Here are some photos of the area around the Capitol today where you can see (if you enlarge the photos) all of the National Guard, Secret Service, tank, and fences. P.S. he’s getting his wall but it’s in DC. See below. /1
Here is a shot with the National Guard and police. /2
Capitol through the fence /3
Zoom in to see tanks /4
Standing guard. These guys were everywhere. /5
Trucks and tanks (view from near Union Station). /6
More trucks and tanks /7
Trump’s wall being built in DC. /8
Buildings being boarded up. /9
Inauguration setup continuing. /10
After walking around I took a long drive around DC. Besides getting nowhere near the Capitol, you could get nowhere near the WH/Treasury complex and most of the streets in the Metro Center area totally blocked. Armed men everywhere you turned in DC. Didn’t look like America. /END

• • •

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23 Oct 20
I'm not as worked up as everyone else in DC seems to be about this new EO creating a Schedule F for civil service....IF there is a 2nd Trump term, the EO will 💯be an issue. BUT that is a big IF. If Trump doesn't win, the EO calls for a "preliminary review" of positions /1
Within 90 days (before inauguration day), followed by a "complete review" of those positions within 210 days (well after inauguration day). Those reviews are going to take TIME to complete by each agency and the agencies' HR staff. HR staff are technical in federal govt & not /2
Known for being super quick in turning things around (some exceptions apply of course). What that means is that these fire-able schedule F positions won't be identified by the agencies or "classified" by HR before Inauguration Day, and so I'm not worried about a wholesale /3
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9 Aug 20
Feels like a good time for a thread: We expect @JoeBiden to make his VP announcement this week, in anticipation of the Democratic National Convention kicking off on Aug. 17. My prediction is that we will hear on Monday the 10th. As many of you may know about me, I'm hoping /1
it's Kamala Harris, but no matter whom Joe chooses, I'll still be working as hard as I can between now and November to make sure we don't have 4 more years of Donald Trump. To that end, I have a few thoughts to share, which you are welcome to pass along if helpful:
1. If you want to be part of the first conversations between the new VP nominee & Joe Biden, pls RSVP here -- as long as you donate any amount, you can be on their Zoom call.…
2. There is a saying that Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line. /3
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9 Apr 20
Thread: A friend who is a Bernie supporter asked me for talking points for why Bernie supporters should vote for Biden, rather than sit this next election out. Sharing here in case others need the advice for folks they know who supported Bernie. /1
Most every democrat in America did not get their first choice of candidate. Everyone is understandably angry and frustrated when their candidate of choice is forced to drop out. We are almost all victims of having to settle. The anger and frustration will subside. /2
The DNC did not decide who would be the nominee. The voters decided. There were countless debates & voters rejected Elizabeth, Kamala, Pete, etc. Bernie is not a victim any more than the rest are. He also took an active part in the formulation of the DNC debate rules 2019-20. /3
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5 Mar 20
True story. Two years ago a woman reached out to me whom I didn’t know to ask me to coffee to talk politics. Turns out she had been a Republican, but had voted for Hillary. After she watched the Kavanaugh hearings, she decided she could no longer be a Republican AND she /1
Told me she planned on helping the Democrats take back the White House in 2020. So she not only left her party because of Trump & the Kavanaugh confirmation, but she wanted to spend her free time to work elect a Democrat. Fast forward 2 years, & I heard from her tonight. /2
She wrote to tell me that she is thrilled that Biden may be the nominee and that she and her good friend (also ex-Republican) want to meet next week to discuss what they can do to help get Trump out of the WH. The reason this is important is b/c I would not have heard from her /3
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8 Feb 20
Thread: I'm getting a lot of questions offline about what folks can be doing politically right now. Here are a few areas:
1. Donate, even small amounts to candidates you support, including folks running for US Senate. For example, Amy McGrath to flip Mitch McConnell's seat; /1
or Sara Gideon to flip Susan Collins' seat. Even $5 helps candidates b/c it all adds up.
2. Pick a cause that matters and donate and/or get involved. For example, find a chapter of Moms Demand Action for gun sense reform near you. It is an instant community of like-minded /2
people working to help pass common-sense gun reform laws. Or find another issue or cause that speaks to you.
3. If you don't want to volunteer for one candidate, sign up to register voters, especially in states that aren't already blue. Parts of VA, GA, NC, PA, TX, WI, MI, FL /3
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31 Jan 20
Quick pep talk: We knew before it started that this Senate trial not be likely to end in impeachment. We have known this. Even if it wasn’t a sham trial, like it now seems to be, without witnesses, we knew removal was a long shot. So take a deep breath, & think about how mad /1
You are today and this weekend. And remember that these Republican votes were never within our control. And make a list of what you are willing to do through November which is within YOUR control. Making donations? Knocking on doors? Phone banking? Feeding canvassers? Driving /2
Voters to the polls? Hosting a fundraiser with your friends to talk about politics? Allowing your home to be used for phone banking parties? Whatever it is, you need to channel this frustration for the long haul to win in November. And, most importantly, don’t say you don’t /3
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