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13 Jan, 3 tweets, 1 min read
After being told "its a private company" over and over by fake leftists defending censorship I had an epiphany about how wrong my past environmental activism was

BP is a private company and can do what they want

If you don't like oil spills start your own company to clean it up
whats that you say?

No? We must regulate these companies to protect the commons? So that massive corporations can't control areas needed by all people?

Well why didnt you say so
i find it funny that theres like 10 people who have been consistent on regulating massive corporations who destroy the commons

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27 Dec 20
This is a terrible argument

Working to feed your family is not eating candy

We accept risks on the job everyday and many people work jobs with a higher risk of injury or death than they face with COVID

Use this logic for anyone who ever fought in a war
One estimate I found says 2-3% chance of injury, 1.2% chance of death

Now tell all the men and women who serve as combat infantry its not worth it and they should quit

Not the same as eating skittles
imagine throughout history parents saying

"i will not accept a 0.1% chance of losing my life in order to protect my family, my children, or myself"

If you dont work you dont eat so congrats, you'd all die anyway
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27 Dec 20
"No Evidence"

Right away you know he's full of it
There is evidence, in fact quite a bit

I have personally corroborated some of it and I still think Biden will be president on the 20th

Adam can't admit to any evidence because that would require an inquiry
Evidence does not mean "definitive proof"

Proving a case beyond a reasonable doubt would require a courtroom

Getting past procedural hurdles has been the biggest challenge for any of the lawsuits

Standing, injury, laches, etc
If he said

"While there has been evidence, to me it does not prove anywhere close to enough fraud to have won Trump the presidency"

I'd be like aight
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9 Dec 20
The NYT was gaming social networks by using the same URLs but changing entire articles.

The extremely unethical act got 2 all time top Reddit posts deleted

While at Fusion Kevin told me not to report on it because they did the same thing

Kevin now works at NYT
the revolving door of journalistic malpractice
It was explained to me at the time that the way FB worked was that if a link was getting a ton of traction due to being a hot story then FB would push it in the algorithm more.

But what about when the story was getting old?

Reuse the URL, rewrite the story to reignite it
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6 Nov 20
Nightmare scenario

Trump down in the count

NV GOP files criminal referral and legal challenges to ballots among other GOP actions in other states

It comes down to SCOTUS

5-4 in Trump's favor with ACB siding with Republicans

Trump wins
I say nightmare because it will result in anger, uncertainty, mistrust, violence, etc
ACB as an 11th hour confirmation giving Trump a legal victory to reclaim the office will trigger the most insane rioting we have ever seen
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11 Oct 20
The Denver security shooter is a vocal Bernie supporter, Leftist, and Occupy Activist

He doesn't seem to be antifa associated

Either way 9News should have vetted this person and not hired a political tribalist who said "left is best" to go armed to a counter protest
the space invader tattoo has to do with clubbing, DJing and not antifa

its a tattoo for a artist agency
Mat The Alien

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9 Oct 20
theres a tendency among left wing personalities to ignore show invites for my podcast

unfortunate but its their call, i wont drag them for it

upon stating this there is a tendency for small left wing channels to demand i invite them to prove i would host more leftists
i invite people i think would be interesting and i dont invite people by demand

point being, its extremely easy to book right wingers

its always been much more difficult to book left wingers, sometimes taking months
of course many will point to my content and say its because of my bias

but this has been true going back to VICE days and even during OWS
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