COVID Update January 13: I have been asked one question over and over by the press, states, hospitals & others: what’s the first thing you expect to be different with Biden as president?

My answer: getting the truth. 1/
We are a week from the results of what happens when the country is stoked with lies. Those lies cause people to behave irresponsibly as they did attacking a false election claim. 2/
The same exact thing is true with the pandemic. We are dealing with the effects of lies.

Why not enough tests? Why caught flat footed? Why are people under-reacting?

Because they are living in a world full of lies. 3/
If COVID and the election of Joe Biden are both lies, then if you believe those lies, you act accordingly. 4/
All progress must be built on truth.

And there’s no single more important place for Biden to start. 5/
Take a look at what happened when I asked the new CDC Director what’s going to happen next.

Listen to how she answers questions. 6/
If you listen to the 30 minute interview on @inthebubblepod, you may have the same reaction I did.

Is this what it feels like to listen to a responsible, honest adult? 7/
And as she says her truth starts with what she tells the president-elect? Difficult truths. Not: “I got this sir.” Not: “you’re the greatest sir.” Not: “I think we can spin this?” Or: “Let’s avoid accountability & declare victory.”

Those are lies that create more lies. 8/
And let me be clear. People are lied to when they want to be lied to. When they won’t brook dissent. When they won’t ask tough questions. When they spin themselves. When everything is a reflection on them.

Trump hired liars and he trained liars. 9/
Real leaders invite bad news and look critically when good news is reported. Not the other way around. 10/
And real leaders don’t hide in tough times. They are present. 11/
Watch that Rochelle Walensky video and see how much simpler the truth is.

And when advisors are free to speak to the public and free to dissent, we can expect to get the truth. 12/
The truth will help us greatly. Sometimes it’s scary. Sometimes it’s inconvenient. Sometimes it will reveal that full answers are not known. 13/
But we can all make better decisions for our families. We can use the free press to get better answers. We can estimate the length of sacrifice. 14/
A pandemic response is tough to begin with. A pandemic response built on lies is doomed to failure. 15/
Once a common set of facts is discussed, data shared regularly, it won’t end all arguments. But it create a common basis for what we can achieve? 16/
Money from Congress to support vaccines rolling out
Best practices to reduce risk
Clarity around what is safe & not
The ability to hear from scientists directly 17/
Watching Congress today should assure us however that lies and politics are still happily married.

Lies are easy to tell but can be turned against the liar. Those who lied that “lockdowns are worse than the virus” were now themselves locked down. 18/
The truth is the pandemic isn’t gone. And the path forward will have twists & turns. It’s also true that things won’t get better right away. What is true is the new team will bring competence, compassion & honesty & be held to a very high standard from their boss. 19/
But some things will change day 1.

In a word: the malarkey.


• • •

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15 Jan
COVID Update January 14: My last nightly thread for a while.

What I want to say is it’s not time for despair. It’s time to fix things and move our country forward. 1/
There was a point in time in this pandemic when we didn’t know up from down.

There was a time when people in charge were describing up as down. 2/
We’ve seen the worst of the worst. We’ve been through hell and we’re not done. We’ve lost things that can’t be regained. We alternate between fear, anger, loss of hope, and occasional real glimpses of life.

But we are surviving and we are remembering. 3/
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COVID Update January 12: We can’t save lives when we’re too busy with the circus. 1/
For the last several days, in the midst of a month with more American deaths than any other, you can’t find mention of COVID on cable TV. 2/
Nary a chiron with a death toll counter. Despite the sincere shock & sadness that many feel, after 10 months, it’s the least shocking news. 3/
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12 Jan
On a plane with a passenger confrontation. Man not wearing a mask.
Bandana around the neck. He’s been asked to pull it up but pulled it down right away when flight attendant left.
Flight attendant came over to tell me the mask will be up or he will be out.

The flight lead’s mom just died.
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9 Jan
COVID Update January 8: Words I have learned to never say again: "It can never happen in this country."

It can if we let it. 1/
A devastating public health emergency-- never.
An racist, nationalist, fascist president-- not us.
A coup attempt-- not in the US.
Indifference at the death of hundreds of thousands-- not here. 2/
Viruses are for Africa and Asia; nationalist candidates are in France; Coup attempts South America. You know, only the shithole countries. 3/
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8 Jan
COVID Update January 7: We have become the virus country. Of hate, of racism, of denial, of enablers.
They didn’t show up yesterday.

The odds we face in COVID & in our country are often long, but only because we make them long. 1/
Yesterday was despite what I heard from many not a particularly special day in the legacy of the Trump Administration. It was just televised and wearing a t-shirt. 2/
If you’re telling the country that people aren’t dying when they are— or that they are but there’s nothing you can do about it, or separating small children from their parents...breaking windows in the US Capitol isn’t your worst day. 3/
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5 Jan
COVID Update January 4: I talkedvto 15 scientists, including Anthony Fauci, @larrybrilliant, @EricTopol, @ashishkjha, @T_Inglesby & @DrLeanaWen & asked them to spell out how 2021 will play out.

I will release their answer Wednesday. But the answer depends heavily on Tuesday.1/
The Senate elections in Georgia have a lot to say about whether we will successfully combat COVID-19.

I'm not talking about my own personal or political feelings. I'm talking about a cut & dry analysis of our ability to fight off a life threatening menace.2/
Trump's assault on our response to the pandemic is gratefully, almost over. Last embarrassing, corrupt efforts aside, the Trump/Meadows/Atlas deniers & liars are soon gone.

But his enablers remain at large. Now would be a good time to make a change. 3/
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