Parsing the data dump from Parler will take some time.

But just to give you an idea of its use.

This is a global shot of videos uploaded over a defined time period.

Fair to say Parler was mostly US users.

From this data set, UK (England?) was the second biggest user set Image
The data set lets you drill down a fair bit. Each of those dots on the map is a geo-located video upload.
During the upload Parler -unlike say Twitter - retained location metadata. Sloppy operation.
Privacy probably not a big concern if your profiting off hate merchants... Image
As the US impeaches its President for a second time and the FBI has issued warnings about potentially armed paramilitaries at each of all 50 capitol buildings over the next few weeks, its probably a good a time as any for anti-fascists (thats most of us yeah) to get this data Image
As we can see use in the UK is predominantly England, which is no surprise English nationalism and white supremacism are a skip and a jump apart.

Again this is just a quick glance.

We can go further into the data Image
We can pull into specific points. This is a cluster in Ireland and for each recorded upload there is an associated longitude and latitude, the time and date of upload and a unique assigned video ID.

Other iterations of this map include direct links to video content. Image
Much of this is the initial work of a massive data set, with the focus currently on video. More will come out over time.

You can check out one version of the map here

• • •

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11 Jan
This isn't misinformation

It's disinformation in that it's sharing knowing that it's false information

From a gov minister at the peak of a pandemic they have lost control of and trying to blame those doing the actual frontline care work

Woeful stuff

While people are out volunteering to help with vaccines, and wages have been effectively stagnant for most of the population, this TD is happy to bump up their own wages on the Monday to Friday......
Here is the same TD calling other lazy earlier this year…
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8 Dec 20
It's quite stunning how unnuanced any conversation about "the troubles" in the north remains.

Its almost always through the prism of the desired intended impact the conversation will have on specific parties today & very little about set of circumstances of the time.
As someone who grew up in that hyper-violence, the cold clinical political calculations in the conversation today seem to want to avoid engaging with the reality that a civil rights movement was brutally suppressed by a sectarian state carved out post partial independence.
Its entirely possible to not have supported the PIRA campaign, but also understand the set of circumstances of why some people resorted to up arms in the context of the time. The air of authoritarianism existed both north and south. The culture of violence did too.
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8 Dec 20
Heres Hermann Kelly @hermannkelly on SF's 'immigration policy'

"The party of touts and louts in Sinn Fein, you gotta laugh, they present themselves as a nationalist party. Their immigration policy is basically Brits out, Chinese in"

This guy is a racist organiser full stop.
Hermann Kelly @hermannkelly moves on to the antisemitic conspiracy theory 'cultural marxism'
Says SF's 'cultural marxism' is stolen from the Workers Party andhe's neither were really republican.

Without a hint of irony hes saying all this to an ex squaddie.

Racism writ large
Hermann Kelly @hermannkelly then making a direct connection between abortion and immigration. A very public stance in the American far-right, and Christian fundamentalism generally.

Both underpinned by a founding concept of white supremacy and fear of 'white genocide'
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27 Nov 20
Vodafone out across all of Dublin.

Sort it out, this is too regular for it to be normal @VodafoneIreland

This @VodafoneIreland outage is growing by the minute.

Cork seems to be out now too.
Outage is all over
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26 Nov 20
He's mates with another American migrant Brendan Keane, who was involved in pushing hate against - you guessed it - other migrants who they deem 'not Irish'

It's worth saying that 'Irish' is a term of convenience when they actually mean 'white like me'
My tweet earlier wasnt random. This guy is an active member of Hermann Kellys Irish Freedom Party.

A racist anti-migrant astroturf group.

A group that was involved in direct provision protests against people and families seeking state protection

They are busy tonight. Image
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11 Oct 20
A few points here.
These are violence and death threat posted on SM yesterday by fascists. This is not abnormal at this stage.

I choose to do some of this work identifably. Others prefer otherwise for lots of reasons. Those choices take precedent over on demand media access.
When we take the security of individuals seriously, or desire of people to not engage with media, it's normal that people filming will be asked about it. There are very real security risks for us. They take priority over unthinkingly speaking politely to everyone with a camera.
Do I support journalists feeling threatened? No.

Would I like journalist to be aware of the dynamics in these situations? Yes

Would I like the framing of yesterday to not be dullard horseshoe 'anti fascism is as bad as fascism'? That's not in my gift.
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