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13 Jun
When your best friend flies cross country to hug you in a post-vaccination world

@TyeT_87⁩ put me in check before we even left the airport and my heart is fulllllll Image
Okay @tyemade me install TikTok and it’s officially over for you all
Me: “It’s gonna be so relaxing to see my best friend again after so long”

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11 Jun
GOP attacks on Critical Race Theory aren’t just a reiteration of Nazi history, but American history.

The KKK was one of the major factors behind American compulsory public education.

During the civil rights era, white supremacists were also at the forefront of private schools.
Contrary to stereotypes, the first and second Klans were society’s elites - north and south.

Education control was and is always a key aim for white supremacists.

For the KKK’s ‘Americanism,’ that meant a 100% Anglo Saxon Protestant Christian curriculum.

Plus ça change.
Biden’s DOJ and the GOP attacks on Critical Race Theory meet in the history of white supremacy.

Religious exemptions to discriminate also underpinned the rise of private schools during the Civil Rights era because of segregation.

Education has always been a battlefield.
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7 Jun

Freedom means making your four year old either get a goddamn job already or starve to death because freedom Image
Someone’s big mad he forgot to pull out I’m guessing
I read these like 10 times and they still make zero sense Image
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7 Jun
PSA: if you’ve cut off toxic family for your own well-being and struggle with guilt — fight that impulse.

Truth always comes out eventually.

Protect yourself. Your survival is more important than pacifying abusers — especially if you’ve got kids.
Don’t ever let yourself be exploited by manipulative charges like ‘not the right time / don’t air dirty laundry / what about loyalty’ etc.

There’s never a wrong time to protect yourself and others.

You wouldn’t need the courts if abusers valued loyalty.
If you come from an environment of abuse and violence, the healthiest and bravest thing you can do is to live honestly.

Secrecy and shame just ensures that toxic cycles continue, consuming everyone around you.

It’s not DNA. It doesn’t have to be your destiny.
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3 Jun
It's also dangerous nonsense to pretend like Andy Ngo hasn't contributed immensely to Neo Nazi efforts to literally murder other journalists and antifa activists
I covered North Africa and the Middle East from 2010-2013 during the revolutions and ISIS after that.

Andy Ngo has absolutely no idea what 'danger' means for journalists. We faced decapitation -- not milkshakes.

oh wow shocking
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31 May
Coleman Thomas Blevins, arrested for plotting a mass shooting at Walmart, had extensive ties to other violent Neo Nazis, FYI.

Don’t let the Saudi flag or Muslim conversion rumors fool you.…
Telegram is doing its usual thing — claiming, alternately, that Blevins is gay, a fed, a journalist, and so on and so forth.
More on the Neo Nazi network behind the Texas Walmart mass shooting plotter :
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30 May
bruh no one is trying to take your scratching post chill
Qat needs to learn respect for other people’s things
apparently my new phone does slow motion I’m screaming
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30 May
Love to see Waco trending from people who somehow missed what the problem with Waco actually was
In the ‘ruh roh Waco 2.0’ replies to this Tweet you will not find experts on the far right for reasons I hope are obvious
‘See what made Waco bad was the religion part plus the guns part’
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29 May
what does ‘Q3’ mean? it sounds corporate as hell
“A teeny-tiny inclusive language thing I've tried to get better at this past year is avoiding Gregorian calendar-specific English day language. Like instead of "this Wednesday” I do an interpretative dance.

Because it might be that day for ME but not that day for everybody!”
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29 May
Sam Kavanaugh was my student!

He’s not just super smart. He’s a throughly wonderful person and was an absolute blast to ‘teach.’

Turns out he’s on Twitter, and follows me apparently — but HE NEVER SAID ANYTHING SO I JUST NOTICED WHEN I LOOKED HIM UP

Give him a follow!
I’m now trying to find the episode to confirm he didn’t curse on stage, so I can debunk this slander.
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28 May
I see “Ashli Babbitt” is trending, so I’m going to suggest the same game today.
Sincere apologies, outraged patriots, but I’m muting.

Thanks for proving my point without making me search through your “RIP Ashli Babbit / BLM are terrorist thugs / run them over, police” timelines, though.

