So, how has the press not made the connection between the Trump administration and Women for America First who organized all 3 marches on Washington - including January 6th?
Kylie Kremer and her mother Amy Kremer (remember Amy started the Tea Party and campaigned for Ted Cruz when he first ran for office?) They run Women for America First (and Women for Trump). NONE of their twitter or YouTube sites have been closed even tho they orchestrated Jan 6.
Here is Kylie Jane Kremer discussing plans for the January 6th Trump March to "stop the steal". She states that the White House will be the backdrop for it and that Trump is aware retweeting her post "the CAVALRY is coming, Mr. President."
In the same interview with OAN, Kylie Kremer talks about how they have Senators opposing the electoral college including Hawley and Trump - and threatens others that "there will be no re-election" for them.
Amy Kremer saying on bus tour just before 1/6 - "Pres. Trump hasn't asked much from us. He's asked for our vote and he's asked for us to come to Washington, DC on Jan 6 to stand with him...The President has asked us to come and we will be there."
Here is another member on the Kremers' Stop the Steal bus tour for Trump stating just before 1/6: "This time we've actually had the President say I want you there Jan 6.... Now he wants to show so we've been invited this time."
Here is Kylie Kremer at the Dec 12th Stop the Steal rally in DC talking about how her group Women for America First started the movement. "Now it's time we fight for him."
Kylie Kremer says on Dec 12 that they are a peaceful movement - but one of the main flags shown on the video of the rally says "Join or Die."
Gorka at the Stop the Steal 12/12 Rally says "it ain't over until Jan 20th. So here's your job... everyone listening who loves this nation and who is prepared to DIE for the Republic. You have a very simple job... we have to make them quake." Makes a selfie video for his "boss."
Now the kicker here is that Amy Kremer and her daughter Kylie Kremer know the Trumps and have been invited to the White House on several occasions recently. Here they are for ACB confirmation and with Ivanka.
Trump had even written a note to congratulate Amy Kremer before he was even elected to office and then for a recent appearance on Fox.
See Kremers' tweets ON and AFTER Jan 6. At 3:30 - well into the takeover - Kyle Kremer texted "WE THE PEOPLE descended on DC" as her mother wrote at 6:34 pm "I think today signified the end of the Republican Party." Now Reps. who voted yes on impeachment today "are done."
There are a lot of connections between Kremers' and the Trump administration and it needs to be investigated by the press and the @FBI. Also, why have @Youtube and @twitter @Jack not deplatformed this group and its members, including the Kremers? Also why is Gorka still on?
These folks were driving around in expensive buses funded by My Pillow Guy. They were telling people that Trump had "invited them" and others to contest the election in DC on 1/6 and he was even retweeting them to bring "the cavalry." Why has no one reported on this?
I mean, it doesn't get much closer than this does it?

Amy Kremer with Donald Trump in the White House on February 4, 2020.
Paul Gosar also affiliated with Million Maga March and Stop the Steal:
Excellent reporting by @SCHWARTZBCNB re: dark $$ funding Women for America First
whose production vendor for 1/6 was Event Strategies that is credited with producing Trump’s 2015 “campaign announcement tour” and who's owner "later joined the campaign."
Another good article by Nancy Levine about the shady practices of Women for America First and why the @IRS should be investigating:
More excellent reporting by @JTanfani, Michael Berens and @nedmparker1 on the March for Trump origins, funding and scale of its mission since the election.

How Trump’s pied pipers rallied a faithful mob to the Capitol
Excellent reporting by @duboo at The Center for Media and Democracy re:
Operatives tied to Council for National Policy Organizing Protests Alleging Voter Fraud…
There is always more. Attached is a thread on the bigoted, hateful members who joined StopTheSteal - at least one of whom continues to threaten "Civil War" and whom Tucker Carlson has given a national platform to:
Might as well end with the connection between Women for America First and My Pillow Guy/Trump family thread here:

