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“There’s no such thing as the separation of church and state,” says Christian nationalist David Lane in @washingtonpost video on recruiting North Carolina pastors to run for office. A #ChristianNationalism thread on Lane’s history, extremism and agenda:…
Political operative David Lane has organized pastors to turn churches into GOTV operations for right-wing candidates since mid 1990s. His focus on getting pastors themselves to run for office is more recent, inspired by his pastor-politician Rob McCoy…
In December, David Lane talked about his work with NC Lt Gov Mark Robinson to recruit pastors and church leaders to run for office, calling it the “only shot to save America” because “we’ve given ourselves to the devil.”
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@SpeakerPelosi @TeamPelosi @SenSchumer @WHCOS @POTUS @JoeBiden @dccc @dscc @RepSeanMaloney @DemGovs @DLCC @DemocraticAGs @VP @KamalaHarris @DNC @harrisonjaime
Please read this thread and listen to what I have to say.
We have a serious problem in our country. The GOP is fascist. 1
You need to come up with a united messaging strategy & go on the attack. I'm a lifelong Democrat. I'm incredibly disappointed in the lack of defense of: #JudgeKetanjiBrownJackson; the #LGBTQIA community; abortion rights; voting rights; and civil rights of Americans.
It's time 2/
To have daily press conferences pointing out the danger of the GOP to Americans.
The GOP has been taken over by white, fundamentalist, 'Christian', nationalists, who don't believe in multi-culturalism, democracy, or separation of church & state, aka #Dominionism.
#Ziklag, #CNP 3
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@ThePlumLineGS If you want to expose the movement, look at the following hashtags: #ChristianNationalism; #Dominionists; #exvangelical; #ChurchToo; #SpiritualAbuse; #CouncilForNationalPolicy; #CNP; #Ziklag; #UIP; #Gloo & #ProjectBlitz.

US churches have been using data mining since at least 1/
@ThePlumLineGS 2013. They use #Gloo to target opioid addicts, mentally ill, and vulnerable people for outreach & indoctrination into RW politics.
It's not a coincidence that in 2016 trump won every county with high opioid use. They were targeted.
I heard it in my evangelical Christian church 2/
@ThePlumLineGS Currently #ProjectBlitz, a bill mill like #ALEC, run by radical, conservative, 'Christians', is legislating their religious beliefs into law in the states.
All of the anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ, anti-woman, anti-trans, anti-education legislation is coming from them. It's related 3
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Well I know where she wasn't.

@HillaryClinton wasn't eating, flushing, or waving around top secret documents at Mar A Lardo.

She wasn't compelled to testify in a civil case, with her children, about potential bank & tax fraud.

She didn't get sued for inciting an insurrection.
Would you like to explain to your evangelical Christian voters why the #KochNetwork, #CouncilForNationalPolicy, #UIP, & #gloo are mining their metadata in 60,000 US churches & have the info of 80m parishioners to psyop them into voting Republican?
Curious minds want to know.
Ted doesn't want people to know that that he's not really a Christian. Ted & the current @GOP are #Dominionists. They don't believe in multi-culturalism, democracy, or separation of church and state. It's #ChristianNationalism. They believe that only they should rule us all.
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A Classical Christian Education/University model school is opening in our town. It would be amazing to see a J&JW or #MakingBiblicalWomanhood book about Christian education & the lengths the religious right go to in order to indoctrinate their children in white supremacy.

A 🧵
First. What am I even taking about? Here's a definition from their national website:
This isn't new. I'm not here to get into theological arguments. But the rest of us ignore this to our own detriment. This level of organization is what keeps cranking out right-wing foot soldiers, incels, proud boys, etc. for gens to come. Conservatives have this down to an art.
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Watching @firstdallas online. #Trump giving Jesus run for money in comments. Some seem really excited about Advent of Trump back in White House.
@firstdallas After instrumental music, "service" starts with announcement of #Trump & standing ovation/cheers as @robertjeffress ushers Trump in. So much for James 2 saying not to give special treatment to some visitors.
@firstdallas @robertjeffress Wait, who is being worshiped today?
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🧵 NEW STUDY! We quizzed adults on religion in US political history (see below). We find #ChristianNationalism is THE leading predictor (white) adults pick wrong answers. Why? Likely 2 reasons: 1/ @RuthBraunstein @GorskiPhilip @JoshuaGrubbsPhD @jssrjournal…
First, there's a huge #ChristianNationalism propaganda machine that puts out misinformation about religion (Christianity) in American political history. Folks higher on Christian nationalism are more likely to consume this material. See @anelsona @kathsstewart @AndrewLSeidel 2/
Second, in another study we found folks higher on #ChristianNationalism got lower science scores, not because they're ignorant per se, but b/c when asked about contentious issues (e.g., evolution) they chose answers favoring subculture. @ParadoxOfBelief 3/…
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NEW @SF_Journal study! Emerson & Smith (2000) argued "evangelical religion" divided Black & White Americans on racial inequality. We show it's more accurate to say white #ChristianNationalism explains the gap. 1/ @ndrewwhitehead @RyonCobb @JoshuaGrubbsPhD…
We propose #ChristianNationalism operates (1) as an "epistemology of ignorance" for whites that allows them to rewrite history as "Christian" & "good" & ignore past & present injustices. But (2) it also builds on the fact that "Christian nation" language is racially-coded. 2/
Examining various outcomes, we show the more whites affirm our "race neutral" #ChristianNationalism measures, the more they deny anti-Black injustice & the more they think whites are unfairly targeted. But Blacks' views on racial injustice don't change as CN increases. Why? 3/
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New Report! @ndrewwhitehead & I provided modest consulting here & we’re thrilled @PewReligion is exploring #ChristianNationalism.

