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13 Jan, 9 tweets, 2 min read
This view that only government's can censor, that only state agents coming to your house and slapping something over your mouth counts as limiting free speech, really needs to be tackled.
The oddest part is that's it's generally the left which seems most content to let private companies wield extraordinary power over who can speak and how.
There are all sorts of legitimate reasons to limit free speech. Right now we are seeing one of them with Trump - to prevent incitement to violence and a threat to the functioning of democracy. But it is still censorship.
We need to be clear that that is what it is, rather than limiting our definition of censorship to the smallest range of actions conceivable.
This is not a new idea. Benjamin Constant, Harriet Taylor and John Stuart Mill were treating the silencing which comes from society as equivalent, or more dangerous, than that of the state hundreds of years ago.
Redefining censorship as state-only is like winding back the maturity and sophistication of liberal thought back to the pre-Napoleonic era.
The other distinction which needs to be made is between a social media site like Twitter, which really has become equivalent to the public square - a key part of civic life - and a publication like a magazine.
Being booted from one is not equivalent in effect, even if it might be in cause, from being booted from another.
Anyway more thoughts on this - mostly questions rather than answers - here politics.co.uk/comment/2021/0…

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13 Jan
Wonder Woman 1984 tonight. The reviews aren't great. I've hated nearly every film from DC. But I have never wanted to love a film more.
One year without my superhero hit. And there's never been a better moment for a film about a superhero defined by hope and truth. I am willing that thing to succeed.
Yeah. That was a mess.
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11 Jan
I can't remember which of you bastards recommended we watch Left Behind as part of our Nicholas Cage marathon but that was some fucked up shit.
I have never seen an actor cringe up and die behind his own eyeballs while delivering a line before. I've literally never seen a film with a 1% rating on Rotten Tomatoes either.
But most importantly, I've never seen a Christian movie from the US before. And dear God let me tell you, that is some fucked up nonsense like you would not believe.
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11 Jan
I am very impressed by everyone being able to take Arnold Schwarzenegger seriously.
Don't get me wrong, the speech was very good. It's just that I have spent too many years of my life watching old Arnie movies to not laugh my way through anything he says.
Fine OK, best Arnie films in order:

Terminator 2
Terminator 1
Total Recall
True Lies
Raw Deal
Kindergarten Cop
The Running Man
Conan (either of them how does anyone tell the difference)
Last Action Hero
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11 Jan
A million times this. It's incredible to me, for instance, how few films there are about the civil war or Glorious Revolution.
I mean, how much more dramatic could the civil war be? It's the birth spasms of the modern world, full of battle, revolution, mutiny, rebellion, regicide. That's a fucking good night out at the movies, if nothing else.
But I sense that filmmakers think it is too alien and little understood for audiences to get on board with it.
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8 Jan
1,325 deaths today. The numbers are completely out of control. This is fucking heartbreaking.
Just over two weeks ago, the government was opening up many areas to go have Christmas together. The experts at the time said this was insane. It was insane.
Every step of the way, they have utterly failed. On the first wave, on the tiers, on Christmas, on the second and third lockdown. Always too late. And this is the consequence.
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7 Jan
There's still a bit of shock as what happened last night sinks in, but soon all the clever commentary will kick in and those who support nationalism will find their way of ignoring, or forgetting, or dismissing what took place.
The truth is simple. It's a litmus test of political values. You either recognise what we are facing and decide to fight it, or you're part of why it can succeed.
It's not just an American problem. It is all around the world: here in the UK, Hungary, Brazil, India, Poland, the list goes on.
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