s written in the same Constitution they routinely trash when it’s in their way, that you -
...should lose faith because we’re running out of time based on that document.

Be not afraid, do not lose faith.

The force of God has been aligning His warriors here on earth, across the world, to right an attempted wrong.

Be not afraid, there are powerful forces at work -
...but that doesn’t let YOU off the hook.

YOU need to keep the pressure on your electors to do the right thing.

They have a great task in front of them, and they need to know that they’ll be held to task by We the People if they choose the easy wrong over the hard right -
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6 Dec 20
There is evidence that will hopefully be shown that both GOP megadonors and politicians had an active role in the election fraud that occurred last month & is still ongoing.

Take a moment to realize just how insufferably stupid they have to be to make that choice.

By -
...doing so, they’re telling the world that they are perfectly happy helping to put a CCP puppet in the office of the POTUS.

These silly bastards think they’ll be oligarchs or allowed to stay in office.

Which proves they don’t know too much about modern leftists or the CCP...
...There is a lot of top-dollar real estate bought at very overpriced values in SoCal bc CCP party members & Chinese oligarchs will do anything to get any money they can out of China and into assets in the US that the CCP can’t take.

Why would they be willing to lose large-
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4 Dec 20
If you're paying attention, you realize that nearly all of this current fight to save the Republic is being done by private groups and citizens.

@1st_praetorian has been doing our part on multiple fronts that we can't yet disclose, but will hopefully be able to when the smoke-
...clears and the threat is one day gone.

Many are upset that the government we pay billions of dollars in taxes to isn't working with, but rather against, the will of the people.

More than anything this should show you the need for our system of a capitalist-based Republic-
Our system incentivizes and allows people who see a need to step up and meet it.

Bureacrats and many government employees, however, will only do what they're told and rarely stick their necks out.

Entrepreneurs, however, live and die using risk as their fuel.

This sort -
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