I DO NOT speak for Pew in ANY capacity. But I’m happy to offer thoughts on findings for media. Here are some highlights: 1/8…
First, what’s with different numbers? These are not the questions we’ve used. Pew used different wording & MOST importantly, different response options (they discuss this in the report). They’re gonna get somewhat different results. So not strictly comparable to our findings. 2/8
Do percentages seem low? Again, different measures. Further, we already found declining CN between 2007-2017, so lower was expected. AND CN has been on blast for a year+. I’d be SHOCKED if social desirability wasn’t curbing affirmative CN responses by March 2021 (post Jan 6). 3/8
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🚨FORTHCOMING IN JESP🚨w/ @Marah_Alkire, Jo-Ann Tsang, & @wade_rowatt. Religious demographic change increases Christian Americans' perceptions that their religious identity and beliefs as under attack, which predicts greater #ChristianNationalism. (1/13)
Social psychologists (e.g., @mocraig4, @jaricheson) have documented how changing racial demographics evoke threat and trigger conservatism among White Americans. We wanted to know whether simultaneous shifts in America’s religious demographics have a similar impact. (2/13)
Our work piggybacks on recent awesome work from @ClaraLWilkins et al. showing that secularization and LGBT acceptance can trigger threat among American Christians. (3/13)
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.@SenWhitehouse @anelsona
I have something you're going to want to see. 🧵
See embedded 👇 & additional information added here.
We've got a new religious right organization in the beginning stages that needs attention now.
CCDF | County Citizens Defending Freedom #ShadowNetwork
Hannah Petersen explains what they are, how it's structured, capabilities & goals.

She says it's "based in the laws of nature & nature's God" to recognize "breaches of liberty" & ensure "compliance with the declaration of independence, the constitution & the federalist papers". ImageImage
Part 1 ▪︎ CCDFUSA
Just posted 17 Aug 2021 w/only 167 currently having viewed it.
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Yes, we owe it to people of Afghanistan to accept numerous refugees.

No, we can’t make that happen by calling evangelicals “not true Christians.”

The critique of hypocrisy doesn’t affect them, but this framing *does* reinforce the very Christian hegemony that lets them run amok
Hand-wringing pundits have been criticizing evangelicals as hypocrites regularly since 2016. Hypocrisy is a baked in feature of authoritarianism, but what so many Americans refuse to acknowledge—it is crucial to face this—is that Christianity is not always or inherently benign
No complex cultural system subject to communal differentiation and internal contestation—and religions are such systems—is benign in its entirety or in its every iteration.

Religious traditions are multivalent.

There’s no “one true way” to do any such complex system
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I've refrained from commenting on the Library of Congress bomber. Now we know:
Trump voter.
Fan of Huckabee.
Used #GodIsGood.
Said, "I'm an American patriot" and talked of how is Uncle Doug "served his God."
And well, here's a social media post of his:
I've spoken of Christian Nationalism as a permission structure that justifies otherwise immoral acts by appealing to a higher power. This bomber told his livestream audience, "I've clear my conscience with God."

He said he'd "be home Sunday, whichever home it is," i.e., Heaven.
"I have not fear," he added. He wanted to start a revolution with a bomb. He wanted to continue the work the mob started on January 6. "The Revolution starts today, Joe Biden."

"I have no control," he said, "I was picked by the American people.... I love this land. I love God."
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The most important public religion story in the US right now may be the realignment of white Christians around values of justice, love of neighbor & the common good. A short thread on the #RevolutionOfValues that often doesn’t make headlines…
Folks who’ve been driven to extremism by the propaganda of the religious right get a lot of attention. Patriot churches. Capitol rioters w/ Jesus flags. White #ChristianNationalism is dangerous & deserves attention, but its extremism is the desperation of a shrinking minority.
As @robertpjones has noted, @PRRIpoll’s latest data shows that white evangelicals as a percentage of US population have shrunk from roughly a quarter of Americans to less than a 7th. Why?
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Last summer #ChristianNationalism predicted Americans disregarded #COVID19 precautions. Was there a consequence?