• • •

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14 Jan
Several StopTheSteal Members had a Defend Democracy Rally on 11/15. The scariest, most hate-filled speech is from Drew Hernandez who screams "JEW-S-A" and "we will not go without a fight, we will not go down without bloodshed. If they want a second Civil War then they got one."
Drew Hernandez attended the violent protest at the Capitol on 1/6 and shot these clips which remain available on his Instagram page. All of his platforms are up on @Twitter @jack @TwitterSupport @YouTube @Facebook @instagram and he's building his platform across all.
@TuckerCarlson invited Drew Hernandez on his show to share his video clips from INSIDE the Capitol on @FoxNews after the riots on 1/6 giving this bigoted, racist, insurrectionist a national platform.
Read 6 tweets
11 Jan
Why is Seb Gorka allowed to still have a platform on @youtube and @twitter @jack? Two weeks before the election he outlined the exact plan for what was to happen at the Capitol on January 6th at the TPUSA SAS convention. On Dec 20th he states:
Gorka's plan calls for people in the next 2 wks to "do what needs to be done. I'm PREPARED TO DIE for this country. I don't want to see [a Civil War] again. Here's the work for all of us. You must put the fear of God into every Republican Senator and Congressman.
In this same speech, Gorka states: "You must put the fear of God into every Republican Sen & Congressman. They must understand that if they certify a clearly fraudulent election your career is over. Finished...If we are brave and if they fear us we win."

Read 5 tweets
9 Jan
The Trump family has been radicalizing its base for a "war." Other supporters have been as well. Just listen to the TPUSA Student Action Summit speeches given late Dec. just two weeks prior to January 6th. Listen to the language used to incite the youth in attendance. Thread:
Kimberly Guilfoyle's introduction of Don Jr is particularly revealing. In this segment made 2 weeks before 1/6 she states: This is a war that we will win. Do I have my soldiers out there? Will you fight to defeat them? We must stop them in their tracks."
In this segment Guilfoyle spews conspiracy theories against Democrats and the media just two weeks prior to Jan 6th:
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23 Jul 20
🚨Pet Owners🚨:
The FDA’s Center for Vet Medicine (CVM) recently issued draft guidance (GFI #256) that, if finalized, threatens to have serious and damaging ramifications for the owners of sick pets.
Facts About FDA's Guidance for Industry #256…
🚨Pet Owners🚨: In 2015,FDA submitted (GFI #230) that was similar on the compounding of animal drugs from bulk drug substances. Following pushback from the veterinary & pharmacy community w/intervention from members of Congress, FDA formally withdrew that Guidance in 2017.
🚨Pet Owners🚨:
What effect will the proposed GFI #256 have for vets and the animals they care for?
- Access to vital drugs restricted
- Costs 300% higher
- Quality and Safety Lower
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23 Jul 20
Recently Mika Brzezinski stated about Trump: "He was way worse than anyone thought he would be... We never thought that we would be seeing this. Nobody did."

But Mika and Joe have still not reckoned with how their coverage of the 2016 campaign brought us to where we are today.
Joe in October 2016 wrote that the upcoming election presented Americans with "the worst presidential choice in U.S. history."

Does anyone seriously believe that a Clinton admin. would be anywhere near as disastrous as the Trump administration today?…
Remember, too, how Joe argued in October 2016 that voters had Clinton fatigue because they "keep doing stuff that crosses the line. They keep doing stuff that requires investigation ... and then it's 'poor poor pitiful me.'"
Read 12 tweets
1 May 20
Listening to interviews and Town Halls with Justin Amash, I'm can't help but wonder: what's the appeal?

In fact, when asked why they removed him from important committees in 2017 members of the Republican Steering Committee said it was because "he is an "a$$hole."

A thread.
Justin Amash is a minimal government Libertarian. So small, in fact, the role of the federal government is nearly microscopic in his ideal world with most social programs run on the state level - but he plans on getting there "incrementally" (whatever that means.)
Justin Amash when asked if being able to eat is a fundamental right: "You don't have the right to demand food from someone else. It's not a right. What is cruel is to demand that people give things of themselves... If someone demands something of someone else that is theft."
Read 23 tweets

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