Same shit, different decade. Imagine if Manafort and Stone had been removed from the system back then.
Here’s sociopath Roger shaking his alms box.
Now away from public Roger goes full bin Laden invoking God for the mob.
Here’s the real Roger Stone. You don’t need a degree in psychiatry to understand what a dark forces drives him This man weaponized Trump as a weapon of hate and destruction.
Stone’s partner Manafort was the other enabler. He was willing to sell out America to oligarchs and anyone else that would take a marker. Trump and Jared beat him to it with Nader and the Arab dictator money. No honor among thieves.…
People like Elliott Broidy, George Nader, Jared Kushner and Erik Prince were eager to exploit the link between Gulf money and Trump’s greed. The question is where is Trump’s cut? Is Trump the only crook In the gang who didn’t get paid?…
The other axis of corruption was the Ukraine, Dimitro Firtash, Rudy, Lev, Prince, Manafort and creepy lawyers that’s go back to the Reagan era. Again it is not possible that the perfect phone call is not a tiny crack into a much deeper crime.…
Oh did I neglect to mention Russia? Oddly enough there is no evidence of direct bribery but a lot of evidence of collusion and conspiracy. Putin might too straight laced for Trump.…
I believe that cracking the little people will begin the long climb to the handlers, the bagmen, the financiers, the fuckerists and the string pullers. Or we could start with Jared and Erik Prince. Two key elements of Trump’s plan. We must ask why did they sell this nation out?
Here is Roger’s full speech. For those that haven’t been in the trenches with jihadis. This “ I was imprisoned because I fought against corruption” “miracles” and “God is great” riff is similar to the rhetoric and tone of their leadership’s speeches.
Taking it one step further Trump has always degraded the government while building a shadow government. It is not impossible to imagine that he could have completely pleased the oligarchs and dictators if he had a full 8 years. His Mr Pillow Martyr’s Brigade was just a start.
I should add that a number of civil and federal cases may begin against Trump. Like the Stone video and the “perfect calls and Access Hollywood’s is a sneak preview of the Trump America will begin to see more of.

• • •

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15 Jan
When the Krazee Konspiracy Kids try to rebrand as not the crazy conspiracy guys. Let’s see if they can monetize this. Image
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Exclusive: Leaked photo of Rudy charging Donald $20,000 a day and Donald not paying Rudy $20,000 a day. “That’s a scam, baby!” Image
Rudy was hired to push a Black Cube type scam out of Texas that evolved from a single report and source that has dubious provenance.…
Russell Ramsland/Allied Security Operations Group are the only source for all of the claims of election fraud. His "cyber guys" are linked to Mike Flynn. Rudy was then hired to push this report into the courts. What was missing? Actual evidence of fraud.…
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Some interesting overlaps between Guo Wengui's hiring of Erik Prince associates to find Chinese nationals and the company that is paying for Rudy's election fraud roadshows.…
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Is Guo Wengui actually a Chinese asset rooting out Chinese spies in the US? Or does he work both sides of the street. The man that hosted BidenPorn seems sketchy. Look at why ASOG had to give Guo's private dick money back.
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Rebel without a pause. Insidious forces are floating to the surface.
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Bitcoin movement is not secret. Monero and I-Transfer are faves. We need to have a hard conversation about the money trail that feeds the #fuckery ecosystem. Every thing you saw and suspected that was odd and synced to Trump’s false narrative was funded.…
Guo, Veritas, the Capitol attack, the Proud Boys, Build the Wall, Trump’s PAC and many “faux outrage” or YouTube conspiracy vendors have disturbing similarities and tools when their method of funding is viewed from inside the internet.
We know that in both elections and during his four years the majority of Trump’s popularity was artificial. We don’t know the financial flow it created to him and his minions. We should the financial impact of dead air soon.…
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Young Donald Trump giving old Donald Trump impeachment advice.…
April 3, 2000. A young Donald Trump warns the world: — “It's very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it”…
Old Donald Trump ironicly thinks George Bush should have been impeached: "For the war," Trump replied. "For the war! Well, he lied! He got us into the war with lies!"…
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