we are the new slaves,enslaved by the corperate king. The king disguises itself as our democratic government.But he lies to us and betrays us. The king owns our minds.
We are the new slaves,enslaved by the kings propaganda and lies. We are told we are free ,but money controls all, and the people have little. The money i speak of buys elections and lying politicians who are the minions of the corporate king.
The supreme courts themselves owned by the corporate king have just delivered our country over to the power of money with the courts latest decision,in which it proclaims the king may spend whatever the king wishes to further enslave the people by feeding them lies .
Feeding our prejudices , deeding our fear , feeding our hatreds and suspicions and claiming it is all for our benefit and for our freedom,
alleging all is for our safety.
We are the new slaves, enslaved by the kings voice,the television that educates us and our children ,that corrupts our values with violence ,that dumbs us down so we can no longer think for ourselves. We turn to the tube to think for us .It tells us what things to buy.
We are told what are the best purchases and how to further enslave ourselves to pay for them. We once enslaved the Aborigines and native Americans in other times ,with trinkets and mirrors in exchange for their land. an old trick that those in power play on the powerless.
We are the new slaves .We are enslaved by banks and their demand for interest. The banks own our homes. We pay the banks rent in the form of interest,and we keep up the property at our expense.The banks are the soul of the corporate king ,but the king is governed by no moral code
We are the new slaves ,slaves to our king and his corporate greed. We pay tribute to our corporate king with the sweat of our brows to finance the kings wars , wars not for our benefit but for the kings further enrichment and power. Our children,our people die in such wars.
Our people die without adequate healthcare. Millions of our children go to bed at night hungry and uneducated.
The king does not care,he cares only for his wars and his profit.
The king rocks and sits, he laughs. To control the minds of hundreds of millions of people is divine. But such power is in the hands of fools who are the collective min d of the corporate king. This mind is terminally ill with greed and blood lust.
The people are in jeopardy ,for the king will continue to betray the people and lie to the people until he has sucked out the last of our lives ,and stolen our very souls.
The corporate king is insane.
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13 Jan
Facebook have no sense of irony.
They banned me for the same post 6 months ago. The ban was overturned.. posted again . 7 day ban!! Look at the post.. the irony is hillarious. 😂😂😂😂
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2 Nov 20
We didn't see that one coming.

Covid job losses lead MPs to call for trials of universal basic income theguardian.com/society/2020/o…
1. Phase in secondary lock down restrictions on a rolling basis starting with major metropolitan areas first and expanding outward. Expected by November 2020.

2. Rush the acquisition of or construction of isolation facilities across every province and territory Expected December
3. Daily new cases of COVID-19 will surge beyond capacity of testing, including increases in COVID related deaths following the same growth curves. Expected by end of November 2020.
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31 Oct 20
A sad but factual truth.
Most people still believe that the Corona crisis is about health issues and the majority of them hope that the nightmare of the past few months will soon be over. In short: their beliefs are deceptive and they hope in vain.
The pandemic declared by WHO
is not as threatening as it is often portrayed, nor is the health of all of us suddenly so important to politicians that they subordinate everything else to it. In fact, the pandemic is being used to build an agenda that would be difficult to achieve without it.
Anyone who thinks that this sounds like conspiracy theory should take a look at the book "Covid 19 - The Great Reset" published in July. The author is the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, who has gathered the global elite every January since 1971
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15 Jul 20
I’ve decided to wear a mask....

I’ve seen the light and it’s obvious I was wrong. Masks prevent viruses but also are very safe. I’ve decided to wear my mask at all times. I wear it in the store, in my car, on the beach and I’ll even wear it at home too.
I’ve started wearing condoms at all times as well because protection at all times is very important. If I’ve learned anything it’s that our government loves us, never ever lies to us and always has our best interests in mind
History shows the government should always without question be trusted. They are great. I’m also going to get caught up to date on my vaccines ,because why would anyone want to make us sick?
It’s time to trust all science, just like we should trust the government.
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