In Feb 2021 we asked adults if they'd contracted COVID. Line graph is full CN scale; Bar graph is CN as binary. CN predicts *contracting* COVID but only for whites.
Shouldn't be surprising since not only did we show in the above study #ChristianNationalism predicted disregarding #COVID19 precautions, but we've shown elsewhere CN also predicts rejecting vaccines in general & COVID vaccine specifically. @ndrewwhitehead…
That first study I mentioned in the original tweet is free to read btw. As is the one I included above showing CN predicts rejecting all vaccines.…
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They need to check under this guy's house. After they admit him in psych.

Folks we have a huge problem in America, well, a lot of them.
Radicalized religious beliefs #ChristianNationalism
#QAnonCult garbage
#FauxNews who I guarantee this deranged, very very ill person watches./1
"Make babies. Who likes making babies? That feels good, doesn't it? Procreate... You haven't masturbated? Don't answer that question... God already knows." /2
"You were not following - not my rules - gods rules right now. You better take a Bible." /3
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#FridayThread #ToRead Try to keep up.
Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories. Relevant news, studies and stories #thread. #TheMoreYouKnow #April30th Image
Matt Gaetz’s Wingman Just Completely Screwed Him Over
#Vintage99 #AssSalad… Image
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Let's begin #ChristianNationalism. We have a problem.

1/ It’s Time to Talk About Violent Christian Extremism
There’s a “strong authoritarian streak” that runs through parts of American evangelicalism, warns Elizabeth Neumann. What should be done about it?…
2/ #ChristianNationalists see it in cataclysmic terms: This is the moment, and God’s going to judge us,” she says. “When you paint it in existential terms like that, a lot of people feel justified to carry out acts of violence in the name of their faith.”
3/ Some people interpreted it as: Love of country and love of our faith are the same thing. And for others, there’s an actual explicit theology.
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It’s outrageous that GA’s voter suppression bill makes it illegal to give food & water to voters waiting in line. But read on, b/c it gets much worse...
Folks in Atlanta will bring their own water bottles & vote en masse in response to this assault on democracy. But if this law stands, a state board can override their county board & throw out their ballots if they don’t like the results.
This is the state-level control of local elections that ALEC began lobbying for last spring, long before false claims of “widespread fraud” & a “stolen election” in Nov. See @anelsona’s reporting on this:…
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1.) Apropos @BryanLowry3's KCStar profile of the man behind @HawleyMO's curtain, R political operative Timmy Teepell, a thread on Teepell's political mentor, homeschooling defense lawyer Michael Farris, who spear-headed the Christian evangelical takeover of the movement.
2. ) Lowry's profile of Teepell, @HawleyMO's leading advisor:…
3.) Farris took over the homeschooling movement and empowered the Christian evangelical sect, in which children are homeschooled in a radical religious vision to take over the government. You could call them madrassas.…
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OK, #christiannationalism conversation: frequently, it seems as though those writing about it are doing so disapprovingly (even if there's a gloss of scholarly neutrality). But it's not clear to me what it is that they are disapproving *of.* What is the principle?
One could ask a set of questions.
1. Is it wrong for there to be an established church in any state/polity? (i.e. was it wrong for the Aksum Empire to exist as a Christian Empire in Ethiopia in 350 AD; is it wrong for England and Samoa and Zambia to be officially Christian now?)
2. Why or why not?
3. Is it wrong for a polity to have *any* established religion? (i.e. was it wrong for the Sassanid Empire to be Zoroastrian, for Athens to have been consecrated to Athena, for Bhutan to be Buddhist, for Egypt and Morocco to be Islamic?)
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oh wow, Georgia has just introduced legislation (HB 547) making an optional* student-led prayer in schools, and went ahead and WROTE THE SCRIPT for the Christian prayer which would be in statute! #GAleg #churchandstate @americansunited @BJContheHill…
also love the fact that this is joined at the hip with the Pledge of Allegiance recitation #christiannationalism @ndrewwhitehead @ryanburge @socofthesacred @kelsey_dallas @jackmjenkins
ha nice, having my first RIP my mentions moment. but just fun fact for everyone ripping on the GOP for this, the primary sponsor is Democrat Sharon Henderson…
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THREAD: How can we spot #ChristianNationalism in the wild?

In our studies we rely on survey questions to measure CN's distribution & impact among Americans. But since folks can't pass around surveys, here's a diagnostic.


Dead giveaway. If a professing Christian clearly sees non-Christians as enemies to be defeated, controlled, or kept separate rather than SERVED, LOVED, BEFRIENDED, etc., they're thinking as CN culture warrior. The idea of dying for the unworthy is repellent. 2/

When a Christian talks about the "Christianity" people need, does it sound like they're talking about a "culture" (values, morals, worldviews, behaviors) or a person (Jesus). CN isn't about folks meeting Jesus; it's about white conservative dominance. 3/
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