We need to deal with a hot issue:

Here’s a question I’ve been getting a lot lately: "How can you even talk about elections? We won’t ever win again because elections are all rigged now."

I expect elections to be largely free of fraud in 2022 for these reasons.....

• Not every state had a serious fraud problem in 2020 — in fact most did not
• The states most seriously in question that flipped things for Biden (MI, PA, WI, GA, AZ) all have one thing in common — all have Republican majority legislatures

Now I’ll explain why this matters
With control of the legislatures in those contested states, Republicans will be able to change our election laws. We can go backwards & complain that they fell for a mail vote scam or move forward to change it. Those legislatures control how our elections will be run from now on.
Pressure on those legislatures from the citizens will be an important part of ensuring all potential issues are fixed by the 2022 election. That’s not the only piece of the puzzle though. So let’s talk about another issue: Redistricting and Congressional apportionment!
• Once every 10 years we have a census that determines how many House seats each state will have in Congress

• Dems are losing seats in 2022 due to dwindling populations in CA, NY + others and they’re largely going to red states like TX & FL

This is a nice change for the GOP.
Now let’s discuss redistricting:

• As a product of the census — we‘ll see redistricting all over the country and districts will by drawn by... legislatures

• Most states have Republican majority legislatures so they’ll be the ones deciding in most cases how seats get divided
Why else am I still talking about elections? We have the single best opportunity to elect a MAGA Congress that we’ve ever had in modern history. Here’s why:

• RINO’s have never been more despised by their voters

Trump isn’t disappearing and it may change Congress. Here’s how..
After betrayals in 2020, Trump has a way to extend his legacy & get revenge on RINO’s who obstructed him. I fully expect Trump to rally for primary opponents of RINO’s. This can easily boot most of them from office.

In short: There’s hope for our party and for election security!

• • •

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13 Jan
Newsflash for D.C. Republicans: Trying to throw Trump under the bus is not only a stupid, losing strategy but it’s also confirmation that you’re out of touch with who your base is. The majority of your voters stand by Trump. If you kick him while he’s down they won’t forget it.
I can tell you right now, just from a pure strategy standpoint, every single one of them will regret trying to "rid the party of Trump". He has the most diverse group of voters in modern times for a Republican & more votes than any other GOP President. You don’t throw that away.
They don’t understand still that Trump can rally everywhere in the country for their primary opponents to kick them out of office and I’m willing to bet that’s exactly what he’ll do to those who stab him in the back. Our party should be unifying right now to resist the Democrats.
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6 Jan
Democrats should send Lin Wood a huge check for his work depressing turnout in Georgia. He encouraged voters not to vote because nothing changed. Look at the results and you’ll see turnout decided this. Republican strongholds where Dems can’t cheat didn’t turnout enough.
I’m not saying fraud didn’t occur too. We know it did but it was beatable this time because they knew they couldn’t get away with as much as November. All eyes were on 1 state. Not voting is never the answer. He claims he hates communism but helped hand senate seats to radicals.
And yes I’m pissed. I’m pissed because this isn’t a game. Communists and socialists already destroyed my family once in Cuba and people are making the same mistakes in America now that others made then. They lie to take power and destroy your country. People need to wake up now.
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31 Dec 20
I believe:

• It’s going to take time to root out the corruption inside our government
• It’s going to take more than one leader to fight, we MUST elect lions in primaries and fill Congress with them
• Supporting alternative entertainment & news is part of breaking the system
• There’s no 1 operation that’ll take down corruption that has festered for over a 100 years & anyone saying otherwise is lying to you
• Waiting for someone to do it means it’ll never get done — We need YOU campaigning for lions, protesting & withholding $ from co’s who hate us
The establishment didn’t take control of America in one day or one term. It was sustained action that gave them control of America. If the people want it back we must redouble our resolve & efforts to change things. If Biden gets away with the steal — we need historic opposition.
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10 Dec 20
Our 7 year old son has to have google for homeschooling so naturally we setup parental controls but look what @Google did. They sent my son an email to tell him his privacy is important to them and telling him we’re supervising his account. Let me explain what they’re doing.
It seems clear to me that they’re trying to undermine parents by reminding kids to be sneaky if they’re doing something wrong. In my view they do this to build a relationship of trust with kids that supersedes parents in order to get a lifelong user. Going live to discuss!
My wife @imatriarch and I discussed what Google did and what the future could look like if we don’t stop these Big Tech tyrants in their tracks NOW!
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7 Dec 20
Someone find me this kid and family. I’m buying him the biggest damn Nerf gun I can find. I’m dead serious.
Good news: I’ve been told through an intermediary that Fake Santa who hates guns has been fired. @WhiteHovse is getting me the kid’s address so @imatriarch and I can make it a Merry Christmas by sending some Nerf stuff!
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7 Dec 20

I object to you encouraging people not to vote. I’ve been fighting the steal as have many others who oppose the "I’m not voting" threat. Encouraging it when the president has said the exact opposite is not in the best interests of our nation. Trump knows more than you or I.
In NOV all eyes were spread a across 3,000+ counties. In GA ALL EYES will be on 1 state. If you don’t vote, we give the Dems a gift. Without MAGA turnout, they won’t need to cheat and then they’ll give us a real audit to show no cheating, giving false validation to Nov. election.
Voting in historic numbers can stop this. Yes, we must keep pressure on @GaSecofState @GabrielSterling and others but we MUST rally around Trump’s call to vote for Loeffler and Perdue. Trump knows what he’s doing. I trust him. You can fight for reform without undermining him.
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