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13 Jan, 6 tweets, 1 min read
The Long Night Ahead
(from 2017)

The REAL danger facing a world interconnected by networking isn't disruption. As we have seen on numerous occasions, the danger posed by disruptive information and events is fleeting.

"Disruption, although potentially painful in the short term, doesn't last, nor is it truly damaging over the long term. In fact, the true danger posed by an internetworked world is just the opposite of disruption."

"This danger is an all-encompassing online orthodoxy. A sameness of thought and approach enforced by hundreds of millions of socially internetworked corporations. A global orthodoxy that ruthless narrows public thought down to a single, barren, ideological framework."

A ruling network that prevents dissent and locks us into stagnation and inevitable failure as it runs afoul of reality and human nature.

This ruling network already exists.

"It is growing and deepening with each passing day -- extending its tendrils into the media, the civil service, tech companies, and academia. There's little doubt that over time it will eventually exert decisive influence over the entire government as well. "

"Fortunately, as large and powerful as this network already is, I still believe this dark future is avoidable. We still have a short time before a long night descends across the world."

John Robb
Sep 2017,
Global Guerrillas


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13 Jan
Non-sequitur of the day.

Always loved this quote by Manstein.

"There are only four types of officer. First, there are the lazy, stupid ones. Leave them alone, they do no harm…"

"Second, there are the hard-working, intelligent ones. They make excellent staff officers, ensuring that every detail is properly considered."

"Third, there are the hard-working, stupid ones. These people are a menace and must be fired at once. They create irrelevant work for everybody."

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5 Jan

Extra vaccines left available after the scheduled people get their shots. They go bad in an hour or so.

There's a scramble to find people to vaccinate. Bureaucrats in charge of the facility warn everyone not to get a vaccine out of turn (or else).

Vaccines spoil.
America doesn't have any organizational flexibility anymore.

No can do. Let's make it work.

Everything seems brittle.
People don't want a vaccine?

Who cares?

There's a hundred million-plus that do.

Focus on them. Get it done.
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22 Dec 20
Who gets vaccines first?

“Older populations are whiter... Society is structured in a way that enables them to live longer. Instead of giving additional health benefits to... them, we can start to level the playing field a bit.”

Harald Schmidt PhD UPENN…
"In a meeting last month, all voting members of the committee (of independent health experts advising the CDC) indicated support for putting essential workers ahead of people 65 and older and those with high-risk health conditions."
“To me the issue of ethics is very significant, very important for this country, and clearly favors the essential worker group because of the high proportion of minority, low-income and low-education workers among essential workers.”

Peter G. Szilagyi, MD UCLA
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28 Nov 20
"racing to enact the biggest change to the federal civil service in generations, reclassifying (tens of thousands of) career employees at key agencies to strip their job protections and leave them open to being fired"…
FWIW, this should happen after every policy disaster.

For example, after the financial crisis, everybody in top positions with an influence on economic/financial policy prior to the crisis should have been fired/blacklisted from government service/consulting.
There's a long list of policy disasters over the last 25 years, yet all of the people involved never paid any price for their bad decision making.

We did.
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22 Nov 20
What would an AR overhaul mod do?

It would change everything in the visual/auditory/logical environment that you are living in to provide a compelling experience.

For example.

- Lighting. Gamma. Color palette. Contrast. Shadows. Particles. Bloom.
- Sound. Dynamically triggered background music and background sounds (triggers - location/interactions/etc.).

- Changes (in real-time) to the appearance, voices, etc of the people you interact with. From skin to clothing to accents...
- Changes to architecture. From materials to color to embellishments to design to period.

- Changes to the natural world. From stary night skies to post-apocalyptic scrub trees.

- New objects. From pictures to furniture to curios. Everything that clutters the background.
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29 Sep 20
A small example of networked social cascade:

1) We get a parking ticket from a community college we never visited that lists our license plate but incorrectly describes our car make/model. Apparently, the private security guard transcribed it wrong. We ignore it.

2) Six months later, I try to renew my driver's license online, just before my birthday. It's denied due to an unpaid parking ticket (the one from the community college). Apparently, it is a state school. We call them, they say it is too late to dispute it.

3) While working through the problem, my driver's license expires. A few days later, a cop in a nearby town stops my car (driven by my daughter's boyfriend) looking for me. The cop was using a license plate scanner and my cars were flagged for an expired license.

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