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Ok I know she is my dog and all but, Inca the world’s smallest sheepdog, @WSheepdog has just hit legendary status in my eyes.
Darkness had fallen when I was about to feed ewes their evening meal. A misty rain had started to fall. I flicked the yard lights on when I heard Inca whine and bark over at a water tank. I knew a rat was cornered. She doesn’t whine if it’s a mouse.
Farm rats around here are big, as big as she is and sometimes even bigger.
So I leave the yard to go find Bear & Pepper as they are both excellent ratters and can dispatch a rat in seconds.
When I return with canine crew back up, Inca’s growler is going strong.
I’ve locked out the Big Fellow as he has reached that age & stage in life where he bumbles a hunt, so a rat is most likely to get away. SheWolf is also locked out as she will attack Bear in the excitement of a hunt which limits his quick killer attack.
Now there are three ways for this rat to exit from under the water tank. Pepper is at one, Bear at another and Inca has stationed herself at the third.
So all three dogs are tense in readiness at their chosen corners with SheWolf whining and barking in annoyance at being locked on the wrong side of the gate.
I get the hose pipe and thread it over Bear’s head to give fright & chase rat out of its hiding place. Mr rat can see 2 of his escape routes blocked by big dog heads but the third has a small headed dog.
Even though it is whining in frustration, Mr rat decided Inca was the easy escape route.

Mr rat ran directly at and into Inca to escape. She grabbed him by the throat to asphyxiate him. It screams as she grabbed it. Needle teeth pinched its oesophagus.


Bigger than her!!
It try’s to squirm itself free of her grip, but she growls and grips harder. Inca only has a few seconds of a determined fight with this monster rat. Then Bear raced around grabs the rats body & starts shaking it to kill it.
Inca still has her death grip on it, but must let go as she is flung across the ground by Bears ferocious killer shakes.

But she had that rat and wasn’t going to let it go but for Bear’s extra strength she lost her prize.
This all took seconds and in the excitement the SheWolf leapt over the gate to pounce on Bear in her enthusiasm.

Luckily the rat was dead by then.
I opened the gate and let Bear trot off proudly with Inca’s rat to bury it somewhere.

No doubt a fox will dig it up during its hunt tonight to have a tasty meal.

That my friends is the story of tonight’s hunt which displayed to me what a fearless dog Inca is.

• • •

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