Carry on loving JESUS, your grand babies, freedom, and “being kind.”
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28 May
Y’all need to stop letting literal white supremacists define the narrative. Be. Clear.

The “white genocide” conspiracy theory isn’t some obscure, belief of the West Point Board appointee.

One of its biggest proponents: David Lane, Order member and Neo Nazi murderer.
- American Nazi Party founder Rockwell and his predecessors talked about this idea in the 60s.
- David Lane titled his manifesto “White Genocide” in the 80s.
- Brenton Tarrant called his murder manifesto “The Great Replacement” 2 years ago.

West Point Board guy is a Nazi.
The language used by @CNN here is dangerously euphemistic.

“White genocide / replacement theory” isn’t a new, Biden-era phenomenon. It’s been championed by Neo Nazis for over half a century.

Call. It. By. Its. Name.
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27 May
Look into Identity — the literal Neo Nazi interpretation of Christianity which teaches that:

- “Aryans” are the lost tribes of Israel
- Jews are Satan’s children (from Eve and the serpent)
- minorities aren’t human
- believers are obligated to spark race war for Jesus
As always, a preemptive warning that will doubtlessly go ignored:
The first Tweet in the QT thread implies (imo) that antisemitism is a result of conspiracy theories in the Black community at large — vs. the extremely small fringe Black group “the Black Israelites.”

Christian Identity (Neo Nazi Christianity) is older and far more dangerous.
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27 May
Eve Barlow is a takfiri? Image
This excommunication nonsense over Palestine/Israel is heinously inflammatory.

And yes — I’d say the same thing if a Muslim pronounced takfir for inadequate pro-Palestinian support.

In Islam (I assume for Judaism, too), takfir is a major no-no… BECAUSE HUMANS AREN’T GOD.
Calling her “Eve Fartlow” is immature and stupid.

But it’s even stupider (for her) — and dear God how offensive - to compare getting called “Eve Fartlow” online with:

- water boarding
- lynching
- actual pogroms ImageImage
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26 May
You need to read more Israeli history then -- because what you're saying is utterly dishonest.
Ironically, this was a reply to a Tweet calling for moral consistency in discussion of Palestine/Israel.
(That’s one of the many problems with the label “extremist.” Everyone defines it as “antithesis of my own views.”)
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26 May
This monster just turned 9…MONTHS old.

I swear to God my dreams of accomplishing work will die a painful death by the time he’s a year and a half, tops.
Wish me luck.
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21 May
There is zero contradiction in being both unapologetically pro-Palestine and wholly opposed to the spike in utterly reprehensible anti-Semitic attacks we’ve seen in recent days.
Some of y’all just love to project meaning that isn’t there.
I can’t reply directly, so I’ll do it here.

Sir, you don’t follow me, so I understand you’re not familiar with what I do on a regular basis— but you’re projecting an immense amount here that isn’t warranted, and I won’t be returning that sentiment in exchange. Have a good day.
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20 May
TFW you’re trying to take a sanity hiatus from Neo Nazi related nonsense but your friends ask you to cyber bully Nazarro
In the interests of mutual aid, I’d like to propose a Kickstarter to fund his airfare to the US so we can test that theory
Nazarro shut down his Telegram for a month or so and then started advertising Base camping trips in the Pacific Northwest this summer.
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16 May

After months of digging, I can substantiate Tom Metzger’s KKK infiltration of INS and Border Patrol back in 1977.

San Diego’s City Council passed a resolution with the same claim, and called on INS and BP to denounce and prevent any future volunteer border watches.
Much more to say on this, but for the moment (given this finding, and others):

I’m now relatively confident I can pinpoint the origin of white supremacist infiltration as a key movement strategy.

1975 - almost immediately after Tom Metzger joined Duke’s Knights of the KKK.
And guess what — one of the life experiences Tom Metzger had which drove him towards this counterstrategy implementing infiltration as a Neo Nazi method was...

... his activism in the John Birch Society.

[much more on all of this in the near future]
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16 May
I have a PhD. I can answer every question in that ridiculous “Israel Palestine prerequisite quiz” thread.

And not a single one of them is necessary,
Counterpoint, Part II:

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