Sum: #ChristianNationalism may exist, & it's bad, but the fusion of faith & nation is fringe, not mainstream among white evangelicals (WEs).

False. Chart 1: Majorities of WEs say founding docs are inspired, US has special relationship w/God, & gov should declare US Christian. 1/
Chart 2: We can compare those PDES trends above to publicly available data in the BRS with identical measures. Identical trend. The majority of WEs think the United States has special relationship with God and the federal government should declare the US a Christian nation. 2/
From a different angle, in the 2014 GSS we see the majority of white evangelicals (two-thirds of those over 50 years) think that being a Christian is "very important" to being truly American. So here the majority conflate Christian identity w/civic belonging. 3/
So no, indicators of #ChristianNationalism are NOT FRINGE among evangelicals.

In our book we find between 75-80% of WEs fall into the categories of Accommodator (friendly) or Ambassadors (true believers) of #ChristianNationalism.

CN is mainstream. 4/4

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14 Jan
THREAD: How prevalent is wokeness among white evangelicals (WEs)?

I know, it's a stupid question. I hate the word & there's a 99% chance if you've ever labeled someone "woke" you're an a-hole. But folks are giving sermon series denouncing wokeness so let's try to quantify it. 1/
Let's assume just for the sake of argument someone who's truly "woke" is the kind of person who favors 1) reparations; 2) tearing down Confederate statues; 3) defunding police; and 4) INSISTS on discussing racial issues.

Sound fair? Our PDES data actually has such measures. 2/
Below are 4 statements Americans could indicate agreement with. Scores are 0-4 & adding them together in a "wokeness scale" (cringe) makes a scale from 0-16. Alpha is .88 so the questions hang together. I also divide this into quartiles like @ndrewwhitehead do for CN ... 3/ ImageImage
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4 Jan
THREAD: Thinking today about the ESV's practice of almost always translating the Hebrew word 'almah (young woman) as "virgin." It's probably to preserve the "virgin" of Isa. 7:14, but it forces such funny (even weird) translations elsewhere in the Hebrew Bible. For example... 1/
Psalm 68:25. The Psalmist is describing a victory parade for God. You got singers & musicians, and between them, "virgins"? Why on earth would their sexual status be in view? Just random. Probably just means "young ladies" running around with tambourines. Next up... 2/
Songs of Songs 1:3. My wife says, "Sam, you're such a catch. All the girls who never had sex are just crazy for you." Lol. Why would sexual status matter here? Is virginity in view? Or is this lady simply saying, "I'm so lucky. My guy is such a hit with all the girls."? But... 3/
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23 Dec 19
THREAD: I've made a shortlist of books that were most formative to me as we wrote our forthcoming book on #ChristianNationalism ( If you're into the topic, here are some books you MUST own (not rank ordered). Coauthor @ndrewwhitehead will add his own list
Disclaimers about my list:
1. Just the tip of the iceberg in terms of CN research.
2. I focused on contemporary influences.
3. Didn't include KEY books we didn't have access to that came out post-production (@ThomasSKidd) or are coming out: @kathsstewart @kkdumez @praxishabitus.
How Fascism Works by @jasonintrator. Stanley's book put into words what we've been finding in our empirical work on #ChristianNationalism (CN). CN is pro-demagogue, anti-diversity, anti-feminist, anti-democracy, & anti-science. In sum, CN is pro-fascism.…
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21 Oct 19
THREAD: Sociologists, we need to clear something up about Americans' Bible beliefs.

There's a difference between belief in biblical... 1) inspiration, 2) inerrancy, & 3) literalism.

Just read another article where someone use the terms interchangeably & we gotta stop it. 1/8
Belief in "biblical inspiration" simply means that one believes "the Bible" (autographs? the one in my hands?) was written w/God's divine guidance. How much guidance is open to debate. Belief in "inerrancy" is related, but different. It has a hotly contested history but... 2/8 those who care about it, inerrancy means the original autographs behind our modern Bibles are w/o error in all they affirm, including matters of religion, morality, science, & history. You CAN believe the Bible is divinely inspired w/o being a STRICT inerrantist. Now... 3/8
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13 Aug 19
THREAD: Every so often I'll get a "Hey bro, are you still a Christian?" text/email from an old friend. Usually this is in response to something critical I've posted about evangelicals, certain versions of the Bible, etc. Those texts/emails don't bother me. These are sincere...1/5
...friends who love me & because I keep it pretty professional on Twitter & don't divulge much about my family/faith life, I don't blame them for asking. FWIW, I NEVER mind talking about those things with friends (or even with strangers in more personal contexts). But what... 2/5
...bothers me about those emails/texts is that I'm fairly certain those friends' churches are jam packed with people who voted for Trump in 2016; vocally support him today; & actually kinda like him, his personality, and his way of doing things. And I'm truly disturbed that...3/5
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31 Jul 19
THREAD: I generally like @drantbradley's stuff. And I see his point that progressive Christians also want their civic outlook to be informed by Christian principles (Christian nationalists claim that too), BUT it's wrong to say progressive Christians are "just as Christian... 1/7
...Nationalistic as many on the right," or that they want "to make America a 'Christian Nation.'" I agree that the political Left can be just as tribalistic as the Right & I agree progressive Christians can buy into that tribalism. But it's a misunderstanding of the term... 2/7
...#ChristianNationalism to say that progressive Christians are as guilty of that sort of ideology as the Christian Right. At bottom, #ChristianNationalism seeks to sacralize an ethno-religious conception of American citizenship that defends those who have historically... 3/7
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