@TimAlberta, your framing here leaves off a critical point @RepJasonCrow made: "Welcome to the club." Rs are not the only ones getting threats. They are simply the only ones using that as an excuse for inaction.
1/ When the President of the United States and his allies are amping up threats of violence, every one of us with the courage to do what is right has to deal with those consequences. Not just members. Members' families. Members' staffs. It is frightening, despicable, horrible.
2/ But Jason and I, and several dozen others are all in office because we stood up to Trump in 2018 when our predecessor's didn't. The voters in our district did not change, but the leadership did.
3/ Don't get me wrong. I have tremendous sympathy for anyone, public or private who has to deal with these threats. But to see everything that has happened over the last 4 years and STILL cower in fear of action is to flag yourself as fundamentally unfit for public service.
4/ To the extent that people like Jason and I are in any way safer than they are today it is only because we have used our platforms over the last 2 years to speak to our constituents common humanity, to lead people to the light. To lead.
5/ Those across the aisle have that same opportunity. The question is only whether they have the ability. /fin

• • •

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14 Jan
I'm glad 10 members of the @HouseGOP found their spines today, but the story of the last few weeks is that the @HouseGOP has become steadily more radicalized in the wake of these events. Some quick math:
1/ There are 211 Republicans in House in the 117th Congress.

On 12/10/20, 114 of them signed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court seeking to throw out the results of free and fair elections in 4 states.

A MAJORITY of them. 54% opposed democracy on 12/10/20
2/ On 1/6/21, terrorists, "summoned, assembled and inflamed" (per Liz Cheney) by Trump attacked the US House seeking to overturn the November 2020 election.
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13 Jan
I've said it before, but so much of what has led to the crisis of patriotism, decency, safety and security in today's @GOP is explained by this chart. H/T @LeadershipNP
1/ The left side of that chart represents a huge diversity of interests. You can't get elected to high office as a D unless you have a view of the country that encompasses all.
2/ And the right side: you can't get elected as an R unless you pledge fealty to gun-nuts. One side selects for intelligence and empathy. One side selects for obedience.
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10 Jan
American citizens and businesses depend on the protections of the rule of law and our democracy. They also donate to candidates. Let's get a movement going to #DefundTheSeditionists. Thread follows to help you identify who pressure your employer to pull their support from:
1/ Here's a list of the Members of Congress who signed onto the Amicus Brief to throw out the results in GA, PA, WI, MI. projects.propublica.org/represent/memb…
2/ Here's the list of the 121 members who voted "Yea" to throw out the results of the Arizona election AFTER terrorists stormed the Capitol to do the same. clerk.house.gov/evs/2021/roll0…
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10 Jan
126 members of the @HouseGOP asked SCOTUS to throw out the results of democratic elections in GA, PA, WI and MI. 121 members voted AFTER terrorists stormed the capital to throw out the results in AZ. Upon reflection, 138 voted to throw out the results in PA a few hours later.
This is not a small fringe. This is the majority of the @HouseGOP. They have consistently voted against democracy, even after terrorists stormed the capital, killing people to demand exactly the same thing.
In total, that is 173 members who signed onto at least one of those actions. 161 who are still seated in the 117th Congress.
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9 Jan
We really need to re-examine how we use the word "leadership" in DC. Leaders lead. People in leadership are sometimes cut from that cloth, and sometimes are just good at getting in leadership positions. @GOPLeader is of the latter cohort. politico.com/news/2021/01/0…
1/ We need the former but the @GOP is doomed by the latter. Keep in mind that AFTER the attack Wednesday, 57% of the House GOP voted to affirm the will of the terrorists and overturn a democratic election in AZ.
2/ A few hours later as we'd learned a bit more about the scope of what happened, that number INCREASED. 65% of the House @GOP voted with the terrorists to throw out the results of a democratic election in PA.
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8 Jan
Thread 2, which is only sort of about today's news, but I think important. COVID has hurt our national empathy in ways that I think contributed to the crisis this week. We have a collective obligation to understand, and try to minimize further damage:
1/ This all started from a conversation with a colleague and friend on Monday. (She didn't consent to be ID'd, so forgive my anonymity). Point is this was 2 days before the seditious acts of terrorism that happened yesterday.
2/ She noted that everyone in her district was "going to their corners" and getting ready for a fight. Not because they were bad, but because our months of quarantine have kept us from spending time with people different from ourselves.
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