You've found your way here, likely, through the process of digression and reincarnation (either literal or allegorical).

WTF is going on is the question for the ages--and--it's hotly debate, exactly "WTF is going on".
People with much to lose are sneaking and lying and paralleling the truth. You can learn more here:…

This was my 1st ever "interview on the internet". The man interviewing me has tragically passed away. Almost two years now probably. How sad.
So it's nearly impossible to discern just WTF is going on. They're tossing around huge military budgets just to manage such things.

I mean, here's a document from 2019, (22 pages), and it's alleging to explain how much is in the budget for 'counterintelligence programs'.
Here's the link, though I've not read it:…

Of course "counter-intelligence" is just a made up marketing word for "LIES".

So if they're budgeting in the billions, how in the HELL can we ever know WTF is going on?

And that's not the half of it!
AND if you DO figure out a tiny piece of WTF is going on, they'll attack you & troll you.(Using invisible robots of course). & they'll waste your time, & if you're not careful they'll ruin your reputation, especially if you talk of JEWS, which you're likely of course to do.
It would seem that JEWS have a BIG PART to play in "WTF is going on", or, perhaps they've used that BIG budget to just make it LOOK like Jews are involved. Yyou see how convoluted this gets? And now we're both anti-Semites--you and I--Because, I wrote about Jews, and you read it.
And perhaps it's not Jews, it's Jesuits. Or it's Freemasonry. Or it's the British Crown VS the Catholic Church. And this digression goes on and on.

IF you start listing people--and--you fail to mention the Illuminati, or the CFR, or the Council of 100, or Club of Rome, or...
The lesser known CNP, or maybe we need to add Saudi Royals, or very secret and powerful homosexuals... My god if you fail to list ALL of the possible players, then some well informed person on the internet will point our your flaws or omissions or your glaring bias, and now what?
I mean SERIOUSLY!? Now what. Do we try to address our biases or omissions? Do we accuse them of their own biases or omissions? Maybe we accuse them of being a SHILL?! Perhaps they ARE a shill, and they're actually an invisible robot just pretending to be a human on the internet.
Or maybe they're someone in an "asian" country, getting paid pennies a day to manage a whole bank of smart phones or computers, like these people we see in the photographs here on Google:
...and it goes WAY downhill from here man. I mean we can ask WTF is going on with more specify and it becomes a goddamned NIGHTMARE.


✅ "" "" "" W/ART
✅ "" "" "" W/ CENSORSHIP
✅ "" "" "" W/ THE WEATHER
✅"" "" "" W/ UFO'S/ALIENS
We can do this endlessly.

I didn't even scratch the surface right?

...and where are we now? We've made it clear we know FAR LESS of 'WTF is going on' than we did when I 1st started trying to answer your question.

I do hope this helps!

It looks like I might have been prompted to write this thread by a BOT!

...oh the IRONY!

• • •

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Been a while since I chased a quote on a snowy day. Thanks!

Of course it was buried & censored nearly to death.

I posted the screen-shot because my ISP gives me 'dire warnings' about visiting

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would you believe I found the PDF of his diary and actually found the quote with "ctrl+F", all on my own?

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I have been studying this topic since at least 2004. Maybe earlier. Back then it was 'forum posts' where you'd see the blatant hijacking and 'flaming of threads'.
There were guides showing how 'agents/shills'were assigned to take over boards or how to slide & bury information that they wanted to keep out of the public eye.

This huge thread from reddit explains how pervasive all of this is now in the late 2000s:
This is all very real, but most people just don't know or they discount how serious the problem is, because the internet "feels real"... Especially social media.

It really feels like you're interacting with real people.
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I have great sympathy on Jared K. He doesn't seem alright. Don't seem like he's in there. I almost feel bad for making my "Jared Kushner is the Satanic Jewish Antichrist" meme. Almost.

I can't bring myself to quite 'feel bad' because it's true. I've read @jarue369 .
The evidence is paramount. They really born and raised this poor guy to be a vessel. He seems like an awkward gangling teen to me. Like he really wants everyone to believe that he was just BS'n w/ #ye about policy. Maybe asking if he's gonna drop Donda... maybe Ivanka can finally relax & do a booty dance in her Kim K SKIMS that she was comped. They can finally 'let loose' before they have to make so many meetings and appearances. Before they have to acquiesce to Trump and his advisors. They can finally just relax and fuck.
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