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13 Jan, 5 tweets, 2 min read
A very good point. The argument is nog longer whether what Trump did is defensible, but whether he should face any consequences for it. Hard to take people seriously when they insist the answer is no, but then want to punish others for lesser or non-existent offenses.
If you want to unify, then everyone should unify against Trump. Including Trump voters. What he did was a betrayal to the country and indefensible on any sane level. Regardless of specifics regarding punishment, that's the path forward.
As I've always said, noting hypocrisy and trying to hold others accountable is not wrong and is not whataboutism. But that differentiation depends on a willingness to actually also call out bad behavior on your own side. That's where it has to start.
I'm fine if someone arguing impeachment isn't the answer, but then you should offer one up that doesn't amount to just excusing bad behavior with no consequences. You don't set a bank robber free because the bank got the $ back & he promises to stop robbing banks for now.
And to be clear: Trump's crime wasn't just on Jan 6th. He spent months lying to ppl who trust him, spreading conspiracies to undermine our system, threatening officials to back his attempts to steal an election, unleashing the mob on Republicans. Jan 6th was just the culmination.

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11 Jan
He doesn't have success!

He got 74 million bc of huge increase in voter access, which was only 47% of the vote. He lost by 7 m voters to Biden (& even the least likable Dem nominee in recent history got 5M more votes than him). He lost the race to a guy that barely campaigned.
You can take some policy and arguments from him to appeal to some of the new voters he brought in (though many were simply alienated by Dems move to the far left), but he as a person is toxic to any future electoral success.
And most of his voters, except for a very small minority of cultists, will have no issue with that once they realize he's a loser politician that threw them under the bus. And obsessing just about keeping those cultists will cost you the rest.
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10 Jan
People need to understand how conspiracies become mainstreamed. All it takes is someone with a platform and trusted audience to tell them it's true.

That's all it takes for good people to believe it. Those who spread that conspiracy are betraying the people who trust them.
An example: my parents asked me if there was any truth to the claims that the election was stolen via massive voter fraud. I told them there wasn't.

As they trust me, they no longer believed it. But most Trump supporters didn't have anyone they trust telling them the truth.
Part of that is because the press had no credibility with those people (& that lack of credibility was earned). The other part of it is that many of the people who did instead promoted, or at least ignored, those lies.
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10 Jan
Disgusting to watch. You can't legitimately claim to be supportive of police or against the attempts to smear/attack police from the left, and then remain silent about this.
This is allegedly an image from the attack that led to officer Sicknick's death.
Here is the video of the attack on Officer Sicknick. You can see them drag him into the crowd (0:20) and then beat him while he is on the ground unconscious. If you can help identify any of these people, pls contact authorities:…
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10 Jan
To be clear: Trump/allies spent months lying to supporters w false claims about the election being stolen. Then he summoned his most extreme supporters to D.C. on Jan 6th. Then he lied to those people and told them Pence/R's in Congress can unilaterally make him the winner. 1/2
Then Trump told that angry mob to be "strong," told them they can't allow the "steal" and directed them to go to the Capitol. He created that situation, and then made it worse.

And as it blew up, he just repeated the same lies that caused the mob.

Those are the facts.
We can argue about policies, speech, double standards etc., but what happened on Wednesday was one of the most shameful events in recent American history and Donald Trump's complicity in it is not up for debate.
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7 Jan
This is complete nonsense. It's gaslighting that requires ignoring what we actually witnessed on a nightly basis last summer.
I think rioters should be treated far more harshly and face far more consequences than they have in each of those instances.
And yes, storming the Capitol is different, but the response was mostly a reflection of how poorly prepared Capitol police were for such mob action.

The response would have clearly been different if the National Guard was there from the start.
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6 Jan
Lol I love this clownish argument where people cite Trump's totals after voter access got expanded (but then same people can't believe Biden got 81M)

Trump in 2016: 46.1%
Trump in 2020: 46.9%
Romney in 2012: 47.2%

Romney just faced a better candidate.
Trump BARELY won one race against the least likable Dem nominee in recent history while losing the popular vote.

He attracted some new working-class voters to Republicans, but also alienated a ton of suburban voters with his antics.
More importantly, those who tried to imitate him did terribly. It's really indisputable that Republicans did significantly better in elections 2010-2014 than 2016-2020. The Republicans who won managed weren't the ones that tried to copy Trump.
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