Seeing all these people clutching their pearls & blaming a few people who organized the Jan 6th event, with the blessing & promotion of the President by the way-were silent for 2/3 of 2020 while BLM and Antifa looted & burned down the country. It still goes on in Portland nightly
Those who have been roaming the streets, often times blocking streets & other times painting them with "Black Lives Matter" were immediately bailed out of jail with money raised by politicians. So, it's ok to destroy the livelihoods of hard working Americans, to ravage through
cities like locusts destroying everything in their paths, but if we stand up to an illegitimate election, where immense fraud has been caught on film, 100s of affidavits from 1st hand accounts, & the footprint of rigged voting machines, we're the bad guys....

Seems legit.
Standing up to an illegitimate & rigged election is not the same thing as what we witnessed for more than half of the year last year. Bad actions by a few at the Capitol does not represent all who peacefully assembled there, as is their RIGHT, & it doesn't represent the other
80+ million of us who could not attend.

How long after Biden is sworn in will these same pearl clutchers realize just how good they actually had it under President Trump? I don't believe it will take very long. Then they'll look back on Jan 6th & finally understand what the
goal was that day. If nearly a million patriots wanted to storm the Capitol, it would have ended much differently. We don't act like them. We are NOT them, which is why Jan 6th you saw people walking in single file lines once they'd been ushered into the Capitol by police. That
was never the plan-to enter or to occupy the Capitol. It was a silent show of force. A representation of the many millions of Americans who voted for freedom & against the Communist regime that is about to engulf our country & have us begging for a glimpse of what America used
to look like. They've destroyed statues, banned books from being read by buying them & making them unavailable, digital book burning as well, they've censored any and all dissenting voices from the "public square," & they're just getting started. When they're done with us, they
will turn on themselves like the ouroboros. What we're seeing in our country is heartbreaking & mind blowing to witness. But make no mistake about it. We are NOT them & we will not take on any of these false labels or allegations of domestic terror. Projection at it's finest.

• • •

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12 Jan
Understand, there was a political decision made to allow and flag people into the Capitol. Not just some Capitol police standing down, but opening doors and WAVING people in. A few low IQ Trump ppl w/hive minds-that followed Antifa in.

That's why you're seeing pics of people who
are walking in & remain in the red ropes. You see pics of people taking pics that look like tourists. As if the doors were open to them & they made the decision to walk in but once there they weren't sure exactly what to do. That's because breeching the Capitol wasn't part of
their plan.

We sat back and watched BLM/Antifa burn over 100k small businesses & loot Walmart & shoe stores. We watched them destroy entire cities for MONTHS. We didn't react. We didn't become violent and counter these things. At the very most, some defended their businesses
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9 Jan
Since I've not seen this ANYWHERE, the four Trump supporters who lost their lives at the Jan 6th DC protest are as follows (1/4):

1. Kevin Greeson, 55yrs old from Alabama, died of a heart attack:
2. Roseanne Boyland, 35-yr old from Georgia, crushed to death by DC police:

3. Ashli Babbit, 35 yrs old Air Force Veteran from San Diego, shot and killed by Capitol Police:

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11 Nov 20
Biden's 13-person *GLOBALIST* COVID Task Force is made up of Yale Alumni, NIH, CDC, CFR, Center for American Progress, Johns Hopkins & UN appointees.

A thread:

Rick Bright, former DHS director of the Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority (BARDA) Demoted to NIH.
Atul Gawande, practices general & endocrine surgery at Brigham & Women's Hospital-Boston. Recently departed CEO of Haven, the joint JP Morgan Chase-Berkshire Hathaway-Amazon health care venture; & Luciana Borio, former Food & Drug Administration official & biodefense specialist.
Marcella Nunez-Smith - 1 of 3 co-chairs of task force

Asoc professor of medicine & epidemiology @ Yale School of Medicine, Associate Dean for Health Equity Research. Her research is funded by National Cancer Institute & National Institute on Minority Health & Health Disparities
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10 Aug 20

President of Moderna Testimony, July 21, 2020:

Understand the science & you can understand the risk. mRNA sends code as instructions to your own DNA. If they can create coded info that your own cells replicate, imagine what else can be done by editing certain codes.
Moderna has raised over $5 bil in funding thus far. $58 million in grant funding from DARPA, and in April, BARDA committed to fund up to $483 million.
mRNA-1273 is Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine candidate. They've been working with NIAID since January. Anthony Fauci has been Director of NIAID since 1984.
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11 Jul 20
Short Thread:

Thailand has a population of roughly 69.8M. France has a similar population at 65.2M.

How is it that Thailand only has 58 reported COVID deaths where as France has 30,000?

Is it lack of testing? Help me understand how this works exactly.

1/4 Image
NY has a population of roughly 19 Million, where as India has a population of 1.38 Billion. How is it that NY has a higher COVID death rate at 32,000, compared to the entire country of 1.38B in India?

India has the 2nd largest population in the world, 2nd only to China.

2/4 Image
Indonesia, 4th largest population with a population of 267.7 Million have 3,535 COVID deaths.

3/4 Image
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8 Jul 20
Did you know Epstein only paid $10 for the largest personal residence in NYC Dec 23rd, 2011? This home is valued at around $77 mil.

Who did he purchase it from?

Les Wexner.
In a 1996 Times article, Epstein called the property his, though the deed was not signed until 2011.
Wexner had done 13.2 mil in renovations before selling the $77mil home to Epstein for $10. Did part of that include installing this?
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