Anyone who now has any opinion which questions the groupthink that is being heavily promoted by the government and mainstream media in relation to how we should behave during this pandemic, is now being branded a conspiracy theorist and even labelled in the most derogatory terms!
It goes beyond anti-maskers and is including links to anything that contradicts the prevailing general consensus that just falls into line with whatever we are being told. It’s as if any such views are being quietly airbrushed by the main social media platforms as well.
Recently I tried accessing a news item that featured prominently during the summer last where the WHO’s U.K. ambassador on visiting the U.K. heavily criticised governments for using repeated lockdowns as a first response to a pandemic. I simply couldn’t find anything about it!
Nor could I find the name of that ambassador who said it even though I checked the names of all WHO representatives/spokespersons. Strange one!
Local radio presenters have been constantly bringing on selected so called experts at busting the myths around this pandemic and labelling as Covididiots everyone who has a separate opinion as in denial that there is a serious virus around or a conspiracy theorist.
The BBC is no exception to grooming public opinion in favour of accepting that we must put our brain to sleep and stay indoors period. There is huge public disquiet at what our governments are up to. People of all ages are unhappy but not prepared to air their views too much.
We are being sold an Orwellian solution that repeatedly staying indoors when told to will eradicate every wave of this virus and getting vaccinated will stop its transmission. But what about if it is still around next winter?
Will our government pay for more annual vaccinations or just lock us in and them move to going into our homes, testing and removing to quarantine anyone who is testing positive for the virus?
This is a likely scenario as governments become more desperate or deliberate in controlling us to deal with this public health threat. Yet the U.K. government has avoided since very beginning of this pandemic dealing with the point of entry of this virus and its variants!
Yet here we are allowing foreign students, business travellers and others on daily flights into and out of our airports. This is a recipe for disaster and one which contradicts the whole point of containing this virus. Meanwhile entire local populations are being locked down.
We are also cultivating a tsunami of mental health issues across entire age groups including children and the elderly and anyone with underlying health conditions who are terrified of catching the virus. This threatens to overshadow the threat from this virus in multiple terms.
Children are in danger of not acquiring certain emotional and social skills that are necessary for relating to others and forming stable relationships later on in life when this pandemic is no longer around or will there be others with equally draconian restrictions put in place?
We are not in any new normal or anything that is tolerable or acceptable in the long term yet here we are in the middle of a third wave of infections and our government hasn’t a clue how to deal with it yet is stripping away our human rights and the media are silent on it! 🤷‍♂️
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12 Jan
Misquoted the article and no guarantees that roaming charges will not be reintroduced! @julianknight15 😂
From the Irish News @julianknight15 O2 said customers using its services outside the UK in EU countries for more than 63 days in any four-month period, who can’t demonstrate prevailing use and/or presence in the UK, are likely to be deemed in breach of its fair usage policy.
In such a case, O2 will give two weeks notice before applying charges.
The operator said this policy will apply to its customers in border areas.
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11 Jan
Until the conservative elite have paid for their costly mistakes such as Iraq, lack of proper health care, jobs and wages, the reasons for the rise of Trump will continue to be misunderstood!… via @nypost
Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was reportedly a Trump supporter sick of the failures of the US’s ruling establishment of past presidents who barely addressed the many problems that affected the daily lives of ordinary American citizens whether they were black or white.
It’s ironic that this officer is now being hailed a hero by the very elite who failed him and countless other fellow Americans. It is also ironic that the common grievances shared by poor black & white US citizens that should have been directed at those in charge became polarised
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9 Jan
Totally agree but must also include full freedom of the press to report the news as journalists are expected to which has always been under certain government restrictions such as ‘D’ notices. These were man made decisions, just like algorithms are programmed by humans @grahambsi
You only have to go back to the seizure of computer hard drives at the Guardian newspaper offices, censorship on reporting in N. Ireland of journalists as well as voiceover of SF’s Gerry Adams to know that we have never had complete freedom of information! @grahambsi
The liberal interpretation by successive U.K. governments of breaches of the official secrets act has been just as great a threat if not greater than any algorithm particularly when it is applies to restrictions placed on trusted mainstream media such as the BBC. @grahambsi
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1 Jan
More bungling incompetence from the British government.

First it was no up and running computerised records of who got what doses and when and now it’s jabs up to 4 months apart!

Covid vaccine: chief medical officers defend rescheduling of second doses…
Again and again this government displays a rare talent or capacity for screwing up everything around the promises made in respect of their response to this pandemic. Everything they touch goes pear shaped!
They are chancers who fly by the seat of their pants in first promising they will deliver on PPE, a track and trace system on time that actually works, tests that are reliable, staffing of the NHS and proper hospitals to deal with a pandemic situation etc etc and then renege!
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31 Dec 20
The off-licenses will be doing a roaring trade and on street drug dealers will be busy in the run up to New Years Eve. More alcoholism, drug dependency and increase in suicide rate as a result of these lockdowns and curfews. That is the only real fact about this pandemic we know!
As for the singing Auld Lang Sang...fuck that! We should remember all those old acquaintances we lost through the criminal negligent if this government to act and protect its citizens.. especially the elderly!
That includes those younger with underlying health conditions that were written off as Covid related deaths. There has been more massaging of Covid statistics than a Thai massage parlour to create panic amongst the population that Covid is the sole the cause of our ills.
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30 Dec 20
Under curfew 8pm to 6am in Northern Ireland, England facing possible new level of restrictions by government that exceeds even Level 4? Where will this end? All of us under lock and key in our homes, doing time on the funny farm whilst waiting months on end for the vaccine?
Leading social commentators falling into line with a unproven narrative that places all bets on the vaccine actually working and for how long no one knows, not even the scientists. Will government spend on vaccines next year even if they do protect us temporarily? Not likely!
It’s looking more and more like project fear ramped up by an elite that has panicked the citizens of the U.K. into believing that this virus is the Black Plague of the mediaeval era all over again and that the scientists are infallible in their predictions and our only hope!
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