I think what’s been happening behind the scenes this past week has been happening all along at a lower level. We just haven’t heard about it all yet. As bad as we think Trump is, he’s much worse. As spineless as we think the GOP is, they’re beyond that—they’re scared shitless.
Anyone who tried to frame Trump’s support as limited to a relatively small group of uneducated crazies was way off. It never would have gotten this far if it were. Again, much of what happened on 1/6 was *allowed* to happen. There is a reason. Eventually we’ll find out. Hopefully
None of this is intended to be conspiratorial. Just making the point that Trump has a broader base of support than many believed (or wanted to believe). Some people on the inside are part of it, while others have been trying to manage it for a long time. It imploded last week.
We may even learn that someone we criticized for apparent weakness had motives we aren’t aware of yet—rather than just political motives. Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority were simply craven. But I’m open to the possibility that there were some who played the game. We’ll see.

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31 Aug 20
When the President of the United States essentially says it’s every man for himself, and vigilantes who fight for “his side” are to be saluted for breaking the law, something is seriously broken. He calls himself the nation’s “top law enforcement officer” (he’s not), but... 1/
what has he actually done to quell the unrest in this country? Tear-gas his way to a church for a photo sesh with a Bible, send in unmarked federal troops geared up like they’re fighting ISIS, tweet photos of “wanted” Black people and videos of chaos. He is the president. 2/
Not Joe Biden. But he’s blaming what’s happening on his watch on someone with no governmental authority. And you’re all just letting him do it, MAGA. How can you be that stupid? Can’t you see that he WANTS this? He WANTS a war. And he wants you to fight it. For what? 3/
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14 Mar 20
For your friends who say #itsjusttheflu:

1. For many who get the coronavirus, yes, it will feel similar to the flu.

2. For many others, it will be MUCH worse, and they’ll need medical care.

3. Group 1 can easily spread it to Group 2.

4. It’s a new virus, so unlike seasonal flu, there’s no existing immunity or vaccine yet to mitigate its rapid spread.

5. A huge spike in cases at once can overwhelm the healthcare system.

6. During an outbreak, the system still must tend to regular medical needs as well.

7. So the goal is to “flatten” the trajectory of spread over time. There may still be the same number of cases, but they’ll come at a more manageable rate.

8. This plan is based on data from past outbreaks and this one.👇🏻

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7 Feb 20
I watched every minute of the impeachment—the inquiry, the House debates, and the Senate trial. Before Trump, I was a Republican for 23 years. I’m not naive, and I know politics can be dirty. But here’s how I know the Democrats were on the right side in this fight. 1/
1. The Dems argued the facts of the case. Clearly. Professionally. Persuasively. The defense argued that the process was unfair and, unbelievably, that POTUS can do whatever he wants to get re-elected as long as he perceives that it’s in the public’s best interest. Omg🤦🏻‍♀️ 2/
2. Republicans voted against witnesses. The facts of the case, which don’t need to be rehashed here, already pointed to Trump’s guilt. Then this happened. They wouldn’t allow those who could clear Trump to speak under oath. Which means there was no one who could clear Trump. 3/
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25 Oct 19
I believe that the President of the United States—an individual who leads more than 300 million people, in all of their diversity—should be moderate in their style and political views, no matter which party they represent. 1/
Views outside the mainstream are fine in Congress, where they’re balanced out by hundreds of others. They’re even welcomed there, as they give voice to those without influence and open the Overton window on issues that languish in congressional stasis. 2/
But the president, a solitary figure in whom we, for better or for worse, invest so much of our hopes, dreams, and expectations for the nation and our own lives, is something different. When a person decides to run for the office, they are implicitly declaring, 3/
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3 Aug 19
Some of my followers will hate me for this, but damn, I hate guns. I really do. As someone who was a conservative for many years, I always supported the right to bear arms. But this is nuts. And the fact that there are people out there who literally worship guns makes me sick. 1/
When mass shootings first became a problem, the first thing the gun rights supporters should have done to protect the 2A is come to the table and aggressively address the issue. Maybe some did. But the majority started spreading fear that Obama would confiscate their guns. 2/
They came up with conspiracy theories about Newtown. They talked about gun registries and made dumbass ads that cast anti-gun groups as the enemy. They’re not the enemy; they’re just trying to protect their families. The shooters are the enemy, to the pro- and anti-gun groups. 3/
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