A whole lot of you are about to find out about Christian Identity soon, and learn more than you ever wanted to know.

And that’s...

My hopeful outcome.
... ok so here goes my “religious propaganda” you requested:

Don’t be a literal ‘Nazi for Jesus.’

That sums the Christian Identity movement

Don’t tell me Christian Identity’s literal Jesus Nazis “cherry picked! They aren’t REAL Christians; Christianity preaches love.”

Do you think ISIS doesn’t cherry-pick the Quran, my guy (by the way, the Bible is a hell of a lot more violent)?

Mind the double standards.
Fun ‘assumptions and religious literacy’ test I like to give my intro Islamic Studies students:

What religious leader said “I came not to bring peace but the sword”?


Jesus, homie. That’d be Jesus.
Hey new followers,

I know about fun, interesting things too, I promise!

And I can’t wait to talk about that stuff again.
If you guys are interested, I’ll happily bang out a quick thread on parallels between ISIS / takfiri interpretations of Islam and Christian Identity.

A lot of contrasting contextual factors account for so many people’s disproportionate perception of Islam as the ‘real’ threat.
If you want me to tackle ISIS-Christian Identity parallels, tell me and I’ll hop on it tomorrow. I’ve got to finish these apps, so here is the updated running thread list for now:
Don't have time to flesh out the Christian Identity / ISIS legacy of non-state armed groups perpetrating violence in the name of religion here, but I did dig up a few old threads I've done on CI & the anti-abortion movement.

Will link below.

Remember those post-9/11 anthrax letters mailed to politicians across the country?

Not Al-Qaeda. Christian Identity.

Remember the bombing of the Atlanta Olympics back in 1996?

Once again:

It was Army of God - a Christian Identity neo-Nazi group

One of the biggest gaps in Americans' assessment of the neo-Nazi and white supremacist threat before the Capitol insurrection:

It's not Timothy McVeigh. It's the discourse around anti-abortion terrorism.

That was pioneered by Christian Identity affiliated group Army of God.
Two of the biggest "terrorism" events in contemporary history beyond September 11 - and everyone still thinks the anthrax letters were al-Qaeda and the Atlanta Olympics bombing was "just" anti-abortionists.

Nope. Guess again.

Christian Identity: white supremacists.
Now let's talk about why and how Christian Identity neo-Nazis are directly implicated in the Capitol insurrection...

And why those misconceptions about anthrax and anti-abortion attacks are SO. PROFOUNDLY. DANGEROUS.

Sit down for this one, y'all.
For one thing, you want to talk "organizing on the Internet?" How about "recruiting on the Internet?"

Al-Qaeda didn't pioneer that.

White supremacists did.

So... y'all know who the Boogaloo Boys are by now - right?

Remember those Reopen COVID protests? You know, the ones that coalesced in the plot to take over the Michigan Capitol - and execute the governor on camera?

Guess. Who. Else. Was. There?
Don't forget:

The seizure of Michigan's Capitol was a dress rehearsal for January 6. If you missed that, you were not paying attention.

And it should scare you that it also happened to be a multi-generational neo-Nazi networking event.
To repeat: One of the biggest gaps in Americans' assessment of the white supremacist threat:

It's not 'lone wolf' terrorism, OKC & McVeigh.

It's the discourse around anti-abortion terrorism, pioneered by Christian Identity & the Army of God.
Updated the Capitol master thread w/today's additions (Christian Identity, OKC/anti-abortion Nazis/Army of God, Michigan's dress rehearsal, Ayanna Pressley & AOC, 1988's Order sedition trial).

I'll do Christian Identity & theology tomorrow.


I disagree that Americans underestimate the white supremacist threat because of McVeigh and OKC. I’d argue that a powerful and overlooked issue is:


CI’s embedding in wider Christian anti-abortion activism is a huge part of why I’m having to do these clarifications:
People keep messaging about this Christian Identity thread to tell me we need to eliminate religion entirely.

If that's your top plan for a viable solution to Our Current Global Predicament®, I'm guessing you missed a few decades.

And oh boy, are you in for several surprises.
Theology explainer on Christian Identity you guys asked for above is done and posted now:

• • •

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13 Jan
If you’re interested in the Capitol events, you might want to read up on the sedition / conspiracy case against the Order in 1988.

Reagan’s DOJ was wholly uninterested in prosecuting white supremacist attacks until they started killing cops.

Just may be instructive.
The Order had ties to other white supremacist groups and leaders, including Louis Beam - who pioneered “leaderless resistance,” as well as “Tom Metzger,” who started advocating infiltration of establishments like police, law, and government in the early 1980s.

Ignored history.
This period in American history is forgotten, downplayed, and ignored - when it’s much more influential than you know.

David Duke, for example, of the Third Klan, is the Richard Spencer / alt-right’s predecessor in leveraging “articulateness” and charm for media.

Read 33 tweets
13 Jan
The Ayanna Pressley and AOC news has - somehow - made me reach an even more overwhelming level of all-encompassing, personal fury.

I very much need to log off to write student recs, apply for jobs, and find a space of calm.

So in the interim, here are things I think matter:
[Feel free to incorporate any ^^ info in your own work, analysts, media people & academic followers

I don't need credit, but if you're employed - I'm not.

It might help me get paid for the warnings I'm prescient about. I'd like to eat while doing this.]
[To be crystal clear, I don't mean patreon.

I meant I'm currently on the job market.

I care way more about the ideas circulating and people taking heed than credit, but I'm job hunting - so passing my name along for opportunities you see would be great.]
Read 5 tweets
13 Jan
Just heard AOC’s livestream about white supremacists learning her location during the Capitol insurrection, and I’m shaking with rage.

Dear undisclosed parties: I hope you finally understand why I wasn’t “overreacting” with those warnings over a year ago.

Logging off before I say something I regret.
Last night, AOC made the comment above.

Yesterday a Congresswoman told us her colleagues provided “reconnaissance tours” at the Capitol January 5.

And now we learn that before the attack - all the panic buttons were torn out of Ayanna Pressley’s office.
Read 7 tweets
12 Jan
Some of you picked a real strange time to get interested in prison reform.
Jake Angeli finds out there’s no Whole Foods in prison and all of the sudden white folks have discovered the novel idea that prisons are crowded

Just WAIT until you learn about over-policing and what the "act" in Patriot Act meant.

Call your book club, Karen, because you are not going to be pleased!
Read 4 tweets
12 Jan
First of all, I LOVE THIS GUY.

I hope everyone sees this, and realizes that a southern accent isn’t synonymous with “impoverished bigoted conspiracy theorist that supports Trump.”
On a related note: the “haha poor people are dumb trash” takes are: 1) repulsive and 2) incorrect.

Not Betsy DeVos’ / the Kushners’ / the Mercers’. Not any of the quiet wealthy who sustain him.

Keep ignoring that, and you’re culpable for Capitol Siege: Part II. Image
An awful lot of the “good, anti-Trump liberal” crowd needs to do some hard self-reflection about getting us to this point.

I don’t mean “but calling them racist makes them racist.”

I mean: not facing how deep enabling goes among the rich, white, “civil discourse” elite.

Read 4 tweets
11 Jan
Next up:

Our exclusive one-on-one with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on the vision behind his plans to replace the Iraqi and Syrian states with ISIS.

After the break, we’re back with the “dapper white nationalist” Richard Spencer to give us a fashion review of the Capitol insurrection’s attendees.’
Establishment media clearly learned nothing from the events of January 6.

Hollow mea culpas about platforming white supremacists like Richard Spencer are useless.

It’s actively laundering and enabling acceptance of white supremacy.
Read 4 tweets

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