1/ Many people remark that we wouldn't have survived 4 more years of Trump (ym'sh) - and I agree - but this was a 40 year project of destroying the democratic form of US gov., starting with Reagan, and accelerated from Gingrich.

DJT was to almost the final hammer blow.
2/ Both Roosevelts changed the function of the government from preserving the entrenched power to an instrument to help people survive & thrive

TR was a Progressive, tore down the monopolies, established public health etc. When he left the party, the GOP became what it is today
3/ Wilson took up TR's platform (TR helped by splitting the 1912 vote) and when the GOP won in 1920, they actively tried to undermine the entire new project of what America would do for its citizens.

4/ Of course 12 years of retrograde regressive GOP destroyed the economy and led to a worldwide depression which aided the rise of totalitarianism around the world. 1920/1929 and 2020 share so many characteristics

But FDR, thank God, was able to pull us from the brink
5/ For the next 40 years FDR's vision of the government being the support and protector of its citizenry culminated in LBJ's Great Society, finally bringing many of the gifts to the oppressed engine that drove America's prosperity: African-Americans
6/ The Democratic Party switch to support Civil Rights led to the massive white supremacist backlash (the "Southern Strategy" "law and order" and other racist euphemisms) that found leaders in Goldwater (helped by the Q precursor John Birch Society) then Nixon & ultimately Reagan
7/ Nixon still believed in government helping its people, so did GHW Bush, but Reagan manifestly did not and became the pagan god of the anti-government movement. So many GenX Republicans worship Reagan, and it's pathetic given he stands for Sodom's cruelty & greed
8/ When the GOP saw Clinton - a reconstructed hippie married to the scariest type of woman they could imagine, one with a backbone & a brain - they knew the American experiment wasn't going to work. Rather than secede like their grandfathers did, Gingrich destroyed from within
9/ @Teri_Kanefield, exploring the research of many scholars like @HC_Richardson and @TimothyDSnyder, shows how the Roosevelt-LBJ version of government was anathema to the revanchist reactionaries that took over the GOP. That's what's been assaulting us for 40 years
10/ So, yes, we wouldn't have survived another 4 years, but we've been dying off from guns and horrible health care and stagnant wages and disintegrating local news & public education. We barely pulled off saving the country in 2018 & 2020, because we were nearing the end
11/ It's common misconception that Darwinian systems create the 'fittest' and this ideology has been applied to biology and economics. It's the root of the Reaganite worship of markets uber alles, and it's no wonder it's connected to supremacist ideology
12/ All systems run according to conservation of energy, which means they persist not b/c they're optimized for peak performance. Nope: to conserve resources, they run at the lowest level to be barely functional, unless maintained by intelligence & culture to actually be optimal.
13/ If left alone, a system (like government, the markets, a VIRUS) will reduce to it's lowest level of performance that just keeps it working. And since spot-fixes are cheaper than system overhaul, the system will only be fixed piecemeal (#Literalism helps see only trees, too)
14/ America was under assault by the GOP for 40 years, with it turning hot under Gingrich and massive assault under McConnell's obstructionism. This led to Trump (ym'sh) being able to seize the machinery of disdain, rapine and hate the GOP created but left rudderless
15/ Utter neglect - the ideology of The Holy Marketplace - left us with income inequality last seen before Teddy Roosevelt (for why, see above) and a pandemic killing stupefying numbers of citizens, a number of whom voted for the party which doesn't care that they die
16/ So, yes, we pulled away at the last moment before utter societal collapse. The ideology of pre1994 is still found in the military (thank God) which kept us from a full-on autocratic take-over

I just hope we can demolish the evil ideas of the Hoover-Reagan axis & save the USA
17/ Ultimately, I want to use this moment to teach that systems survive, a culture survives, because of active curating & altruistic maintenance. Selfishness, cheating, neglect are all signs of a sick culture.

Those were the sins of slavery & white supremacy. We must change.
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@threader_app please compile.

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12 Jan
1/ OK a few more #Exodus thoughts (because I'm going through a mountain of parsha stuff amidst all my other writing) connected to the #DvarTorah here about the nameless collective-compassionate action of the multitude being the engine of the salvation.
2/ It struck me to link to another conundrum (kinda like the large plague frog in the room): how Pharaoh has his free will removed

So, the nameless action could be a purposeful contrast to the singular powerful individual who normally is history's focus.
3/ IMO God manipulates Pharaoh in order to prevent one person making too much of a difference!

This ties into another larger point I often make about the culpability of the Egyptians & how actually they, not Pharaoh, are the focus of the plagues.
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1/ Another observation the #Literalist fallacy I see about how much Trump (ym'sh) has planned all of the chaos & violence. My overarching point will be that society is structured & that means there's an inherent pattern to effects no matter the 'intelligence' behind the causes
2/ The virus should teach us this. #Literalists claim it was made in a lab because they see a killing-machine that carves its way through society and they must apply individual force & cause to the effectiveness of the biological organism
3/ #Literalists see only the tree, not the forest, so they think every effect stands alone, and thus has individual cause. This is the root fallacy of 'intelligent design'

its what led my ancestors to presume every disease is caused by a demon. Nature becomes personified.
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26.01/ Week twenty-six, Jan. 9-15, 2021, begins here.

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26.02/ Maggie H reports: "I asked for comment from the WH on the chants to hang Mike Pence. 'We strongly condemn all calls to violence, including those against any member of this administration,' said Judd Deere, a WH spokesman" & I love this response:
26.03/ Dr. Perry is right on the money here:
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3 Jan
1/ I'm just reflecting about how many leaders from the Modern Orthodox community passed away in 2020. The list is an overwhelming pantheon of pivotal, unique, and creative rabbis. I'm stunned by the enormity of the loss.
2/ Right at the end of the year, the 9th of Tevet, we lost Rav Henkin z'l, probably the most prominent & compassionate Dati-Leumi posek we had! It's rare to have a highly superior halakhist with unimpeachable standards who is also wise & thoughtful.

3/ Another Dec. loss: Rav Schwartz z'l of Chicago, another towering posek who took brave & indominable positions that understood modern society while having complete, airtight respect for tradition.

In my work in medical halakha, he was a crucial ally.

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25.02/ We've been blaming 2020 for our troubles, but maybe it's b/c it was the Year of the Rat? Acc. to chinesenewyear.net/zodiac/rat/ "In Chinese culture, rats were seen as a sign of wealth and surplus" and if that doesn't describe 2020, what does? (P.S. I was born in a ratty year)
25.03/ This is about the can-opener guy and, yes, he's abusive but strangely proud of it showing us that the AITA topics are possibly not as made up as we assumed.

I pray that when DJT is deposed & disposed these people will feel stigma again.
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27 Dec 20
24.01/ Week twenty-four, Dec. 26, 2020 to Jan 1, 2021 starts here. Last week's thread below

24.02/ Just heard a radio ad where the phrase "Santa is coming with our holiday goods" and, look, can we work harder at keeping the fiction that Holidays is Happy Holidays isn't a one-to-one word for "Xmas"? OK my dudes?
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